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The Internet of Things is the technology of the future. Today, the Internet of Things is a global network that connects various devices that can interact both with each other and with the outside world. The number of connections to the network in the global version is already about 50 billion. And the number of devices, applications of the Internet of Things, and the very ways of using this technology are constantly growing.

That is why at RexSoft we have created dedicated teams of IoT developers specializing in app development services.

What does it mean? RexSoft employs specialists of the highest level of qualifications, capable of developing and perfecting any application whose task is to manage electronic devices that are part of the Internet of Things.

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IoT App Development Services

Being an IoT development company, we offer full-fledged IoT development services. In RexSoft, you can order IoT application development from scratch. We do guarantee the highest level of services we offer and the shortest time for IoT application development on the US market.

What do we include in the list of our IoT development services? 


IoT Hardware Design and Prototyping

The very start of each IoT project is the prototyping of hardware and its design. That's what you can get from RexSoft's IT pros in the first stage. We have wide experience in prototyping and industrial design to offer you our creative approach combined with up-to-date technologies.

IoT Application Development

To make your IoT system work properly, you need to operate it with ease. This could be reached by IoT development of special software. Mostly, IoT is operated via mobile devices to make the whole process easy as a piece of cake. That's why our IoT development company concentrates on mobile application development for IoT goals.

IoT Platform Integration

The following service that could come in handy when you need your IoT solution to be implemented is platform integration. And this could be done impeccably when you delegate the process of development to our dedicated IoT development team.

Iot Maintenance and Support

Besides designing and development, regular maintenance and support are also integrated parts of each Internet of Things project. With RexSoft, you can be sure that your IoT solution will work properly and be maintained carefully.

IoT App Development Company RexSoft's Benefits

What makes our company a competitive player in the Internet of Things and the latest technologies market? We have collected several arguments in favor of RexSoft.

Highly Skilled IoT Development Team

Our company employs specialists from various areas of the IT industry. Among other things, we have collected real aces in working with the Internet of Things. Our professionals undergo constant certification, improve their skills, and are engaged in the development of copyright solutions in the field of IoT development.

Flexible Cooperation Model

We work using the most convenient cooperation models. In practice, we are always ready to offer you flexible conditions within a particular model.
  • Turnkey development. We will make your project from A to Z and provide full support and maintenance.
  • Outsourcing. You give us a task, and we bring your IoT project to life, selecting the best technologies for application development and design, testing, debugging, promotion and marketing.
  • Outstaffing from RexSoft is your opportunity to supplement your team with highly qualified developers during the development of a project in the field of the Internet of Things.
Whichever model you choose, we are ready to provide you with the best price and favorable conditions.

High Industry Experience in IoT Devices

Even though the Internet of Things only takes a leading position, we have already managed to accumulate impressive experience in the development of solutions for this technology. Since our employees constantly improve their skills, participate in thematic conferences, offer authoring developments, we can safely declare that we are leaders in the field of IoT applications development.

Working Under the US Legislation

Our US clients need to maintain a high level of trust in developers. RexSoft is a licensed service provider in the field of IoT development. We operate by the laws of the United States and in accordance with the requirements of the country.


Electric scooter rental service.

Our team worked on the IoT application C24 that is meant to provide people with the ability to move through the city on electric scooters. C24 as an app for renting electric scooters successfully leverages the competition. It has more than 5K downloads in the Play Market and smooth workflow ensured by the code of our developers. 

IoT App Development Services by RexSoft Are the Best Solution Ever

Introducing IoT into your business is a must today. And with RexSoft IoT application development will become a simple and inexpensive task for you. Just entrust it to our specialists. We will find a solution.

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Do you have IoT solutions for private customers?

As usual, we offer our services to businesses, but you are welcome to get a consultation from our RexSoft managers. We hope we have something special to offer you as a private customer.

Is it real to get an IoT app for Blackberry from you?

We work with all the major mobile OSs so we'll try our best to develop an app for your goals on Blackberry.

Why are IoT apps so in-demand?

The whole concept of IoT provides you with lots of opportunities. This technology makes devices smarter and more functional than ever. That is the reason IoT technologies and apps for their management are so required on the market.