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Best JavaScript development company with services aimed at your absolute success. We work with modern tech like Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, and React Native so you can be sure that choosing RexSoft’s services for mobile and web application development is the best decision you could make.

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About RexSoft as the JavaScript Development Company

Founded in 2012, JavaScript development company RexSoft created more than 100+ projects and helped businesses in different domains from gaming to construction. Our JavaScript development has its own style as our company provides a broad variety of services. 

And all this combined leads to the best JavaScript application development your business could experience.

Technologies Our JavaScript Developers Master


Our Node.js developers are ready for all types of development. We are eager to start working for your company, creating the best applications on Node.js, which is ideal for complex server-side development.


If you need a one-page application, our Angular.js developers are here to help. Our company is ready for a development project like this so let us know if you need something simple yet able to deliver.


This is our developers’ technology for mobile development, so if your company is ready for the next mobile hit development, RexSoft is waiting for your call.

React Native

Our development company uses this tech for JavaScript development that changes people’s views on things. We are not only about something simple, our company is able to create an application that will be a game changer. It depends only on your idea!

RexSoft company’s Javascript Development Services

Here are the JavaScript development services that we provide. With our company, your business can get the best application accustomed to your unique needs.

JavaScript Web Development

RexSoft can provide you with full-cycle JavaScript web development, or work with you according to any engagement model you will find comfortable. Our main goal is to ensure that your company will get the best JavaScript product as a result of our productive work and seamless development processes.

Cross-Platform App Development

Another word for this type of application development is hybrid application development. Written on React Native, your application will be able to maintain its workflow on several platforms (e.g. Android and iOS), that’s why it’s called cross-platform application development. So, if your company values broad horizons and wants to get more customers, this type of JavaScript application development is what you need.

Server-side Development

Server-side development basically means that there will be a server behind the scenes of your website. So, if you need something to provide your company’s customers with the complex services they need, you need this type of JavaScript development. Good thing that our company has top-notch Node.js developers who are capable of quality server-side development.

Maintenance and support

Buying a complex JavaScript application development from a RexSoft company, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will take on from here and all the work on post-release maintenance will be our burden to carry. Joking, though, we don’t see it as a burden. RexSoft company provides different engagement models for this service and you can choose what suits your company best. What matters here is the quality of the JavaScript development you get!

The JavaScript Development Projects We Created

You can take a glance at our JavaScript developments to acknowledge that we are a reliable and passionate company


One of our JavaScript developments offers automated solutions for market analysis. Our company created this service to simplify complex analytics. 

Rafael’s Barbershop

Imover CRM

A CRM system development for a moving company that ended up being a success story. Our client’s company was a

RexSoft’s JavaScript Development Services

Our JavaScript development services are ideal for both small and complex projects, so we trust that you will find what you need in our services.

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Why should I work with you?

With RexSoft company you can get a JavaScript development of your unique custom application that will take into account all of your business needs. Our broad expertise allows us to create applications in different business domains and understand your needs.

Why is JavaScript the best solution for me?

It allows us to create different applications from cross-platform software to one-page apps. Our JavaScript developments turned out as success stories most of the time and you can look at them yourselves in our portfolio.

Mobile or web application development: what should I choose?

It depends on your company’s needs, of course. With JavaScript development, you could also develop a cross-platform application that will support both mobile and web versions. Or you could contact us and we will help you decide.

Will you improve my existing application, if I already have one?

Yes, we can do that too. Some of our JavaScript developments were created from scratch, but we can also improve the quality of an existing application. Contact us and our company’s experts will see what we can do for you.

My budget is limited, can I still work with you?

We have services that may help you cut costs, for example, the dedicated team engagement models. Our React.js, Node.js, React Native, and Angular.js developers will work on your project to deliver results.