Hire Android Development Team from RexSoft

Android applications are a must for today's business as lots of people use Android OS on their devices. Even in the US, where Apple keeps the palm, Android applications are in-demand. To get your custom app developed, you may need to hire Android developers. Why not hire them in RexSoft? We have some arguments in favor of that decision.



Why Are Android Developers from RexSoft Better Than Freelancers?

Even experienced and highly rated Android developers, if they work freelance, lose out to specialists from RexSoft. We are trusted by representatives of various business spheres, from small companies to large corporations. And that's why.


Strict Adherence to Discipline Rules

At RexSoft, strict discipline is a routine matter. All of our employees work according to a clearly established schedule. We never have failed deadlines, unfulfilled tasks, or deferred projects. Everything is done exactly as our client wants. Android developers work a five-day workweek, 8 hours a day.

The US Official Legislation

Our company officially operates in the US market. We fully obey the laws of America and abide by them unquestioningly.

No Force Majeurs

Also, force majeure is unacceptable here. We try to minimize the risks of not completing tasks. In addition, we are always ready to provide an emergency replacement if the Android developer cannot cope with the task at hand, cannot temporarily start working, or you cannot find a common language with him.

Engagement models for Hiring Android Developers in RexSoft

We offer to hire an Android development team on the most favorable terms for clients. It is also important for us that you cooperate with us using the most comfortable business model. Therefore, in RexSoft you can hire Android developers for several business models.

Hourly Hiring

When you need the services of just one programmer to solve urgent tasks or upgrade an existing Android application, hourly hiring is just for you. It will allow you to receive the services of an Android developer or designer in full without paying full time.

Part-Time Hiring

If you need programmers for part-time employment, in RexSoft you can conclude a contract for the hiring of Android developers according to such a business model. Your subordinates will be engaged in your project for a limited number of hours.

Full-Time Hiring

And, of course, you can hire full-time Android developers with us. This is a profitable solution, especially since RexSoft specialists work remotely, and you do not have to worry about organizing your workplace. Instead, you will receive the services of an experienced programmer on the most favorable terms with much lower rates than when hiring locals for full-time.

Android Developers' Hiring Process in RexSoft

When it comes to recruiting for an Android application development team, this process requires maximum concentration and skill. But not at RexSoft. We will quickly select the highest-level specialists for you. And for this, we need a minimum of time and your efforts.


Team Selection

With us, you will be able to assemble a team of professionals exactly in the composition that will be wines-wines for you. We offer two selection options. You can independently study the profiles and portfolios of our Android development specialists. Or you can delegate the task of recruiting your team to our experts. Believe me, they will do it 100%.


Of course, first impressions are very important. Therefore, after you have selected candidates for your ideal team for developing applications for Android, we suggest that you conduct an interview with each of the developers. You will be able to learn more about those who will work in your dedicated Android development team, draw up a psychological portrait, clarify what experience each specialist has and introduce them to your project.


After you have decided on the composition of your dedicated Android development team, we sign a formal hiring agreement with you. It contains all the details of the transaction, the timing, and the volume of work performed. You can always study the text of the agreement with your lawyer to make sure that it is drawn up exactly in accordance with the truth and the letter of the law.

Project Kick-Off

As soon as your team is chosen and the agreement is signed, our pros start working on your tasks. There is nothing impossible to us, and when you hire Android developers in RexSoft, you are guaranteed with the work will be done OK in time.

Make the Best Android Application Working for Your Business 

Get your custom Android development services from RexSoft now and start your amazing Android application with our pros. We'll do all the best for you.


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Can I get your Android application development services using outstaffing business model?

Of course, you can! We offer to hire Android app development teams both on the terms of outsourcing and outstaffing business models.

Are RexSoft Android app developers speaking English fluently?

Our dedicated teams consist of skilled and experienced pros from Ukraine. Despite they are not natives, all of our developers speak English fluently.

Is it fast to develop a game app for Android?

This depends much on the type of game you want to get. For mini-games and simple puzzles, timelines will be short yet the AAA gaming app will require much more time for accurate development. Please, apply for our consulting services to get more information about the time and terms of game app development for Android devices.

Do you have only Android developers or do you have also pros who can develop cross-platform applications?

In RexSoft, there are working highly skilled professionals in the field of Android app development, iOS application development, and cross-platform app development. So you are welcome to apply for all these services in RexSoft.