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Do you need a unique custom mobile app that can take your business to the next level? It needs to be tech-savvy, feature-rich, and built according to the latest trends in the IT industry? Facebook has created the React Native framework for all these purposes, and RexSoft specialists have mastered it perfectly to produce high-quality mobile applications. With React Native we will create a cross-platform technological miracle that covers all your business needs.

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About React Native App Development Company RexSoft

We are a company with 9 years of software development under our belt. Thanks to this we can implement even the most complex idea and unmistakably determine the best way to do it.

We have 50+ React Native development experts on our staff. Developers, PMs, and QA engineers are ready to take on your React Native mobile app at any moment and all they need is your idea.

We are an international React Native development company. Our offices are located in the US and Ukraine for the convenience of our customers and the best price-performance ratio.

We are the full-cycle React Native development company. This means that we will make you a comprehensive mobile application on a turnkey basis.

Our Engagement Models

Custom Solution

You can order a turnkey custom mobile solution development from our React Native development company. By choosing the Custom Solution model you get the expertise of 50+ professionals at all stages of React Native mobile app creation. We will consult you on how to bring your idea to life, develop design, architecture, do the development, testing, and take on the further evolution of the project.

Outsourcing (Dedicated development team)

RexSoft React Native development company is happy to provide you with a dedicated development team if that's what you need. You will get a fully staffed team of specialists ready to work on the whole project or part of it. If there are any gears missing in your mechanism, we're always here to help.


Do you already have experts in React Native development, but need to fill the gaps in your team? Our company will be happy to help you with that! At RexSoft you can hire individual specialists to strengthen your existing team or to fill the lack of expertise in some aspect of in-house development.

React Native App Development Services

React Native consulting

To create the top React Native mobile app that will disrupt the market, you must first carefully plan everything. All you have to do is communicate your ideas, requirements, business goals, and desired competitive advantages. Specialists from our side will carefully analyze the information received from you and form a detailed technological plan to implement your ideas. In addition, we will keep you informed throughout the development process for better coordination of React Native mobile app development.

Full Cycle Mobile App Development

We are a full-service React Native development company, which means that we are able to take on the entire front end of the work involved in building an application. Every stage of development, from planning and creating the architecture of the application to deployment and training your staff will be done by us in the best way. As a result, you get a complex and functional React Native turnkey solution that completely corresponds to your expectations and business goals.

Support and Maintenance

The development of an application is the tip of the iceberg. The launch of an application is indeed the most exciting moment for both the development team and the owner of technological innovation. However, after the release, the application needs proper maintenance and support to keep the product up and running. For the convenience of our customers, we provide several support models to choose from with the ability to sign a service contract on exclusive terms. In addition, our specialists will teach your staff to work with the application in order to unlock its full potential.

Our React Native App Projects


High-load mobile app developed. Currently, the support team is continuously working on new feature development and overall product improvement.


Custom CRM for moving company. Our client had an old CRM where a lot of functions didn't work correctly. Our task was to make the new CRM wide-functioning, with clear sales and operations logic, connection with websites, and driver's mobile app. And we successfully accomplished it.


App that provides organizational leaders, employees, police, and other key stakeholders with the ability to instantly and effectively communicate during emergencies in real-time using their smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices. 

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Why develop a mobile app on React Native?

Applications developed in React Native are close to native in behavior and appearance. These are real mobile applications, and they meet the expectations of the end client who is used to Android or iOS. In a sense, React Native has its niche in mobile development; it is ideal for those cases where you need the speed of native apps, but do not need their complexity (i.e. for small and medium applications). Its cross-platform nature and ease of development reduce the time needed for project implementation.

Do you have successful React Native projects?

Of course. Our specialists have already created many complex React Native software. You can read more about them in the portfolio section or go to our page on Clutch, where you can also see the feedback from our clients about working with us.

Why should I order app development from you?

We are a React Native development company with 9+ years of experience and a lot of successful projects. RexSoft agency knows what their customers need, and we always fulfill their requirements to provide the best service possible. You can order from us a full cycle of mobile app development, as well as individual specialists to cope with the lack of talent on the project in progress.

What are your React Native development services?

The list of our React Native development services includes consulting on product creation, direct full-cycle development from scratch, as well as the support of the finished product. So you can order both full-cycle development, and connect our specialists at some stage of the project. Everything for your convenience!