Supply chain software development company RexSoft

Our team has been providing supply chain software development services for various logistics businesses for more than 10 years. Customized software from RexSoft help to manage the supply chain effectively thanks to process automation, error prevention and analytics.

Supply Chain Software Development Services from RexSoft

RexSoft, as a supply chain software development company, provides custom development services for supply chain management software. These can be ERP-, CRM-systems and applications for supply chain management (SCM).

Supply Chain Software Design

Supply chain management (SCM) needs to be carefully thought out so that the interface is convenient and understandable for all users. Fortunately, we have experienced designers who will help you understand what you need and prepare a unique supply chain management software design that will be convenient and intuitive.

Supply Chain Software Development

The most interesting part of the process. Here, your work and our design turns into a real IT product. Our team of qualified developers, other specialists (PMs, IT architects, QAs) will offer you custom supply chain software development services from consulting to technical support after the release of Supply chain software.

Integration and implementation

To organize a supply chain, it is necessary to process a lot of information from various sources. Supply chain software development company RexSoft will ensure the integration of your software with third-party platforms. We use modern technologies that ensure stable operation of supply chain management software (SCM) during high server loads.

Training and Support

Implementation of new supply chain management software requires some time to train personnel to work with it. Our company offers services for training your employees to work with new software or with software functionality. We also support our projects after the release, so that your software works stably and is supplemented with new functionality.

About Supply Chain Software Development by the RexSoft Company

RexSoft is an American IT company that has been developing custom solutions for supply chain management since 2012. Our team has experience in developing complex CRM and ERP systems for logistics and transport companies. More than 50 specialists of various fields work at RexSoft - they are developers, designers, PMs, business analysts, IT architects and others. This is what gives us the opportunity to provide clients with full-cycle freight management software development from the development idea to the full project implementation and further technical projects. RexSoft offers customers various cooperation models. It can be outstaffing (search and transfer of specialists to strengthen the in-house team), outsourcing and “turnkey” project development.

What Supply Chain Management Software (SCMS) Do We Develop?

Our team has extensive experience in the development of various supply chain management software, thanks to which you can effectively manage warehouse, stocks, delivery and work with suppliers. Also, modern SCM software helps identify problem areas in the supply chain and perform accurate forecasting based on the analysis of various analytical data.

Warehouse Management

RexSoft develops Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that automate and optimize warehouse processes. WMS reduces the risk of staff making mistakes, increases the data accuracy, reduces the number of necessary personnel and increases the planning accuracy.

Order Management

Our team develops Order Management Systems (OMS) that automate and optimize all stages of your company's sales process — from order creation to delivery and returns. OMSs simplify the buying process for customers and make it easier for companies to manage orders, inventory, fulfillment and returns.

Shipping Management

Delivery of goods is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of company resources. Fortunately, RexSoft develops shipping management software that will make this job easier for you. Supply chain management software will provide electronic document flow, management of all processes and tracking of goods in real time.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics – is the processing and analysis of large amounts of information that companies receive from various sources related to their supply chain, from procurement and inventory management to warehouse management and delivery of goods. RexSoft develops supply chain analytics systems that help to plan and forecast supply chain processes effectively.

Our Supply Chain Software Development Projects


Supply chain software for a moving business

RexSoft developed supply chain software, which is a truly multifunctional solution for relocation assistance. With the help of this system, the software owner was able to automate a number of crucial business tasks. The system includes crew time-tracking, fuel consumption, efficiency analysis of various crews, crew management, and much more.


Supply chain software for a logistics company

A supply chain software for a company that provides transportation of used cars from the seller to the customer. The supply chain software has a number of indispensable features, such as transport tracking, communication with the dispatcher to clarify details, and easy management of everything related to documentation.

Grain Trade Optimize

Supply chain software for an agro-trading company

Custom supply chain software for an agro-trading company that automates the purchase, sale and storage of grain crops. The integration of data from various sources into a single system allows managers of agricultural trading companies to monitor grain prices, identify regularities and forecast prices for the future. Thanks to the integration of IoT technologies, company managers can monitor important parameters of grain storage elevators (temperature, humidity, elevator filling level, etc.).


What Supply chain software development services does RexSoft provide?

Supply chain software development company RexSoft provides custom development services for supply chain management software. This includes design, development, integration, implementation and technical support.

What supply chain management software (SCMS) does RexSoft have experience in?

RexSoft has been developing various supply chain management software for more than 10 years. We have experience in the development of custom software for warehouse management, order management, shipping management, analytics.

How to calculate supply chain management software development cost?

Contact us and we will calculate the cost of SCM software development. Our team will provide you with qualified advice and help you turn your idea into a real IT product.