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The size of the mobile games market is breaking all records, and the sooner you get into it, the better. RexSoft's mobile game development company can help you with that. In the end, you will get your loyal user base, we will enjoy developing great games, and the players will have an ultimate gaming experience. It's a win-win situation!





About Game App Development Company RexSoft

RexSoft has been developing mobile games for more than 5 years. We are an experienced company that knows how to make players feel the gameplay at their fingertips.

We have 50+ professional developers, PMs, and QA testers ready to go the extra mile to develop your mobile game.

Due to the fact that our mobile game development studio has an office in the USA, you can conclude a game development contract in compliance with USA law.

You don't have to take our word for it to be convinced of our experience. Check out our Google Play Store and App Store and check out our games for Android and iOS.


Explore our Mobile Game Development Services

Full-Cycle Mobile Game Development

We are able to develop a full-fledged mobile game from scratch, fully meeting both yours and the players expectations, as well as the latest market trends. We will take care of everything, from the creation of the assets and animation to testing and release.

Mobile Game Art Asset Creation

It's no secret that games are something at the intersection of technology and art. Our mobile game developers and artists are able to create beautiful game assets for you, which you can then insert into your game.

Cross-platform Mobile Game Development

We develop beautiful and fun games for both Android and iOS. Cross-platform allows us to grow our user base and bring joy to even more players.

Testing services

The game development market is full of stories of games failing because they come out with lots of bugs. Our professional mobile game QA testers will help you avoid this fate and catch bugs for the best gamer experience.

Choose Optimal Engagement Model

Custom solution

Our mobile game development company will develop a cross-platform game based on your unique concept. Feel yourself in the role of a game director! You will be our mastermind and we will take care of all the technical and organizational work.

Dedicated development team

At our game development company, you can make an agreement to outsource a certain part of the work. We will provide you with a dedicated development team, with experience in creating mobile game hits.


Sometimes there's so little missing to create a game hit, like a couple of professional game developers. Luckily with us, you can hire several mobile game development services specialists to strengthen your team. Choose your fighter!

Our Gaming Technology Stack


Probably the most popular game engine, as more than 50% of all mobile games were developed on it. It's great for big AAA projects as well as for small 2D games for mobile platforms. The latest versions of the game engine allow us to create games for a wide range of devices including iOS and Android phones. Thanks to it, we can create cross-platform mobile games with good graphics, but at the same time not putting strict requirements on mobile devices.


This programming language is great for writing scripts on game engines, including Unity. Our mobile game development specialists are fluent in its rich functionality.

Spine 2d

Spine 2d is an irreplaceable tool in game development services, optimized for 2D design and animation. It can change your approach to game animation, leading to a more efficient workflow. You can animate a character in multiple scenes with only one set of images. In our game development company specialists actively use it to get the best result possible.

Our Mobile Game Projects

Virtue Ninja

A high-quality ad-free mobile game aimed at teaching kids to follow long-term goals and not get distracted. 

Fish UP!

A fun mobile fishing game in which you catch fish, discover new locations, and upgrade your fishing gear.

Pui - Fluffy Rescuer

Exciting mobile arcade game. Control the charming protagonist, discover new planets and make your way starting low, aiming high!

Geometry: Square Birds

Flappy Bird game done right. Feed your fledglings, survive, avoid traps. Over 5000 downloads!

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What is your technology stack in mobile game development services?

Our game development agency creates games in Unity, C#, and uses Spine 2d and other tools. If necessary we can use other tools and programming languages to develop top mobile games.

Which mobile game development services do you provide?

RexSoft game development studio provides a wide range of services related to the development of mobile games. It includes full-cycle mobile game development services from scratch, mobile game art asset creation, cross-platform mobile game development services, and testing services.

Can you provide developers for mobile game development?

With us, you can order a fully custom mobile game, and a dedicated team of game development services professionals, as well as individual game developers.

Do you have any examples of mobile game development projects?

Of course! Our games already have several thousand downloads and the same number of satisfied gamers. You can find our mobile games on our pages in Google Play and App Store.

Why choose RexSoft mobile game development company?

Our mobile game company has a wealth of experience in mobile game development services, several dozen experienced mobile game developers and thousands of satisfied players. Isn't it a reason to cooperate?