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Being among the best PHP frameworks in the IT industry, Laravel is highly required in developing various web applications both corporative, enterprise and local. Yet, finding a team of developers who can accurately implement your ideas in the Laravel ecosystem is not a piece of cake. To get the full cycle of services in the field of Laravel development, it is better not to waste your time hiring single pros for every task planned but to apply for the services of Laravel development company. That is, RexSoft, actually.

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About Laravel Development Agency RexSoft

Being on the market for several years already, the RexSoft team had concentrated on the most effective frameworks to provide our customers with the highest quality Laravel development services that will allow you to get your website among the top-rated and informative ones. 

Why do we choose Laravel for our specialization? The reason is quite simple. Laravel is an open-source framework based on Symphony that allows creating websites of every complexity level without considerable time waists. Even more, it is distinguished by its high safety and protection level. Being a part of a big community, our Laravel web development company integrates the experience of all the laravel developers or agencies in this field to provide you with top-leveled services in the shortest terms.

RexSoft laravel development company's team consists of experienced pros in app development who know all the peculiarities of that framework and is ready to implement them in every idea you offer to develop. Being managed in accordance with US law, RexSoft involves fresh minds from Eastern Europe to boost the market with the custom or full-cycled services we offer to customers.

Laravel Development Services

Every idea starts from thorough planning. Every project consists of several steps or services included. RexSoft Laravel web development company offers you services in full to handle all the tasks you are going to delegate to us. 

Laravel Development Consulting

Get all the information that will be useful for your project. Our laravel web development company is at your hand to provide you with a detailed consultation and to answer all the questions you may have. RexSoft dedicated project managers will take all the processes into pieces to make sure you'll get all that you want from dealing with RexSoft.

Full-Cycle Application Development

We know all the stages of Laravel app development from scratch and provide both turnkey project development that includes marketing investigations, debugging, usability testing, Ux/Ui design etc. We start from the very beginning to lead you to success. Get your website or app fully done and ready-to-use with the laravel web development company.

Support and Maintenance

We do not stop just by releasing every Laravel project we've developed. Our clients can count on us delegating website support and maintenance to the dedicated support team. We'll be in touch with you 24/7 to make your website functional and working properly.

RexSoft Partnership Options Available

RexSoft laravel web development company offers diverse options for the efficient partnership for every client. We always meet our clients halfway as we know that every customer has his own expectation to be met. So you are welcome to enjoy our customer-oriented services.

Custom Solutions

Do not want standard solutions to be applied to your project? Choose custom solutions from RexSoft designed and chosen just for your goals. You are welcome to choose services you want to get and the team working for your idea to be implemented.

Outsource (Dedicated Development Team)

No need to hire full-day staff when you need just a single project to be developed on Laravel. It's much more easier (and cost-efficient by the way) to hire an outsourcing team. In RexSoft, you can get your team of pros or just single developers to work on your project with the management provided by our PMs.


Want to control each step on the way to your website by yourself? Just choose the IT outstaffing option for your dealing with RexSoft Laravel developers. Our pros – your management. Everything is clear! All options have their merits so you are welcome to choose the most convenient one for your project goals and working efficiency. We'll meet all your requirements and provide you with highly skilled Laravel developers.

Our Laravel Development Projects

Nothing says better about our work than our Laravel projects portfolio. Appreciate all the advantages of websites developed by RexSoft Laravel development agency. 


Custom CRM for moving company. Our client had an old CRM where a lot of functions didn't work correctly. Our task was to make the new CRM wide-functioning, with clear sales and operations logic, connection with websites, and driver's mobile app. And we successfully accomplished it.


App that provides organizational leaders, employees, police, and other key stakeholders with the ability to instantly and effectively communicate during emergencies in real-time using their smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices. 

Do not Wait a Minute, Just Apply for Laravel Development Services in RexSoft

As you can see, our Laravel web development company encloses wide perspectives for your business. Do not doubt, just contact us to get full info about our Laravel services and prices. We can bet, you'll be surprised by them. Call us or e-mail our support team to get answered in 1 business day.  



Is Laravel just a web framework?

Laravel is basically applied for complex website design and development due to its capabilities. So we can claim it is really a perfect tool for web applications development.

How much time does it take to develop a full-fledged website on Laravel?

It depends on the task as websites have diverse functionality and design. In RexSoft we try our best to make all the work done ASAP.

Can I apply a multi-language approach and localize my website with this framework?

Laravel allows localization so just apply for our consulting services to get our offer for localization of your website by RexSoft developers.