Web Application Development Services from RexSoft

Web application development requires a skilful approach and a touch of creativity. At the same time, it is very important that the finished result is hassle-free, user-friendly, and makes it possible to easily perform the assigned tasks. Such web applications are developed by members of the RexSoft team for their clients.






Highlighting RexSoft Custom Web Application Development Company

Who is RexSoft, you ask? This is a team of experienced and, at the same time, communicative IT specialists from all over the world, which is ready to fulfil any of your tasks in the field of web application development. Each of our specialists has years of experience, a prestigious education, he is constantly improving his skills and uses only modern tools for developing web applications: our employees are able to write a complex application for you in Laravel, Ruby on Rails and PHP, as in many other frameworks, in depending on your needs and preferences.

Why do our services stand out in the US IT market? First of all, we value knowledge and experience, we select only the most talented specialists. But due to the fact that the requirements of American IT specialists are often unreasonably high, our prices are quite affordable for clients with WC / EC. At the same time, the quality and volume of work performed will surprise even residents of Silicon Valley.
Plus, we're not afraid to experiment. It is with us, that you can order the development of the most innovative web applications, make something unique and unlike others. Besides, we are offering offshore services so you can get your custom web app development solution without any supervision or time expenses from your side. All the process is fully managed and controlled by our team leads providing you with custom products you need.


Web Application Development Services

The range of our services in the field of web application development is very wide. We actually cover the entire development process from scratch. This allows our clients to receive reliable solutions for their business problems from our developers.


Custom Web Application Development

Direct custom development of a web application. We are assembling a team in which all the specialists necessary for the project will be represented. If the task is not difficult, you can entrust it to our full-stack programmers and developers. For more complex solutions, we involve both developers and web designers, QA, and testers.

Web Application Consulting

All work with customers of our services traditionally begins with consulting. It is during the initial consultations that we find out the most key points and select the format of cooperation that suits both us and our clients. What exactly are we discussing during the consultation? What type of web application do you need? In which framework will the designated tasks be implemented most efficiently? What application features do you want to see in the finished product? Are there any restrictions, features, requirements? How quickly do you want to get a finished web application? Do you plan to further expand the functionality, release updates? All this allows us to accurately formulate the terms of reference and start developing a custom web application.

Maintenance and Support

Any application will work perfectly only with qualified technical support who can quickly identify the problem and solve it. Our dedicated technical support specialists are always on guard for your interests. We are constantly in touch with you, and we make decisions on optimization, troubleshooting and updating of the web application exactly when you need it.

Main Benefits of Applying to RexSoft Web Application Development Company

You can say that web application development is a fairly popular service. At RexSoft we are ready to show you the strengths of cooperation with us.

You Are Fully Protected by American Laws

Despite the offshore application development by developers from around the world, we are fully subject to American laws. This allows our clients to be fully protected by US law. We strictly adhere to the principles of bonafide cooperation.

Working with All the Coding Languages that Are Efficient for Web Application Development

We are not limited to using only standard frameworks. Our experts use both popular modern frameworks and classics, open-source codes to implement exactly the functions that you want to see in your web application.

Strictly Adhering Deadlines and Requirements

Discipline is very important to our company. We select for our clients the optimal work schedule with our developers, so that tasks are completed and development proceeds quickly and efficiently.

How Do We Develop Web Applications?

There are lots of options we offer our customers in the field of custom web application development services.


SaaS Products

No need to host the software you need on your servers as we can develop it and host providing you with a SaaS solution. That saves time for hosting, maintenance and support.

Web Portals

The whole web portal is at your service with our developers. Get all the functionality implemented carefully on your web portal.

ERP Systems

Need something unique for your corporate business processes management? We have lots of ideas for ERP systems for each business area!

Bespoke CRMs

Make your customers fully happy with their online shopping experience. With precise CRM development by our developers, you'll get them pleased and fully content with your services.

Apply for Our Custom Web Developers in RexSoft!

When it comes to the need for a customized web app and website for your business, there is no need to search any longer. We are here to develop any web application you need for any OS or cross-platform ones.  


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Q: Are you working with corporate products only or I can apply for something like games or puzzles in RexSoft?

A: No matter what is the main purpose of the application you need, we'll develop it for you. The exception is using prohibited content or developing web apps that are illegal.

Q: Is it costly to develop a web application in RexSoft?

A: This depends greatly on the complexity of the task and the number of pros you need to perform it. We can calculate the total cost if you describe your idea to us.

Q: Can you develop both a web application and a mobile one for my business?

A: Of course we can. In our dedicated team, real pros in web and mobile development are working alongside.

Q: Can I apply for further support if I order web application development services in RexSoft?

A: You are welcome! Our dedicated support team are at your service.