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ERP development company RexSoft strives for perfection in every application and software we develop. You can see for yourself by taking a look at the ERP portfolio or getting on a consultation with our specialists!

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About the ERP software development company

ERP software and other applications development have been our full-time job for more than 9 years and we’ve succeeded by giving customers exactly what they need. We have an agile mindset and the ability to find what will benefit the software from the business point of view and that got us so far. As a software development company, we’re always evolving.

RexSoft’s ERPs are working flawlessly for years because we build software that is aimed at simplifying the lives of businessmen all around the world. Our support service ensures that we will maintain the ERP and fix any malfunction in case something happens. 

If you are looking for a team to build ERP software for you, you’re in the right place! All your ideas can become a part of your business process. Just contact us!

ERP software development services

RexSoft ERP development company provides a number of services that help configure the development process to your needs. We start off with the consultation and end with maintenance, but you can choose the service that fits the business best.


ERP consulting services

ERP software development is a costly and time-consuming process, so our development company offers you a consulting service. It’ll help you define and design the most needed features and ensure that ERP fits your company’s logic and needs.

Custom ERP solutions development

This is the most thrilling part when you get to see your ideas come to life. RexSoft’s ERP developers will give you full control over the process so the software fits your requirements and fulfills your goals. In the end, the results will pay off in the form of profits and a more smooth workflow

ERP software support and maintenance

Our ERP development company’s services include post-release support and maintenance, so the workflow of your business goes seamlessly no matter the circumstances. We will watch out for bugs and hot-fix them if there are any, so there is nothing to worry about!

RexSoft’s ERP developers benefits

Our ERP development company is 100% sure that each of our clients benefits from the software we create. ERP software is able to simplify and smooth out the complex processes of your business, so it’s important to know you trusted its development in the right hands.

Custom development

Our ERP development is based on the individual requirements of our client, so each project is custom and fits the business uniquely. We always strive for perfection and deliver excellence in every product of ours so your ERP will work flawlessly.

High-skilled team

Our ERP developers have broad expertise and this is what helps our company deliver software within short terms but without losses in quality. The team you will work with will do their best to make the ERP development process fit into your requirements.

USA based company

RexSoft ERP development company is based in the US and our working process is built according to the US legislation. There is a contract and NDA that ensures the security of your company’s data and the terms for the project’s delivery.

Different models of engagement

Our ERP development company can engage the specialists in hourly cooperation (suitable for small projects), part-time (for both small and large projects), and full-time (best for custom solution development) with the customer. This way you can choose the model that won’t drain your budget and work at a comfortable pace.

Hire an ERP development company and level up!

RexSoft’s developers will change your business’s workflow for the better with an ERP software development of incredible quality. Contact us and try!


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Why would my company need an ERP?

ERP software connects customer management, human resources, business intelligence, and other departments into one system. This will do a great deal for your business’s automation and if you want to make your processes agile you can’t go without ERP development.

How much will my ERP development cost if I work with your company?

It depends on the cooperation model you choose. If you have a development of a technical team you can choose the hourly or part-time model and power up your team with our specialists. If you need a full-cycle development, you’ll get a custom solution that you won’t have to worry about but it will be more costly. The model of ERP development is completely your choice, find what suits your company’s best.

How long does the ERP software development take in your company?

It is a time-consuming process, so our presumed rate for it is 6 months minimum. But it all depends on the cooperation you chose since part-time developers work fewer hours in the day, and hourly developers work only at a determined schedule. The size and complexity of your ERP software also mean a lot so we better discuss it in a consultation.

How do I know that you are a reliable software development company?

You can take a look at our previous projects or customers’ testimonials on Clutch. Our reliability is also confirmed by the contracts and other documents we provide along with the development. Or you could simply contact us and talk this through.

Can you help me decide on what I need in ERP development?

This is the goal of our consulting service! Our ERP software development company is more than ready to help you find out what you need and fulfill your requirements in the development later on. All you need with RexSoft ERP development company is just to have an idea and we will implement it!