UI/UX Design Services by RexSoft

UX and UI are not just trends. Technologies are developing every day. The demand for websites and applications is growing. Digital apps are mushrooming. Along with this, design and development tools are simplified so much that almost any person without programming knowledge can make a business card site right at home. But this website should look somehow. And not just like an abstract wireframe of text and buttons. This is where programmers need help from a UX/UI designer.

In RexSoft we have a powerful team of top UI/UX designers who can cope with the most tangled or complex tasks in the field of UI/UX design services.


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Who Is UI/UX Design Services Company RexSoft?

UI/UX designer is a creative specialist who designs user interfaces. UI and UX are two different design profiles, but most often tasks in both areas are closely related, and therefore they are done by one universal specialist. In our company, we have both UI/UX pros and those who are experienced in UI or UX design services. That helps us to meet all the expectations our clients have. 

Due to high criteria of choice, our employees are highly skilled and they have a wide portfolio and multiple references from their customers. We hire UI/UX designers who live in various countries but they are united by the common goal to create high-class UI/UX designs for all kinds of digital products.


Our UI/UX Design Services

In the scope of our UI/UX design services, we include all the routines that are necessary for developing, designing, testing user experience and final expertise of the project we develop.

Mobile App UX and UI Design Services

For mobile applications, user experience and interface design are crucial. If the app is hard to operate, if it has a too complex structure, it won't be popular. Our mobile UI/UX designers will create for you a mobile app that will be stylish, fast, simple to use, and informative at the same time. That's what our UI/UX design services are intended for.

Cross-Platform Experiences Design

In some cases, the customer needs both web and mobile applications to be developed. In that case, our cross-platform UI/UX design will be a brilliant idea. You may get an effective solution for both web and mobile versions of an app to make it comfortable and user-friendly.

Web Design Services

For web design, requirements are even higher than for mobile apps design. But our specialists will accurately cope with all the features of the user experience for web applications. Just tell us the problem, and we will offer the most effective solutions.

UI/UX Consulting Services

Before you start your project, it is useful to get as much info as possible for it. In this, RexSoft's consulting services will come in handy. Our pros will consult you about what is of the greatest importance in UI/UX design to create a real gem among web or mobile applications.

Benefits of UI/UX Design Services by RexSoft

USA-Registered Company

We are officially registered as a US company. That allows us to implement strict rules accordingly to US laws. We adhere to them in full so you can be sure that your rights are fully protected when you apply for our services.

Full-Cycle Development

In our firm, you can get full-cycle development of a project of any type. That means you can apply not just for UI/UX design services but also for our web development services, mobile development, QA services and others.


Being experts in UI/UX design, we always pay great attention to testing and providing expertise of products we develop. That is also profitable for you as you surely get an impeccable product without any pitfalls in its interface and user experience.

What Types of Cooperation Do We Offer

We offer our customers not to limit themselves by standard subcontractor scenarios. That means we are eager to provide you with the most comfortable options of partnership.


Custom Solutions in UI/UX Design

When you need just to improve something in your app or you want to get a full analysis of your app's UI/UX design, you can apply for our custom solutions. We'll provide you with the full scope of services you need whether it is a turnkey service or just some tasks to be done.

Dedicated Outsourced Team

In RexSoft, you are welcome to get the whole team of UX/UI designers, marketers, developers who can cope with all your tasks brilliantly. Our outsourcing team will go far and beyond to implement all the principles of UI/UX design into your project.

Outstaffing Services

We also can provide you with our outstaffing services in the field of UI/UX design. Just choose pros to your team from our staff and give them tasks to perform. They will be your dedicated pros for a single project or for the whole lifetime of your company to your choice.

Evaluate All the Merits of RexSoft's UI/UX Design Services

Be sure that your application will go on with success due to its perfect UI/UX design created and performed by RexSoft's pros. Apply for our UI/UX design services right on the website to get more info and to start our fruitful work together. 


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Why is UI/UX design so important?

The term UI/UX design refers to the user's comfort when working with an interface of an application. UI design allows creating an app that will be comfortable in use while UX design helps to achieve goals that the user has when starting to use the app. That is why both these services are of high importance.

Is it possible to create an app using our corporate colors and logos?

Yes, it is up to our UI designers to create the most effective application adding to the interface traits of your corporate style.

What is included in your UX design services?

Mandatory responsibilities in UX design are behavioral prototyping, learning user habits, and systematic testing. Marketing engineering is the other side of the user experience design services. The specialist studies analytics, draws up technical specifications for copywriters, thinks over the connections between the interface elements and their visual arrangement. As a result, he gets a prototype, the effectiveness of which depends directly on the quality of the work done.

What is the difference between UI and UX design services?

In the previous question we've described the main responsibilities of a UX designer. Instead of them, the main task of a UI designer is to help a typical user quickly and easily understand how to use a product. This can be a website, an application, a payment terminal, a TV remote control, an oven. In any product, the interface must be made based on the requirements and rules common to each type of gadget.