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The activity of almost any business today requires the implementation of digital solutions. And this is not only online communication with clients or internet communication in your office. Modern business is highly dependent on the choice and implementation of software to run it. This is what allows companies to get enterprise software development as a service. At RexSoft, we offer many solutions in the field of enterprise software development for the development and prosperity of your company, whether you are targeting a narrow niche or a local market, or need a product that will take your corporation to a transnational level.


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About Enterprise Software Development Company RexSoft

Let's talk a little about our company. RexSoft is one of the leaders in offshore development, represented on the American market. We offer to hire our enterprise software development specialists for all business representatives.

The company employs highly qualified specialists in the field of mobile and web development, who have an impressive portfolio of successfully implemented projects in the field of enterprise software development. We do not just provide software development services, we provide an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive solution for your business that will help optimize business processes, simplify communication with a client, advance you ahead of your competitors and make your work much easier and more successful.

Our specialists work remotely, but at the same time, you will be surprised by the stack and the quality of their services.

Enterprise Software Development Services

In general, enterprise software development is a very broad concept, and today the requirements for it are much higher than for the usual development of a software product from scratch. The fact is that often a request for enterprise software development comes from a rather complex business that already uses certain software. And the goal of enterprise software development is to meet customer expectations from the ordered product, to make it easy to integrate into an existing system, and at the same time workable for all sizes of business. It is for these purposes that our services in the field of enterprise software development are directed.


Enterprise Development Consulting

First of all, we conduct the initial consultation of our clients in the field of enterprise software development. This is necessary so that our analysts and consultants can assess the success of the future enterprise product, potential risks, and prospects, tell you about them and choose the best solutions and technologies.

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise development does not accept similar solutions. This rule works for everyone, from the chain of bakeries in your neighborhood to large corporations. That is why, when developing enterprise products, we choose the path of custom development. Our specialists fully take into account all the peculiarities of the business and its needs in order to create an application or product that will work exactly for your benefit.

Software Integration

In addition to development, we are also engaged in the integration of software into existing business processes. This is convenient because you get a working tool in your hands that solves your problems, does not conflict with the solutions already in use, and at the same time, your staff is already trained to use this tool.

Maintenance & Support

Besides development, the task of any enterprise developer is to maintain the performance of its product. At RexSoft, we do not consider the development process to be complete at a product release. We are always ready to help our clients with maintenance, modernization, changing the functionality of already developed enterprise products.

Why Choose RexSoft for Enterprise Software Development

Of course, enterprise software development is a demanded service provided by many companies. But there are a number of reasons why RexSoft enterprise software development should be preferred.

A Turnkey Development of Each Product

We do not offer you a partial solution to the problem. We carry out the process of enterprise software development from A to Z. From generating ideas and finding solutions to maintaining and updating developed applications for your needs.

Large Expertise

Our analysts and developers always carry out a thorough examination of a future project. This allows us to select solutions that are 100% effective.

Working Legally in the US

Many corporations and business representatives are wary of working with offshore specialists. In the case of RexSoft, we work completely legally. The company is registered in the United States, operates under American laws, and our specialists adhere to strict corporate rules regarding ethics, punctuality, and responsibility.

Various Business Models to Your Choice

With us you can choose from several business models the one that will be comfortable for you. We offer outsourcing and outstaffing teams for enterprise software development. You can hire an individual specialist or a whole team, choose an hourly, monthly full-time, or part-time model to get the result.

Make Your Enterprise Digitalized With RexSoft's Development Servies

If you want to bring your business to the highest modern standards, get top development and support for the enterprise of your company's products, RexSoft will provide you with all this.


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Is it better to apply for enterprise custom development services or to choose an on-shelve product?

In most cases, getting a custom-developed product is a win-win solution as it helps to compete on the market and meets your requirements 100%/

Are your enterprise software development offers suitable for an e-commerce website?

Of course, we have a solution for all kinds of businesses including e-commerce.

Is it costly to develop an enterprise product?

This depends much on several reasons including the type of software, its functionality, timelines, technologies that are chosen for its implementation, etc.