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Financial relationships are of great value as they regulate the whole world. In a time when almost every business goes online, the use of banking and financial applications increased greatly. Just look at your smartphone's menu, we can bet you have at least one app that helps in regulating your finances. And for business, having its own web or mobile product for managing money transactions, planning, or operating finances is almost a must. To get such a product developed for your business, apply for RexSoft's financial software development services.




About Fintech Software Development Company

What are fintech software development companies? First of all, they are pros who know everything about Fintech innovations and technologies and can apply them to create a product that will be profitable and useful for a customer. 
It is up to the Fintech software development company to provide you with all the services required for creating a banking product or a startup that will bring you money. Using an up-to-date programming toolkit, Fintech software developers can do real magic. Their products serve people in multiple ways regulating finances, helping to make safe and fast transactions, building the whole financial system of a company or just of a household. This all describes what RexSoft Fintech software development company offers to its customers.

Financial Software Development Services by RexSoft

As every application is a complex product that requires knowledge and skills for its productive work, in RexSoft we do concentrate on all stages of Fintech software development. Starting from marketers' researches to understand the need of a potential customer up to the final release of the ready-to-use product, we take a path of thorough and persistent implementations of our skills to make you happy with the result.

Fintech UI/UX and Web Design

What is the project you offer us to develop? How would it look like? How to make it maximally usable and convenient for a user? All these questions will be answered while our developers are working on web design and Ui/UX design of the Fintech application. We provide several options for developing your product using the most efficient frameworks and technologies. As a result, our Financial software products are always convenient in use, they have an outstanding design that will come in handy both for you and your clients.

Custom Fintech Web Development

When our customers come to RexSoft, they want to get something unique. And we fully share that idea. That's why our custom Fintech development services are at your disposal. No standard solutions, no similar in design apps. Only custom services you are welcome to choose. Our experienced team will do its best to make a really brilliant product for you.

Fintech Mobile App Development

All the world comes mobile. This means that Fintech apps for mobile devices are on the top of popularity. We'll develop them for your goals for all the platforms that are present in the market. Our pros can cope with both developing native apps or cross-platform ones.

Testing services

Even the most sophisticated Fintech software product can have some bugs or drawbacks. To avoid them, we offer a convenient option of testing services. No matter to say our testers are working thoroughly on every project we develop at RexSoft. We also can provide full-fledged testing services for your own product being independent experts in Fintech software development. Make your application the most usable and accurate with our services.

Support and Maintenance

RexSoft is not just a Fintech software developer but also your reliable partner for long-lasting perspective. We'll provide maintenance of our product 24/7. Our dedicated support team are always at your service to help to solve all the problems.

What Fintech Products Do We Develop?

There are lots of options hidden beyond the term Fintech. These are various apps that are united by a similar function that is managing finances. In RexSoft financial software development company, you are welcome to get all of them.

Digital Banking

Dealing with your bank is sometimes hard. But with our digital banking solutions, you'll be in full comfort. We can develop both banking apps for private customers' use, e-commerce banking applications and complex products for corporate use.

Budgeting/Personal Finance App

Managing finances is trendy. Using mobile or web apps for this is beyond all the trends. Our dedicated team will provide you with financial software development to get a product that will suit all your expectations.

Insurance Apps

When dealing with insurance companies, it is no need for regular visits to their offices. All could be done remotely when using insurance apps developed by RexSoft's pros. We offer a special pack of services for insurance companies to develop Fintech apps for them.

Digital Leading & Alternative Financing

Alternative financing is a great way for your startup. Seeking investors via special applications, providing digital leading services and getting all the merits from special financial tools developed just for you is a great idea.

Stock Trading Apps

Exchange trading is your business? How about developing your own stock trading product to get even more profit? With our financial software development team, you'll get it without time and money wastes.

Apply for Financial Software Development Services in RexSoft

Each type of financial software is within our grasp. You are welcome to apply for our consultation to get more information about the whole process of our future cooperation and to get custom fintech software development services from us. Choose your outsourcing team from RexSoft talented developers and get all the merits from cooperation with us.

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How to develop a fintech app?

As it is a complex process, it is better to delegate that task to the professional development team. In RexSoft, we'll develop a fintech app just for your goals and requirements.

Cost of building a fintech app?

To answer that question, just ask yourself whether you need a simple app with laconic UI or you want to get a full-fledged product? Pricing for fintech application development starts from $20,000 on average. You can apply for detailed consultation in RexSoft to get the estimated cost for your product.

How much money is enough for a startup in fintech?

As usual, it depends on the type of fintech product you intend to offer. Some products require just a few thousand USD to get started yet complex products will cost several times more.

How to choose a fintech app development company?

There are several ways on how to choose a development company for your fintech project. Some prefer to ask friends or partners for recommendations. Others just place an ad on social networks and match marketing boards. We claim it references you should ask from any company you consider to cooperate. Just take a look at its portfolio and search for customers' reviews to get truthful info about your future contractor.