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We provide the customers with the best RoR development services from consulting to maintenance. RexSoft’s experienced team does everything to ensure an agile workflow and the best results.

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About RexSoft as the RoR development company

We are a team of goal-oriented professionals. Every app is unique and we ensure that our Ruby on Rails software has top-notch quality. 

RexSoft development agency has development centers in the USA and Ukraine, which helps us stay agile and work without limitations by time zones or geography. Our software experts have more than 9 years of experience and we’ve polished Ruby on Rails skills. 

The custom software we create delivers results and optimizes processes for firms all around the world. 

Ruby on Rails development services

We provide a wide range of services here at RexSoft to ensure that your Ruby on Rails app or any other kind of RoR software has a smooth and perfect workflow.

Ruby on Rails consulting

RoR consulting is the service that will help your Ruby on Rails software development cover all your needs and requirements. If you don’t know yet what you want to see in your Ruby on Rails development, our specialists will give you an overview of what may be the best solution for your business specifically. This way we ensure that the Ruby on Rails services we provide is of top-notch quality.

Ruby on Rails development

The essence of Ruby on Rails services in Ruby on Rails development. Our experts will do their best to ensure that your software works as smoothly as it possibly can. The process RexSoft provides is structured and highly organized, so you will be able to control every step of your Ruby on Rails application creation and make corrections when or if needed.

Integration and Deployment

This service ensures that your Ruby on Rails application will automate your business processes. The creation of the Ruby on Rails software will always be aimed at your company’s profitability, so you won’t have to worry about wasting your time or financial resources. Our software specialists are the best of their kind and they will ensure that after the software is deployed you have exactly what you’ve hoped for.

Solutions we build with Ruby on Rails

We can develop different RoR solutions starting from MVP and ending up with something more complicated. Find the type of Ruby on Rails software that will cover your company’s needs below.

MVP development for startups

If you have just started your business, don’t sweat it! A proficient Ruby on Rails software creation process will ensure that you have the best minimal valuable product possible. With it, you will be able to win a tender or get a round of financing. Whatever you need is possible with the Ruby on Rails development company.

Complex SaaS system

If you need a SaaS Ruby on Rails development, you’ve got the right company to address. We love challenges and working with complex products. When the whole world is turning to cloud solutions, we are thrilled to help your business change and prosper with the Ruby on Rails solution.

Custom portals

This kind of service requires more advanced Ruby on Rails skills, and our professionals are the exact people who can help you. RoR software creation services can ensure that your web portal will not only leverage the competition but will work seamlessly in any circumstances. Any kind of complex software or service is our call.

E-commerce websites

Shopping is a big part of our lives and especially online shopping. RoR services include Ruby on Rails e-commerce website creation to wow your customer and help you build your own brand. RexSoft is ready to provide you with this kind of Ruby on Rails software creation and help your business rock.

The engagement models for Ruby on Rails development

We have different engagement models in our Ruby on Rails development company that will help you flexibly adjust the software creation process to your own needs. 

Custom Solutions

This engagement model means that Ruby on Rails development will start from consulting and continue up to post-release maintenance. With this service, you will have a custom Ruby on Rails solution uniquely tailored specifically to your company’s needs. It is the perfect engagement model for long-term complex projects.

Dedicated Development Team (Outsource)

This development model is for you if you need a team that would work for your company’s success. With us, you can engage goal-oriented professionals in software creation to be your technical department, and ensure that your software corresponds to your needs. This RoR development model will be perfect for you if you know what you need and how to help your company grow with Ruby on Rails development.


This development model provides you with specialists you can engage in software development. This way you can make your own technical team stronger or create a new one, this is up to you. It will also allow you to cut costs on Ruby on Rails software creation by engaging the top experts part-time or for certain parts of the RoR projects.

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For which software Ruby on Rails is used?

First of all, Ruby on Rails is used for websites and application development. Its main advantage is in simplifying the common repetitive tasks so the development process could be more seamless. The main principle of RoR development is convention over configuration, so the software creation process doesn’t focus on configuring files. Overall, it greatly speeds up the Ruby on Rails development.

I have a limited budget. Can you help me with the development?

We can find a Ruby on Rails solution that helps you benefit even from your limited budget. For example, we could engage our specialists in your projects partially. Or, if you have a startup, we can start a development process and put it on pause as you find additional financing. Our company is loyal to the customers so you can just talk this through.

I don’t know what kind of development my company needs. Can you help me figure this out?

Our Ruby on Rails professionals can help you find the perfect development option and features for your company’s needs. This way, the RoR development will benefit your company and your goals will be fulfilled.

My project is complicated. Can I somehow ensure that you will be able to perform?

You can look at our portfolio or read the testimonials from our customers. Our RoR developments are top-notch and we never disappoint our customers. However, if you are still having doubts, contact us and we will cast them away.

What is the difference between outsourcing and the custom solution engagement model?

The custom solution engagement model provides you with consulting, Ruby on Rails development, maintenance, and support. Software creation, in this case, is not only development but a complex process that will help us build a competitive solution for your company. The outsourcing model provides you with a proficient team that will create a solution for you according to the development plan or thoughtfully written software requirements specifications.