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Top 5 Electric Rental Scooters: Recommendations for choosing scooters and their prices in 2023

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Starting a scooter sharing business requires 3 components: business registration, scooters and software. Fleet and spare parts purchase costs can take up to 70% of all start-up costs. Therefore, the choice and purchase of electric rental scooters should be taken very seriously. First, before we move on to the recommendations, I will tell you about a very popular mistake that entrepreneurs make at the stage of starting a business. This is a sequence of actions: business registration, purchase of scooters and software. First, entrepreneurs buy scooters, and only then move on to finding and configuring the necessary software. But it’s wrong. Explaining why. Production and delivery of scooters can take 1-3 months. You received the scooters and proceeded to connect the scooters to the software and design, set up the client application and CRM for managers. All this can take 1-2 months. Because of this, your business will be up and running just in 5 months. Buying scooters and configuring the software are simultaneous tasks. After selecting the scooters, without waiting for them to be physically available, the scooter manufacturer provides us with a technical specification to write the drivers for the scooters. Drivers are required to connect the scooters to the software.

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No physical presence of the scooters is required to set up the software. During the time while the scooters are being manufactured, branded and delivered, we are setting up all the necessary software for the scooter sharing business. The time to start a business is reduced by 2 times. You can learn more about the procedure for starting a scooter-sharing business in a separate article, the link is in the description below the video. Now let's move on to the selection of electric rental scooters. Electric rental scooters have to:

  1. Support Cloud Monitoring support and/or IoT technologies for real-time monitoring.
  2. Be reliable, anti-vandal, that is, made of a strong material, as an example, aircraft aluminum alloy.
  3. Be waterproof.
  4. Be powerful (500 watts), especially for hilly terrain. There have been cases where customers have ordered low power scooters (300 watts) to save money and that has caused damage to their business. Users took scooters and left them in the middle of the hill because the scooters did not have enough power to overcome the hill. Because of this, the reputation of the brand has decreased and the client was forced to purchase new scooters with a higher power.
  5. Have a replaceable battery to keep the business running continuously. In areas where electric rental scooters are actively used, chargers can change batteries 3-4 times a day. Discharged batteries are put on charging, and charged ones are put in their place. Or you can buy scooters with a built-in battery if charging stations are allowed in your city.

How much do electric rental scooters cost?

The cost of scooters intended for sharing business can be from $650-1300. In addition to buying scooters, you need to create a spare parts fund. This can cost you 4-7% of the cost of the scooters. Batteries for scooters cost $150-200 per piece. Let me remind you that there should be 120 batteries for 50 scooters, i.e. 70 batteries need to be purchased additionally. If you have decided to buy scooters with the possibility of charging through stations, as an example of electric rental scooters Acton, then the cost of one station can cost $500-700.

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Top 5 best electric rental scooters

We have collected information on the 5 most popular electric rental scooters for the kick sharing business. You can contact us - the RexSoft company - to receive highly qualified consultation on the selection of scooters and software settings.

Freego V3Pro

  • Rear drive: Motor 36V, 450W
  • Battery: 36V, 12.5Ah (range 30-40km)
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Tires: 10-inch solid tires
  • Front Wheel: no brake
  • Rear Wheel: E-brake + Drum brake
price from $483


  • Range: >55KM (>34 Miles)
  • Top Speed: >30KPH (18.5MPH)
  • Incline Rate: >20%
  • IP Rating Connectors: IP 67;
  • Electronics: IP64-66
  • Vehicles: IP65
  • IOT: Integrated with 4G-LTE, GPS, BLE, W/backup battery
  • Battery: Pack 17.5 AH LITHIUM-ION premium batterie
price from $650

KIREST Kuick E-FOX Connected

  • Motorpower: Powerful 500W Brushlessmotor
  • Battery Type: 48V 15 Ah lithium battery
  • Maximum speed: 35 km/h
  • Wheel size: 10 inches-inflatabletire
  • Range: 30-35 km
  • Charging Time: 3h
  • Weight: 22.00 kgs
  • Max load: 125 kg
price from $599


  • Rated power/max power: 350w/700w
  • Max gradient: 20%
  • Max speed: 30km/h
  • Range: >55km
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Battery capacity: 48v16ah
  • Swappable battery: yes
  • Tires: front 12" / rear 9"
price from $674

Segway Max Pro SNSC2.2

  • Max. Power: 690W
  • Max. Speed: 25km/h
  • Typical Range: 60km
  • Max. Slope:
  • Net Weight: around 23.5kg
  • Duration of Charging: around 4 hours,5A
  • Payload: ≤100kg
price from $869


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How to connect electric rental scooters to the software?

If you have already purchased scooters, or have just ordered them and are waiting for production and delivery, only the technical specification is required to connect electric rental scooters to the software. This document is provided by the manufacturer and once again you do not have to wait for the scooters to arrive at your place, which can take 1-3 months. Immediately after ordering the scooters, the manufacturer provides you with the technical specifications of the scooters. You give us this file and our developers write drivers for integrating the scooters into the software. Writing the drivers takes about 40 hours, that is a week. After writing the drivers, you can test scooters that have not been manufactured yet. How can it be done? Our specialists contact the employees of the factory where your scooters are being manufactured. Employees take 1 scooter for the test and send us its GPS coordinates, we generate a QR-code for this scooter, then transfer the IP port QR-code data to the plant specialists. The scooter is connected and you can remotely test the correctness of executing commands with the scooter and displaying information in the client application and CRM for managers.


How much do electric rental scooters cost?

The cost of scooters intended for sharing business can be from $650-1300.

What electric rental scooters are the most popular in the scooter sharing business?

In our opinion, these are Freego V3PRO, Acton M PRO 3.0, Kirest Kuick E-Fox Connected, Okai ES400A and Segway MAX PRO SNSC2.2

How to connect electric rental scooters to the software quickly?

The physical presence of the scooters is not required to connect electric rental scooters to the software and their joint testing. It is enough to receive the technical specification of the scooters from the manufacturer and RexSoft specialists will be able to set up the connection of electric rental scooters to the software and start testing.

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