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ReactJS is a great framework that can be used to build a web application for almost any business. It will work equally well as a small e-commerce online store and a full-fledged social network. All you need is to find a good ReactJS development company with experienced professionals. Luckily for you, that's exactly what RexSoft is.

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About RexSoft ReactJS Development Company

We have over 9 years of development experience under our belt. During this time we have managed to hone our skills in everything which concerns working with ReactJS and other advanced frameworks.

More than 50 top ReactJS specialists are waiting for your idea. Bringing it to life is their passion.

Quality service and customer convenience are the cornerstones of RexSoft's work. This is why we have opened offices in several countries, including the United States and Ukraine.

Over 100 successfully completed projects for clients worldwide. You can get more info about them in the portfolio section or on our Clutch page.

Our ReactJS Development Services

ReactJS consulting

Before creating a ReactJS web application, it is extremely important to plan every detail and make a detailed order of actions. We understand this, and that's why our ReactJS development company provides the IT consulting service. Within the framework of this service, we will translate your idea into the software requirements specification and propose the best way to solve your business tasks.

Maintenance and support service

The release of a ReactJS application is always a celebration for both the ReactJS developers and the application owner. However, with experience comes the understanding of the fact that this is just the beginning. Next comes the stage of post-release support, maintenance, and adding new functionality. Our ReactJS development company has taken care that these services will be convenient for all customers and that is why we offer several service models along with the possibility to negotiate on exclusive conditions.

ReactJS web development

This service is direct writing of the ReactJS application code and implementation of functionality. Our ReactJS development company will do everything that depends on it so that you get a really high-quality product.

We Offer Multiple Engagement Models

Custom solution

Our ReactJS development company offers a service to create an application completely from scratch. We will take care of all the stages of development from planning to post-release support. You will only have to monitor the progress of the work and do the strategic planning.

Outsourcing (Dedicated development team)

With our ReactJS development company, you can hire a fully staffed dedicated development team with PM. This way you can outsource part of your project to us and focus on other areas of project development.


Staffing shortages can be extremely uncomfortable, and sometimes the right professionals are slamming prices on their services. Luckily for you, in our ReactJS development company, you can hire one or more specialists to fill the necessary gaps.

ReactJS Development Services Aimed to Bring You Success

You have an idea for a ReactJS project. We have a team of professionals. Why aren't we already collaborating yet?

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What is ReactJS?

React is a JavaScript library for user interfaces (UI) created by Facebook developers. The library began to be used on a social networking website in 2011. And in 2013, Facebook revealed the source code of React.

What makes ReactJS apps better than any others?

With React, developers create web applications that change display without reloading the page. This makes applications respond quickly to user actions, such as filling out forms, applying filters, adding items to the cart, and so on. React is used to render user interface components. Also, the library can fully manage the front end.

Which ReactJS development services do you offer?

The list of services provided by our ReactJS development company includes everything you need to create an application or part of it. We will consult you about the development plan and possible technical solutions, we will take care of writing the code in ReactJS and also will take care of post-release maintenance on terms convenient for you.

How many ReactJS developers can I hire?

Exactly as much as you need. No more and no less. We provide several collaboration models so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. You can order a full ReactJS application development service from us from scratch, a dedicated team of specialists, or you can hire one or more experts to strengthen your team.

Why choose RexSoft ReactJS development company?

Our ReactJS development company has a wealth of experience, fully staffed specialists, more than 100 successfully completed projects, and an irresistible desire to bring your idea to life. Isn't that enough reason to start cooperation right now?