Dedicated PHP Web Development Company in the US

As PHP remains a real king of kings in programming, the services of PHP web development companies are highly in demand. RexSoft provides all of them for US customers starting from single tasks and up to a turnkey project development on PHP.





About PHP Development Company

First of all, what is a PHP web development company? It is a dedicated team that can provide you with the creation of sites, web applications, and their integration with internal business systems. The final products of the development are online stores, portals, corporate websites, online training systems, reservations, forums, social networks and much more.

PHP has been one of the leading languages for building dynamic websites for many years. This means that PHP programmers working in a company that specializes in PHP have considerable experience and skills in the development of various types of web projects from scratch. A reliable PHP web development company offers the services of developers, web architects, designers and marketers working as one for your project's development. The result you get from a company like that is a working, functional, interesting to a customer product ready for the final release. 

All these principles are a basis for the RexSoft PHP development company. We are happy to provide you with our services to get a brilliant result through our cooperation. 


PHP Development Services by RexSoft

Besides understanding what is PHP development company itself, let's enclose our services in detail. We are ready to provide you with all of them in a bulk or just offer you custom services to your choice. 

PHP Consulting

Working on each project starts with thorough consulting. Sometimes, customers do not know exactly whether they need PHP development services or it is better to choose another coding language to perform their tasks. We offer our customers to get all the best from our consulting services. Our experts will collect all the information from you, analyze it and provide you with a detailed consultation about your project. It is really what you should start from.

Custom PHP Web Development

When the task is already formulated, we can start with its implementation. To do this, we offer you our custom PHP web development services. As every project has its peculiarities, we choose the strategy for its development, collect a team of dedicated pros who will be responsible for every step of the project to be developed accurately, timely and behind your expectations. We'll guide the project from scratch to its release.

Support and Maintenance Services

Even when all the work on PHP development seems done, we do not stop on this. Our developers are always in touch with you to provide regular maintenance and support for your project. This is a comfortable way on how to get your website or landing working clockwise without hiring a programmer for your company staff.

Options of Cooperation with RexSoft PHP Development Company

In RexSoft PHP development company, we adhere also to the principle of maximum comfort for our customers. It is implemented in the quality of services we provide and in the diversity of options for successful cooperation. What types of cooperation do we offer.

Custom Solutions and Turnkey Services

When you apply to RexSoft, you can be sure we can cope with every task. To do this, we offer our custom solutions developed by RexSoft's pros. You can apply for hiring a single pro to provide custom services for your project or get the whole company who will provide your turnkey project.

Outsourcing Team

Outsourcing is a popular way on how to launch experts to your project. You don't need to search for a skilled PHP development company or a single developer. Just get your remote outsourcing team and start working with it. Outsourcing means that all the tasks will be controlled by RexSoft's PMs and you'll just enjoy the result of the whole work.

Outstaffing Team

If you want to take all the processes of PHP development under your control, you are welcome to get our IT outstaffing services. We'll provide you with a skilled team of PHP developers and you'll manage their tasks yourself.

5 Reasons to Hire RexSoft PHP Web Development Company

Why choosing RexSoft PHP development company?

  • We are registered in the US and fully adhere to all the laws. You are maximally protected when dealing with us as we sign official contracts and strictly adhere to them.
  • Our PHP developers are skilled and their experience allows them to develop the most complex projects. We never give up searching for creative solutions for every project we work on.
  • As our programmers work remotely, we have gathered in our team talented pros from different countries. This allows us to provide maximum quality of services without high prices.
  • Various options for cooperation with RexSoft PHP development company is your comfort. You can choose almost everything from the types of services we'll provide to teams or pros working for you.
  • The quickest start is our benefit. Since we sign the contract, our developers start to work with no delays. This helps us to provide timely services.


Can you provide your maintenance services for my PHP project?

You are welcome to get them in RexSoft! We can cope with the most complex tasks including projects developed by other PHP developers to be maintained by our programmers.

Is it real to make my e-commerce CMS on PHP?

We offer you to apply for our experts to get a full-fledged consultation about your e-commerce website. We'll concentrate on the problem to find the best solution for you.

Do you employ US programmers?

Our company is registered in the US. Yet our dedicated PHP developers are not limited by US citizenship. We have collected the most talented pros from different countries as only their skills and knowledge matter for RexSoft.

Is it costly to hire PHP web developers in RexSoft?

Our company provides bona fide pricing as we know that every project is unique. The price depends on several features i.e. time you want our pros to be engaged in your project, the number of employees you require for PHP web development, the complexity of the task, etc. In any case, our services are affordable.