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Scooter Rental Software: What is Needed for Scooter Sharing and its Price

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Electric scooters are now in service in hundreds of cities worldwide. E-vehicle sharing is an efficient and ecological way of getting around the city, regardless of the traffic. As the latest and one of the most convenient answers for urban mobility, scooters have also become a great startup idea.

The graph below represents a steady growth of the e-scooter sharing business during the last 5 years and growth estimations up to 2026.

Unarguably, e-scooter sharing is a growing industry that largely relies on thoroughly developed scooter rental software to ensure its vitality. Let’s see what kind of software electric scooter sharing business needs and how much would one pay for scooter rental software.

Scooter Rental Software: What Is It?

Scooter rental software is a comprehensive solution that helps scooter-sharing businesses solve several tasks in a row, starting from tracking the location of a vehicle to collecting user feedback about the ride. Among the features of a scooter rental software are online payments, the ability to find and “book” a free vehicle nearby, unlocking the ride, a rich-featured admin panel, and many more.

So, scooter rental software supplies all the functionality and convenience customers expect, alongside excellent control and visibility business owners need to manage operations.

What Software E-scooter Sharing Business Needs

E-vehicle sharing business needs a scooter rental software packed with all the necessary functionality for both clients and managers. In this section, we’re uncovering the recommended features of e-scooter sharing applications and scooter rental software for managers.

E-scooter Rental Application

Scooter rental application should include a certain set of functionalities and modules for users to be able to perform a range of key actions including registration, booking a scooter, making a payment, and many more. Let’s uncover them in this section.


GPS tracker

The electric scooter app needs GPS tracker so to help users locate the nearest vehicle. The main purpose of this feature is convenience and time savings. Customers simply wouldn’t want to take the longer route in search of an available scooter.


QR scanner

Each scooter is marked with a special QR code that users can scan to unlock the vehicle. QR scanner also makes locking possible.


Smart lock

This feature of scooter rental software allows users to lock the vehicle upon reaching their destination point, so the next user can begin a ride from that point.


Online payment

The ability to pay for a ride online using a trusted payment gateway is not only about convenience. This is about a secure payment environment and increased customer trust.


Feedback form

Collect users’ feedback about their experience with using your service. Gather this data to validate possible solutions for growth.


Social media integration

In the scooter application, social media integration can serve as a marketing solution. Offer your users relevant bonuses for showing their audience that they’re using your service.

An example of e-scooter sharing application by RexSoft is C24, which is successfully functioning in large Ukrainian cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv. Apart from necessary functionality, the user panel of C24 contains registration/authorization, map integration, promo codes, referral program, personal account, travel history feature, etc.

Scooter Rental Software (CRM) for Managers

Scooter rental software for managers or admin panels allows managers to keep a watchful eye on all scooters using the service and gives full visibility of an e-scooter business.

The functionality of scooter rental software for managers includes the following:

  • User management
  • Personnel management
  • Battery management
  • Creation of territories in cities and creation of movement zones in these territories
  • Mailing list creation
  • Promo codes creation
  • Command history
  • Editing the text content and many more.

Special regard should be given here to the analytics module. The analytics module allows tracking the effectiveness of placing scooters on the map and seeing which routes generate revenue and which don't. This is how the powerful analytics module will empower you to boost the efficiency of your scooter fleet and staff.

How Much Does Scooter Sharing Software Cost?

The final cost of scooter rental software largely depends on whether you purchase the electric scooter franchise or initiate custom scooter rental software development. In this case, we are speaking of two incomparable sums backed up with particular pros and cons that both franchise and custom development are associated with. We’re going to overview the two methods based on examples of franchise and custom electric scooter software development by RexSoft.

Electric Scooter Franchise

Electric scooter franchise is a process of implementation of a fully developed scooter rental software into your e-scooter sharing business. With the franchise system, a client gets all the necessary tools to launch, develop and manage scooter sharing business within the fastest time frames.

Time to implementation: the e-vehicle franchise is a more time-efficient option, allowing for the implementation of the software solution within 30-60 days.

Final cost: in terms of prices, the electric vehicle franchise is a more budget-friendly option than custom development. The final franchise price includes the first payment fee of $5000-7000 and a monthly subscription fee of $240-600 depending on the number of vehicles.

Customization opportunities: lack of custom optimization may be business owners' main concern. However, the RexSoft team offer advanced optimization opportunities in case you have any suggestions on how to customize the functionality of an app.

Custom E-scooter Rental Software Development

Custom scooter sharing software development is a process of developing an exclusive platform from scratch, keeping in mind the needs only of your company. A team of designers, back-end and front-end developers create custom functionality for managers and clients, with all features handpicked by you.

Time to implementation: custom scooter rental software development takes around 90 days on average.

Final cost: speaking of finances, a custom e-vehicle app will cost around $35000-45000 if developed by Ukrainian programmers. Developers from the Western world would take up to two times more. Custom development seems to be a less cost-efficient option from first sight, however, the costs are justified in the long run.

Customization opportunities: custom electric scooter app development is all about advanced personalization. You can control what features to implement and keep in touch with the development team throughout the creation process.


Can I Start E-Vehicle Business Without Scooter Rental Software?

Absolutely not. Scooter rental software is a vital part of the e-vehicle business. It provides business owners with all necessary functionality for efficient management of business and clients for a comfortable riding experience.

What Technologies Are Used to Create Custom E-vehicle App?

RexSoft developers use top-notch technologies to create a rich-featured app for seamless use of scooters and managers. These are Flutter and Nodejs.

What does Scooter Rental Franchise Give to a Client?

With the scooter franchise By RexSoft, clients get a scooter sharing app for both Android and iOS, CRM for Managers, and Analytics Tool. In addition, the technical support team by RexSoft is always ready to help in case you’re facing difficulties while using the software.

Is Custom Scooter Rental Software Better than Franchise?

It depends on the size and needs of your e-vehicle business. Custom scooter rental software is all about personalized experience and handpicked features, while franchise targets a larger audience of entrepreneurs who don’t want to wait to launch a business. In terms of prices, the franchise seems to be a better option at the beginning. In the long run, however, custom development appears a more cost-efficient choice.

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