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Even the most sophisticated app and software need some maintenance routines to be provided regularly. And technical support is an indispensable part of every IT department's work. But what to do when you have no IT department? The answer is easy! Just apply for RexSoft's maintenance and support services.






About Our IT Support and Maintenance Team

Working for years in the field of IT development, our team gathered a handful of knowledge and skills that are of great use for our customers. Besides the development of commercial, corporate or just entertainment software products, we offer the service each business needs regularly. That is our maintenance and support service pack that is available for every customer dealing with RexSoft.

Our dedicated support team will cope with any task you have. We provide a fast and efficient outsourcing business model to be at your hand when needed. 


IT Support and Maintenance Services We Provide

There are several tiers of technical support and maintenance services we offer in RexSoft.


First-Line Support

Our dedicated pros will be your loyal first-line support agents who will supervise the whole product, providing you with timely first-line support. You can get their consultations or services on demand without delay.


If there is real trouble our first-line agents can not solve, the task will be delegated to our troubleshooting team. Their maintenance and support services allow you to get a workable and effective product in the shortest time. In that field, highly specialized pros will deal with the problem providing its solution at all the best.

Advanced Support

Even more, in RexSoft, ASEs are working for your benefit. This type of highly personalized support is also offered by our dedicated support teams.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Maintenance & Support Services

Having a powerful pro at your underhand is a key to success. And we can prove it by counting our benefits.

Timely Support on Demand

No need to wait till the pro will be free to solve your task. In RexSoft, each issue is regarded and solved urgently.

Always in Touch With Our Customers

We are always ready to communicate with you. Just apply for our support and maintenance service to get answered.

US Legislated Company

Due to our US certification, all the rules our company adhere to are fully meet American state laws.

Support Packages

Professional help just when you need it

Best for small urgent fixes
  • 10 hours included
  • 24 hr response time
  • Designated team
$450 / monthly
extra hours cost $50
Works for weekly sprint 
  • 30 hours included
  • 24 hr response time
  • Designated team
$1200 / monthly
extra hours cost $45
Ensure smooth operation
  • 80 hours included
  • 12 hr response time
  • Designated team with a project manager
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Full support and development
  • 160 hours included
  • Response time TBA
  • Designated team with a project manager
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Make Your Business Supported by RexSoft IT Team

Let's make your software product working for you clockwise with RexSoft's support and maintenance services!


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Q: Do I actually need support and maintenance services?

A: We can say that if you use even the simplest app you may need its regular support and maintenance. The only situation our support&maintenance services will not come in handy is if you have a real IT pro in your staff who can deal with every trouble.

Q: Is your IT support working 24/7?

A: We try our best to make the working process unstoppable so you can apply for our support services anytime you need them.

Q: Are there troubles you can't cope with?

A: Definitely not. In case we provide you with our support and maintenance services, we'll go above and beyond to solve any problem you have.

Q: Can you help us with some hardware problems?

A: We are sorry we do not provide hardware support.