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Get your business online by developing a full-fledged e-commerce website to increase your sales and customers' involvement. Today, it is the most powerful tool for all types of sales from next door grocery to international concerns selling their products worldwide. Moreover, the development of your e-commerce website is a key process for your brand's reputation and popularity as almost all big sharks in the market have their e-commerce sites already. 

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About Custom E-Commerce Development Company

Creating a website for e-commerce goals is not a piece of cake. It is a complex process that requires both knowledge, a subtle feeling of style and marketers' skills. Besides, you need to make it unique and user-friendly to gain your clientele at its most. To cope with the task, it is better to engage a professional custom e-commerce development company that will provide you with a full-stack service in the shortest time. 

In RexSoft, we gathered real gems of the web development industry from all over the world. We provide both outsourcing and outstaffing business models for fruitful work with every customer. Our pros are not just developers they are real artists who put their souls into the project they are working on. 

Besides, we have extended experience in the customization of e-commerce projects and their development from scratch in almost every area of business.  

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Custom E-Commerce Website Development Services

What custom development services for e-commerce goals can you apply for in RexSoft? Let's take a slight overview of them. 


Integration & API

After all of that, we start launching the project. But before the successful start, there is a need for its correct integration and API. All that could be done by our pros without a hassle. Get your API working clockwise, integrate social networks, portals and mobile apps for a fruitful work of your e-commerce website and be sure it will work!

Custom E-Commerce & Marketplace

To ensure that the final result meets expectations and justifies the investment in the development of funds, work on a project begins with studying the target audience, market trends and competitor analysis.Professional e-commerce development includes work on the design, as well as the layout of the site and programming of the functionality. Adhering to the style that the customer needs, specialists create several design options for a web resource. After the agreement with the designer, the client chooses a suitable visual design for the online store.

Support and Maintenance

Besides e-commerce development services, we offer our customers our dedicated support's services. As every web store is a dynamic structure that requires constant maintenance, you do not need to hire a pro to do it. Just apply for our support and maintenance services in RexSoft.

Benefits of Custom E-Commerce Development

Custom e-commerce development is a combination of a number of tasks, which include market research, tracking current trends, introducing the most effective technologies, and developing an individual design. That is why professionals should be involved in creating online stores. The specialists of our company in their work use the latest technologies that ensure the fast and correct operation of the site. What else makes RexSoft's custom e-commerce website development so convenient?

Providing the Most Stylish Design

We do not make patterns. We do not use ready-made templates so you can be sure, you'll get a customized product that will be a step ahead of your competitors. We develop an e-commerce website's design according to your business' peculiarities so our design just highlights all the profits of your products and services you provide to customers.

Using the Most Up-to-Date Toolkit

We thoroughly analyze your task to choose the most efficient CMS and its superstructures to create the product you'll be proud of. We offer you only actual technologies including Laravel, Node JS and other coding sources.

Providing You with a Full Customization

There are no limitations to our work. You are welcome to define the scope of tasks you want to get and we'll do them timely. There are full-stack, back-end and front-end programmers, marketers and designers who work in RexSoft e-commerce web development company for your sake.

Working in Strict Adherence to Deadlines and Tasks

At RexSoft, we adhere to a strict work schedule. Despite the fact that our programmers work remotely, we create an exact schedule of their work, perform tasks from 9 to 17, as when working offline, we always keep under the control of each specialist working on your project. We do not allow force majeure.

Hire Custom E-Commerce Development Company for a Brilliant Result

Starting your own online store from scratch is not easy. And making it effective is even more difficult. But the RexSoft team will definitely cope with this task. Don't wait for competitors to capture all of your potential buyers. Get ahead of them with e-commerce development services by RexSoft. 


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Is there any guaranty the task for e-commerce development will be done timely as you work remotely?

RexSoft is a US-licensed company that fully adhere to state laws. We work officially by concluding contracts with every customer so you can feel free as you are fully protected by US laws.

Can I order SEO services along with e-commerce development in RexSoft?

Yes, we will be happy to prepare your website for SEO routines.

Have you any references for your custom e-commerce projects?

You can find them in our portfolio. There are only positive reviews on our work so we are proud of each of our projects developed for e-commerce.

If I need to sell just a dozen of products, is there a sense to order e-commerce development services?

It depends greatly on your business plans. If you intend to scale your business and to widen your catalog in future, there is a sense to develop your own e-commerce website with all its functionality. Yet, in case you want just to sell some products without any scaling in future, it is better to apply for landing page development services or contact a marketplace to create your web store on the third-party platform.