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So, you want to create a good functional application and you even chose the AngularJS framework for it. Now, all you have to do is find a team of AngularJS experts who will bring your idea to life as soon as possible. Well, your search is officially over because you won't find better AngularJS experts than RexSoft. We will gladly take on your AngularJS project from scratch, or strengthen your existing development team.

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About RexSoft AngularJS Development Company

Founded in 2012, RexSoft has managed to become a true professional in all things AngularJS development. We are constantly honing our skills and finding ways to build an AngularJS application even more efficiently.

Our AngularJS development company has over 50 specialists on board ready to take on your project immediately. 

We value our customers' time and do our best to provide services even more conveniently. That is why our AngularJS development company has offices in the USA and Ukraine.

We have made over 100 clients happy already and we are not going to stop at what we have achieved. You can find more information about our projects in the portfolio section.

Our AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS consulting

If you want to go on an exciting journey, then the entire route should be properly planned. This is also true for developing AngularJS apps. That's why our AngularJS development company offers an IT consulting service. We will thoughtfully discuss how to translate your idea into a detailed technical implementation plan for optimal time and money management.

AngularJS web development

Our AngularJS development company provides comprehensive AngularJS application development services that fully fit your idea and business needs. Rest assured that the quality of the code will be at the highest level because it is handled by professionals.

Maintenance and support service

Creating an application is only half the battle. The other half is to ensure that it runs smoothly for the software's entire lifecycle. That's why our AngularJS development company provides post-release support services, to keep your web application running as long as you need it. Our AngularJS development company also provides several support models, so you can optimally allocate your budget and we can negotiate on exclusive terms.

We Offer Multiple Engagement Models

Custom solution

Our AngularJS development company can create an application from scratch for you. We provide a fully staffed team of specialists consisting of PMs, developers, and designers. They will lead your web project from the idea stage to release and post-release support.

Outsourcing (Dedicated development team)

Our list of services also includes the ability to hire a dedicated team of AngularJS developers. They will develop that part of your project which you specify doing everything as fast and smoothly as possible.


You already have an AngularJS development team, and you need to power it up with professionals? Nothing could be easier! Our AngularJS development company will be happy to provide you with individual specialists to strengthen your tech department.

AngularJS Development Services That’ll Make Your Business Work

The button below is pretty self-explanatory. You click it, we contact you, and the development of your dream project starts. It's that simple!

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What is AngularJS?

Angular JS is a JavaScript application architecture design pattern launched in 2009. The main goal was to create web applications that provide a new level of interactivity. The framework can run in any browser or platform, which means it supports cross-compatibility regardless of device. Because it comes with built-in tools and functionality, there is consistency, and the components are flexible, robust, and reliable compared to other platforms.

What makes AngularJS apps better than any others?

Angular is supported on multiple platforms (web, mobile, native desktop). It's powerful, it's modern, it has a great ecosystem, and it's just cool. Develo rs can use AngularJS to create beautiful interfaces. In addition, it contributes to the usability, ease, and speed of web application development services. The best thing about AngularJS is that it can be integrated with other libraries when implemented for web development projects.

Which AngularJS development services do you offer?

Our AngularJS development company provides all the services needed to create a quality and beautiful web application. The list of our services includes consulting, direct development, and post-release maintenance as well.

Can I hire as many AngularJS developers as I need?

Of course. At our AngularJS development company, you can order full development of the project, outsource a dedicated team for developing some parts of the application, or reinforce the existing team with one or several specialists. Just choose what suits you best.

Why choose RexSoft AngularJS development company?

Our AngularJS development company has been providing services of beautiful and functional web applications development services for 9 years. During this time our specialists have managed to hone their skills and become true masters of their craft.