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Lots of people use Apple products in their working routines and everyday life. So it is not a surprise that iOS applications for iPad or iPhone are in-demand. Especially when we talk about the American market where over 40% of the whole population use iOS-based devices. So the services of iOS developers are also highly required today. Yet locals often have a long list of projects or quote for sky-high rates. There is a way out when you need iOS application development services. That is hiring your dedicated iOS development team in RexSoft.

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Why Are RexSoft's iOS Developers Better Than Freelancers

When choosing a remote team to work lots of people are doubting as the reputation of freelancers is spoilt by low-qualified pros offering their services everywhere. If you want to avoid the risks of hiring such a pro, just take a look at the benefits we offer. 


US Legislation

RexSoft is a company that is officially registered in the US. All our teams work under the US legislation and we offer official contracts to sign. So you'll be fully protected by the state laws.

Strict Discipline

Discipline is a cornerstone of each development process. We do know that. In RexSoft we have our corporate ethics that is connected with strict discipline requirements we set for our specialists. We offer our customers a team that works a classic working week (5 lays, 8 hours a day). We strictly ensure that each RexSoft specialist adheres to the discipline rigorously, so you can be calm about the work on your project, it will go strictly according to plan.

Protection From Force Majeurs

We do not have any emergencies. In case the team you hired is unable to do its work, we offer you a substitute immediately. This concerns also a situation when you need to replace your team because of some problems with it.

Models of Engagement for Hiring iOS Developers in RexSoft

Our iOS development teams are at your service. We also offer several engagement models for your comfort to choose from.

Hourly Hiring

When you need to solve some simple tasks in the field of iOS app development, you do not need a full-time team. In that case, you are welcome to hire iOS development teams hourly. We have the lowest rates for hourly hiring of iOS developers, so hourly hiring at RexSoft will be a great deal for you.

Part-Time Hiring

Sometimes, part-time hiring is the best option for a customer. It allows you to get all the services you may need and optimize costs for hiring an iOS app development team. In RexSoft, you can hire part-time teams.

Full-Time Hiring

Your dedicated team can be at your services in a full-time mode too. Just choose whether you want to hire it on an outsourcing base or just use our outstaffing iOS development services.

How to Hire iOS Developers in RexSoft

The algorithm of hiring an iOS development team in RexSoft is as easy as a piece of cake. It requires minimal effort from a customer. We do our best to ensure that you get a real dream team with the skill level, creativity, and efficiency of teamwork you need.

Team Selection

At first, you are welcome to choose a team to work on your iOS app development project. You can do it yourself or use our experts' help. Both options are available. Each option has its own advantages. And here you can choose the one that suits you best. If you are not sure that you can cope with the selection of a team on your own, we will always be happy to help you with this.


When all the details are clear, we sign an agreement where all the terms and conditions of our cooperation will be indicated.


After you have chosen several teams or candidates to form a team we'll provide interviewing of each team member for you. You can get the maximum info about each pro who will work on your project. During the interview, you can get to know the team, discuss the product you want to get, learn about the capabilities and ideas of each member of your team.

Project Kick-Off

So all the details are approved. You won't wait a single moment as your project is kicked off instantly. Our iOS development team is already working for you!

Get the Best Team for Your iOS Development Ideas in RexSoft

iOS app development services are highly required today. You can get them on the most profitable conditions when applying in RexSoft. Our best teams are ready to do all the job for you. Get a quote right now by contacting us in any comfortable way.


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Are the rates of your iOS developers high?

We offer fair prices for our pro's hiring. Compared to the US average rates, our iOS developers require several times lower salaries.

Can your iOS development team upgrade my iOS app for me?

You are welcome to get this kind of service from RexSoft's iOS developers.

What about deadlines? Can I get iOS development services timely?

We have very strict rules when it comes to deadline adherence. You can be sure that your project's timelines will be OK.