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RexSoft is the development company that creates bespoke software and has all the odds to bring you success! We have various services to help your business leverage the competition. Find what suits your company best.

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Bespoke software development services


This is when it all starts. All you need is the idea for a custom application, and we, as an experienced development company can tell you how to turn it into bespoke software. It doesn’t matter what you need, web or mobile development, outsourcing, or dedicated team; we are ready to take on any challenge and any task. As a software development company, we create custom software for businesses of any size and with any needs. Basically, this service exists to find out these needs. During IT consulting the best software development experts can provide you with an overview of your business needs from custom development.

ui/ux design

Everyone can agree that the experience your customer gets of your brand is what decides if they stay or leave. UI/UX designers are destined to make your customers stay because of your custom software's unique style created in the process of development. Your business will look different from any angle, since you have something custom and tailored to your needs specifically. The software we create for you will have a more intuitive feel to it from the visual part to the user experience. UI/UX designer team can make your custom software development as effective and unique as it can possibly be.

mobile app development

Custom software development for mobile devices is a game-changer now. More and more people now use apps from mobile devices more often, so if you need to have a mobile version of your app, we are ready to take on it. RexSotf's software development team creates the best Android or iOS applications for you, using the most modern tech for your custom software. The services we provide are aimed at making your business more successful. We will be a part of your story from the very start of custom software development. And when your custom software skyrockets on every platform, we will be proud to be the ones standing behind it.

web app development

Custom software development with RexSoft offshore company is the best thing you can do for your business at the moment. With high quality software, you can have the real chance of leveraging the competition and get all the eyes on your products. The software development is a process of collaboration, so you will be able to track and control every move. The web applications we develop are a perfect collaboration of business and technical points of view, designers’ and testers’ work. Everyone in our team contributes to your success, and you will have complete control over it. Designed to bring you to the stars!

digital marketing

Our services include digital marketing so your custom software would be more efficient. We are ready to engage the audience and bring them to your product. You don’t have to worry about a thing, we’ve got it all covered for you. So, if you need more customers to acknowledge your presence on the market, the digital marketing service is ideal for you.

it maintenance

We have about 9 years of experience in the field of custom software development and usually, our software works for years without any malfunction. But, should anything happen we will be near you to fix any trouble. RexSotf's top software developers will make your custom software effective and help you leverage the competition. With us, you will not have to worry about being left alone with the software you don’t know how to work with or with a problem that makes your app inefficient. The custom software development services from RexSoft are high quality, so there can be no worries for you.

Custom software development

Leverage the competition with our custom software development! 

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How can I prove your reliability?

Take a look at RexSoft's portfolio and customers’ testimonials. We are a reliable software development company that has a variety of services and has worked in the field for more than 9 years.

Can you work under US legislation?

Yes! We have offices in the US, and our contracts are issued by US law.

Will you support my software after the release?

We have this service, yes. RexSotf's software development services include post-release support which means we will help your app grow and evolve, as well as will fix any malfunctions if they occur.

Do you work on a dedicated team model?

We have several models of engagement. The team can work with you full or part-time, we can provide you with our services both outstaff and outsource. It depends solely on your needs and our IT consulting service may help you figure out what works best for you.

If I don’t know what solution I need, can you help me figure that out?

Yes. The IT consulting service we provide is aimed at this type of issue. We can help you figure out what your business needs, find the best way to implement it, and then start the software development to create a custom solution tailored to your needs.