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The RexSoft team has collected the most frequently asked questions of our customers over the past 5 years who have successfully started a scooter or sharing business. We have prepared answers to them (questions), which are published on this page. We hope that the information collected by us will help you create a successful vehicle sharing company.

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Starting a business

What do I need to start an e-scooter Sharing business?

We divided the process of starting an electric scooter rental business into 3 consecutive stages: request to local authorities, business registration, purchase of scooters, and setting up the necessary software (sharing app, CRM for Managers) for the rental business. Let's look at these stages in more detail. First, you need to check with your local authorities to find out if a scooter rental business is allowed in your city. Each city independently forms the procedure for obtaining the necessary permits, a list of rules and restrictions for scooter rental companies (permitted zones, age restrictions, speed limits, etc.). Next, you need to register as a legal entity (get a business license) and open a bank account. Business registrations vary from country to country, so on average it can take 1-3 months to register a scooter rental business. After successful registration, you need to purchase scooters (spare parts and charging stations) and software (client application and CRM for managers).

How can I know where parking my scooter in the city is legal?

The list of permitted places for parking scooters, areas for moving them, is formed by local authorities. You need to contact them for the necessary information.

How about local permits, and business registration?

The procedure for obtaining permits for e-scooter sharing activities is established and regulated by local authorities. You need to contact them for the necessary information.

How much time is needed to start an e-scooter Sharing business?

Ready-made solutions from RexSoft allow you to start an e-scooter Sharing business within 3 months. If you prefer custom software development for e-scooter Sharing - the start-up period of this business can increase by 2-3 times.

How much money is needed to start an e-scooter Sharing business?

$70,000-110,000 is needed to start a business for 50 scooters. This amount includes costs for business registration, purchase of scooters and spare parts (charging stations), software (ready-made solutions from RexSoft), and cars for maintenance of the scooter park.

How to increase the profitability of the e-scooter Rental Business?

Choose cities where there is no or low competition. Investing in marketing and advertising. Analytics modules (heatmaps) from RexSoft that show where your services are in demand and where they are not.

What do I need besides scooters?

The software is a client application and CRM for managers. We recommend using ready-made solutions from RexSoft, which can be easily customized to your needs, rather than developing software from scratch. Ready solutions will save you time and money. You also need to purchase additional batteries and spare parts for scooters. A full battery charge is enough for 3-4 hours of active riding on a scooter. In order for your scooters to be available to users for the day, you need additional batteries. In a day, 1 scooter may require 2-3 battery replacements, so 50 scooters require an additional 70 replacement batteries. There is another solution - charging stations that ensure uninterrupted use of scooters.

After I buy scooters, what should I do next?

The most common mistake entrepreneurs make at the start-up stage is the sequence of steps. First, entrepreneurs buy scooters, and then they move on to finding and configuring the necessary software. Due to this, the term of starting a business increases many times. Buying scooters and configuring the necessary software are tasks that are performed in parallel, not sequentially. Physical presence of scooters is not required to configure the software. For this, you do not need to wait 2-3 months for the manufacture, branding and delivery of scooters. After selecting the scooters, without waiting for their physical availability, the scooter manufacturer gives us the technical specification for writing drivers for the scooters. Drivers are necessary to connect scooters to the software. While the scooters are branded and delivered, we configure the necessary software for you. This algorithm allows you to request your own electric scooter sharing businesses within 3 months.

Franchise by RexSoft

What does the electric scooter rental franchise include?

Electric scooter rental franchise consulting on starting a business (choice of scooters, spare parts), customization of the necessary software (client app, CRM) and the right to use it, staff training and technical support.

What is included in the cost of your franchise?

The e-scooter franchise cost includes 2 payments: the first payment and the monthly subscription fee. The first payment is $5000-7000, and the monthly subscription fee is starting from $ 5 per scooter.

What factors influence electric scooter franchise cost?

The first payment is affected by the amount of work that needs to be done (design of the client application, integration of payment systems, language versions of the software, etc.). The monthly subscription is affected by the number of scooters used by the electric scooter rental company.

What is required from the client to start working?

To become our client, you need to provide us with information about the legal entity and sign the franchise agreement.

Can I use only your software?

Yes, you can order scooters of brands we do not cooperate with and use only our software. Our software solutions adapt to any scooters.

Can I work under my own brand?

Yes, the terms of the electric scooter franchise from RexSoft provide for the use of its own brand. The software design (client app, CRM) will be customized to your brand (style, corporate colors, logo).

What is the cost of setting up additional scooters?

If over time your scooters fleet has increased, you don’t pay additional payments for the connection of new scooters. Connecting new scooters is a free service. After connecting new scooters, your monthly payment will be changed considering the new scooters.


What vehicles (scooters, bikes) are suitable for sharing business?

An electric scooter should have Cloud Monitoring support and/or IoT technology. Also, scooters must be Vandal-resistant vs Waterproof. An electric scooter's power should start from 500 watts. A person with a weight of 200 lb/ 90 kg must be able to climb a hill of 15 degrees. This is important for hilly terrain. Replaceable battery. The charged scooter has to work for 2-3 hours of active riding. For the scooter to continue working you need to replace the batteries 3-4 times a day.

What is the price of different models of scooters?

The cost of scooters intended for sharing business can be from $650-1300. For example, Shenzhen X890 price in China is $450-550. The price depends on the order quantity (the bigger the order, the less the cost). Add to this amount the cost of customs clearance, taxes, shipping costs, other consulting costs, and intermediary costs. These costs will vary from country to country, so the cost can go up to $650-800 for 1 Shenzhen X890 scooter.

What spare parts are needed for scooters?

In particular, you will most likely need: replacement batteries (for 50 scooters, 120 batteries), headlights, stops, wheels, humpers, brake systems, and other parts with high wear and tear. When ordering scooters, the managers of the manufacturing company prepare a list of necessary spare parts that should be purchased.

How long does it take to buy vehicles?

At this time production takes 30-45 days and shipping approximately 15-60 days depending on where the scooters are being shipped.

How much does scooter branding (color, logo on the frame) cost?

It is difficult to answer because the cost of branding depends on many factors. The main factors are: the number of orders (some manufacturers provide this service when ordering from 200 scooters, some from 500), the complexity of branding work. When ordering scooters, when the managers of the manufacturing company know the volume of your order and branding wishes (color, logo on the frame), they calculate the cost of branding work.

Sharing Software

What is the cost of the software?

The client can choose cooperation options: customization of ready-made solutions (client application, CRM for managers) from RexSoft, or custom development. The first option costs $5,000-7,000 + monthly payment from $5 per scooter, the second option - $40,000-120,000. The term of customization of ready-made solutions is 1-2 months, custom development - 4-9 months.

Does the price include application customization?

Yes, the price of $5,000-7,000 includes customization of the client application. We prepare a unique design of the application, customize the functionality for your needs, configure the necessary language versions, payment systems.

What language versions does the Software support?

Our solutions can be adapted to any language.

What analytical data can the kicksharing manager of the company view?

Analytics modules show trip statistics by users and scooters by days, weeks, and months. The section with financial statistics shows the replenishment of balances by users and the profitability of the company. Heatmaps show where your scooters are in demand and where they aren't, so you can efficiently distribute your scooters to different areas of the city.