Custom Freight Operating System from RexSoft

The RexSoft company has been developing various custom freight management software for transportation companies worldwide for more than 10 years. Get modern digital solutions for management, control and planning of freight processes.

Freight Management System Includes

For effective management, control and planning of any logistics company's resources, it is important that all company employees work in a single information environment. For this, it is necessary to implement a freight operations information system. The RexSoft company will help you create a single custom ERP system with functionality for different company departments.

Transportation CRM

Freight TMS includes a separate module for efficient order management of transportation companies. Order form, integration with various load boards, call center, automatic cost calculation, creation of documents, customer follow-up and this is far from the entire list of freight operating system functionality.

Trucking Dispatch Software

Freight transport management system includes a separate module for dispatchers of logistics companies. The module organizes convenient communication between drivers and dispatchers (internal telephony, monitoring of drivers' adherence to the route and work schedule, prompt resolution of cargo delivery problems.

Fleet Management Software

The Fleet Management Module in Freight TMS provides effective fleet management of transportation companies, namely: tracking of vehicles, detection of violations by truck drivers, planning of car maintenance, procurement of necessary spare parts, etc. There is support for an accurate and up-to-date review of vehicle diagnostics, geolocation and the detection of risky or dangerous driver behavior, while reducing the burden on managers.

Truck Driver Software

Software for truck drivers is a cross platform app that helps drivers view routes, plan stops, manage tasks, communicate with dispatchers, identify dangerous areas, register working hours and create a database of documents in electronic form.

About Freight Operating System from RexSoft

Freight management system is custom software for effective management and planning of any transportation business. Freight TMS from RexSoft easily adapts to unique processes and integrates with various freight software of the company to create a unified information system. The system increases staff productivity and reduces the risk of employee errors by automating routine processes and implementing additional software control levels. Freight operating system increases the work coherence of various departments of the transportation company due to the logistics process flow creation and the setting of the organization communication system. The RexSoft team consists of more than 40 specialists (business analysts, IT architects, designers, developers, QA's, etc.) with 10 years of experience in automating supply chain processes.

Freight Management System Development Benefits You Get With RexSoft

The RexSoft company develops custom freight management software that is adapted to the specifics of logistics companies' activities and includes only the necessary functionality for various company employees (logistics, dispatchers, drivers, accountants, managers, etc.).

Сustomized software

Custom freight TMS from RexSoft meets the individual needs of users, includes only the necessary functionality and automates both typical and unique processes of logistics companies.

Implementation & Integration

The implementation of custom transportation solutions from RexSoft provides the integration of various software into a single freight management system to improve communication and interaction between different company departments.

Technical support 24/7

You don't need to wait weeks, months for solving technical problems or making changes to the freight TMS work. Our technical department is always online. Describe the problem and expect a quick solution.

Training and documentation

Staff always painfully experience any changes in work, especially if it concerns the automation of processes. We will take care of that too. Our specialists will prepare instructions, conduct training on innovations.

Freight Operating System Examples developed by RexSoft


Freight Management Software

The freight management software developed by us is ideal for vehicle tracking, route calculation and order management. This improves the security and transparency of the supply chain and transport processes, as it prevents any problems with vehicles or routes. Thanks to the application, drivers can manage orders, communicate with the dispatcher, view routes, use navigation, create notifications about a forced stop, register working hours.


Freight Management System

Freight TMS provided the automation of various supply chain processes in the transportation company: calculation of the cost of transportation, construction of routes, automatic follow-up, application management, fleet tracking in real time, registration of working hours of personnel (drivers, dispatchers, etc.), communication between different departments.

Freight management system includes CRM, truck dispatch software, electronic document and records management system, data analytics tools, truck driver app.


What is a freight management system?

Freight TMS is software, or a list of software, that provides automation of various supply chain processes: order management, vehicle tracking, communication between mods and dispatchers, etc.

What are the advantages of custom freight management software?

Custom freight management software better adapt to the unique processes of logistics companies, include only the necessary functionality and provide more opportunities for business automation.

What software freight management system Include?

Freight TMS includes transportation CRM, trucking dispatch software, fleet management software, data analytics tools.