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Starting your great ideas you need to share them with potential customers. To do this, the Internet is widely used. Yet, you may need something special to make the audience interested in your startup and using just a landing page or a website will be not enough. For startups, application development is a great chance to express themselves via the Internet. In this case, the help of a startup application development company will come in handy. RexSoft offers you to get our startup application development services for the brilliant implementation of your ideas by our team.

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About Startup App Development Company

The development of startup applications requires a step-by-step and flexible approach since these are projects that are built from the very beginning on the expertise and testing of hypotheses. It is a step-by-step process that requires custom solutions and flexible plans. Not all IT agencies can cope with a task like this. Fortunately, there is RexSoft by your side to provide you with a turnkey startup application development to gain the most efficiency ever. 

Our company consists of experienced developers, web and mobile app designers, and marketers who know how to solve the most complex problem you may have in your startup idea. We'll provide you with all the services you may need in the field of startup application development and we are always in touch with you to provide flexibility and urgent solutions for your goals. 

Startup App Development Services

At RexSoft, you can apply for all kinds of services you need for your startup project to be implemented in the application. We can start with MVP or provide you with thorough investigation, development, and support. All to your choice. The main list of our startup application development services is the following.

Custom Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile app for your startup. It is the best solution when you need to provide several goals:
  • It offers a quick presentation of the company on the market.
  • It is a convenient method of selling goods and services with the maximum hit in the target audience.
  • It allows constant communication with consumers.
  • With it, getting direct feedback on a product or service is easy.
  • Automation of internal business processes is provided.
We use up-to-date technologies for mobile startup app development including Flutter and Node JS frameworks that allow us to gain results ASAP with minimal time and money expenses.

Web App Development Besides the mobile application, you are welcome to apply for a full-fledged web application development for your startup. We offer the most diverse range of services in that field providing integration of an app with other hi-tech products you use and creating the whole ecosystem for your business goals to work clockwise.

Support and Maintenance

RexSoft startup application development company doesn't stop just with the development and release. We offer you to expand our cooperation to get full-fledged around-the-clock support and maintenance of your startup application. This means we'll help you to analyze its efficiency and improve something if needed, we'll be fully responsible for the work and functionality of an app and we'll scale it up when you need it.

Digital Marketing Services

Sometimes, startup application development and launching it on the market is only the peak of an iceberg. To make your potential customers know about your offer, you need to promote it. In this case, our digital marketing services will be helpful. Our team will develop an advertising campaign, provide you with SEO services to make your app ranked high by search engines.

Why Choose RexSoft for Startup App Development?

Of course, today many agencies and freelancers are involved in the development of startup applications. But we have several reasons why it is worth ordering services for the development of startup applications from RexSoft.


A Turnkey Development

You will not receive a "raw" product or an unfinished application from us. We offer turnkey development services from consulting and prototyping to promoting the finished product on the market, testing and updating it for the needs of your target audience.

Big Expertise

RexSoft is not only a development team. We offer a comprehensive examination and expertise of the project we are planning to work on. This means that we initially accurately assess all risks, opportunities, and competitors in order to offer you more than others.

The US Legislation of RexSoft Company

Our developers and designers work remotely. But at the same time, RexSoft is licensed in the United States and fully operates according to the laws of the country. You are protected from unforeseen circumstances and force majeure by a formal legal contract. Our employees strictly adhere to the work schedule and timelines of the assigned tasks. We are very strict about the discipline and accuracy of the project.

Various Cooperation Models to Your Choice

For your comfort, we offer various terms of cooperation. You can hire a full-stack developer or choose the optimal team to develop your startup application. We offer both outsourcing cooperation and an outstaffing model. In addition, you can choose a payment model that is comfortable for you: hourly, for the entire project, etc.


Electric scooter rental service

Our team worked on the IoT application C24 that is meant to provide people with the ability to move through the city on electric scooters. C24 as an app for renting electric scooters successfully leverages the competition. It has more than 5K downloads in the Play Market and smooth workflow ensured by the code of our developers. 


Comprehensive web application for caregivers

The purpose of WeCare4®  is Helping Those Who Care For Others™ by building a community of caregivers, including family, friend, or professionals, and the entire ecosystem that supports them and breaking down the existing silos of information that all caregivers and the people that they serve have to explore to find the assistance, information, and resources that they need. WeCare4®’s initial focus is on building this community for caregivers of the aging. It will then expand this model and platform to other care segments such as adults and children with special needs. 


Custom CRM for moving company

Our client had an old CRM where a lot of functions didn't work correctly. Our task was to make the new CRM wide-functioning, with clear sales and operations logic, connection with websites, and driver's mobile app. And we successfully accomplished it.


mobile application

E-GREE is a mobile app for creating written agreements customized for any situation including real-estate contracts, date agreements, intellectual property protection documents, etc. At the moment this application is meant to make people feel safe in any kind of situation, but they are planning on growing towards the real-estate field. 

Launch Your Startup With Ease Using RexSoft's Services

Do not delay your startup ideas! Make them work for your profit! Apply in RexSoft to get the most from our startup application development company for a reasonable price.

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Can I use any on-shelve product to launch my startup app?

We highly recommend using custom solutions as startup applications require thought-out expertise and constant supervision on their efficiency. On-shelve products will be less effective for this.

How can I control the work of your startup app development team if you work remotely?

There is no problem in the management and supervision of the project you delegate to us. You are welcome to choose an outstaffing team you'll be constantly in touch with to provide tasks and control their performance. In other cooperation models, we also provide a customer with regular reports on fulfilled tasks.

What is better for a startup: to develop a website or an app?

As usual, developing a startup app is the fastest and the most convenient way to launch the market.

Are RexSoft's services in the field of startup application development cheap?

Just compare the rates of American startup app developers with our prices and you'll be surprised as our services are several times cheaper yet they are not of lower quality.