Moving company franchises iMover

With an iMover franchise, you have the opportunity to get started a local moving business within 1-2 months. You get everything you need to start a successful business - software (CRM), personnel training, consultations on the issue of business registration, taxes payment, and conducting business. Simply use a ready-made solution that is easily customized to your needs and business requirements in your region.

Moving company franchise opportunity

Movers franchise involves starting a business with automation of all processes: from creating orders to accepting payments. We have developed a custom CRM for moving companies, which includes a call center, automated notifications for customers, formation of documents with an electronic signature, a module for an optimization of personnel workload, etc.

Automation of movers' business

You get the right to use special software for automating moving company processes. Our specialists and consultants will set up the software and train the staff to use it.


To ensure a high level of data security against hacking and leakage, all commercial data of your moving company (client base, operational data) will be stored on its own server.


Our team has been in this business since 2010 and we provide qualified assistance in registration, management (taxation, accounting), and automation of moving business.


Our support team is always ready to help you. Together with us, you can implement any ideas for improving the functionality of the software.

Movers franchise: how does it work

Moving company franchises allows you to start a business quickly avoiding serius mistakes. Save time and money due to the possibilities of the movers' franchise - iMover.

We will consult you to start a movers business


We sign the franchise agreement with the obligations of the parties

Franchise agreement

We customize the software to the specifics of your movers' business

Software settings

Our team checks the stability of the software


We train your employees on how to use the software

Personnel training

We monitor and improve the software


Moving company franchises: what software do you get?

You get the right to use CRM for managers, and mobile application for transportation specialists (shippers, drivers, loaders, etc.).

CRM for managers

CRM for moving companies provides automation of all company processes, generation of necessary contracts with the possibility of electronic signature, and calculation of company revenues and expenses

Mobile application

The mobile application for transportation specialists allows you to manage transportation requests, and communicate with customers and other employees of the company

Call Centre Software

This solution allows you to receive incoming calls from customers, distribute calls between available managers and redirect incoming calls between managers

Moving company franchise cost from iMover

The cost of the movers' franchise includes a basic one-time payment for setting up the necessary software and consulting, as well as a monthly fee for the use of the software and for technical support. To receive information on the cost of the movers' franchise, fill out the contact form.

About us

Our team has been developing IT products for moving businesses (applications, CRM systems, etc.) and consulting moving companies since 2010.

We operate under US law and provide a franchise for American moving companies.

Our team consists of 40 highly qualified professionals (lawyers, economists, designers, developers, PM).

In addition to the franchise, we provide software development services for the moving business.

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What moving company franchise is?

The franchise gives you the right to use software for moving business, which is adapted to the specifics of your business. In addition, you get consultation on moving company registration, operational activities, and staff training.

How much does a moving company franchise cost?

Moving company franchise cost is calculated individually. The movers' franchise fee includes a basic one-time payment and a monthly fee.

Does franchise allow you to work under your own brand?

Yes, the moving company franchise involves starting a business under its own brand.