IT Solutions for Logistics by RexSoft

Our custom logistics IT solutions help transport companies automate various supply chain processes. RexSoft has been developing ERP-, CRM-systems, mobile applications for logistics companies from all over the world for more than 10 years.

Our Logistics IT Solutions

Custom IT solutions are developed individually for the company's processes and are adapted to the peculiarities of running a business. Such logistics IT solutions do not contain anything extra and can automate not only typical processes in logistics, but also those nes that are unique to your company. At the end, you get a single information system to which all company departments with different roles and access rights are connected.

Order management solution

  • Integration of order forms
  • Integration of load boards
  • Automatic notification of customers
  • Electronic document management
  • Automation of transportation cost calculation
  • Creating routes
  • Load optimization (Gantt charts)
  • Order management
  • Formation of history

Solutions for dispatchers

  • Automation of driver control
  • Notification of dispatchers in case of detection of violations
  • Internal secure telephony
  • Conversation recording, communication history
  • Processing requests from drivers
  • Order management
  • Formation of history

Fleet management solution

  • Car and trailer registration
  • Accounting for technical maintenance
  • Accounting for the purchase of spare parts
  • Car tracking
  • Abuse detection
  • Monitoring of traffic violations (integration)
  • Automation of emergency situations

Solutions for drivers

  • Electronic form of driver's documents
  • Electronic exchange of documents
  • Communication tools with the dispatcher
  • View and manage tasks
  • Route view, navigation
  • Registration of working hours
  • Marking of different zones on the map
  • SOS
  • Creation of requests

Logistics Solution Provider RexSoft

For more than 10 years, our company has been developing individual IT solutions for logistics companies from all over the world - the United States of America, Canada, Australia, the Czech Republic. Our IT solutions are capable of automating any processes in the company and increasing the productivity of personnel, minimizing the risks of specialists making various mistakes thanks to the setting of additional software control. More than 40 professionals of various specialities work in our team - IT architects, business analysts, developers, designers, testers, consultants, etc. We work in accordance with American legislation and guarantee the professionalism and competence of our team.

Logistics IT Solutions Development: how it works

We divide the process of developing IT solutions for logistics companies into 4 consecutive stages: business analysis, proposal of solutions, development and implementation, training and support.

Business analysis

RexSoft's business analyst studies all logistics processes. You can say that he goes to work with you - he communicates with everyone, studies problems and so on.

IT solutions offer

RexSoft specialists prepare IT solutions for automating company processes. Together with you, we discuss all decisions and form the order of their implementation.

Development and implementation

Our team develops individual software and implements it in your logistics company.

Training and support

We prepare instructions for your employees and train them. We are also forming a support department that will have close interaction with you when technical issues arise.


What are logistics IT solutions (logistics technology solutions)?

Logistics IT solutions are software for automating processes and improving communication between employees and company departments

What logistics technology solutions does RexSoft offer?

RexSoft as a logistics solution provider offers custom IT solutions for automating order management, dispatching, fleet management, etc.

How are custom IT solutions for logistics companies developed?

We divide this process into 4 consecutive stages: business analysis, proposal of solutions, development and implementation, training and support.