Outsourced IT Services from RexSoft

Using hi-tech solutions is a must for almost every type of business. Going online and choosing working strategies and software products allow businesses to boost and scale. Yet, hiring IT pros for regular work could be costly and not profitable for businesses of small and medium sizes. In RexSoft we know how to keep the balance between your need in IT pros and the budget you can spend for this need. That is the outsourced IT services we offer to all the US companies. 

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About IT Outsourcing Provider RexSoft

What makes RexSoft the ideal IT outsourcing service provider for US businesses? First of all, it is the availability of licenses for the provision of such services in the United States. We work completely legal because it is equally important for us to comply with all formalities and comply with the laws of the country.

In addition, RexSoft brings together the best representatives of the IT industry. We offer you to hire highly qualified specialists from Ukraine - a promising IT country. Our pros work with the latest technology, have an impressive portfolio, and client references.

Due to a flexible approach to each client and his needs, we successfully complete all assigned tasks and find non-standard solutions for any type of business.

IT Outsourcing Services: Their Merits for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

What are IT outsourcing services? That is an engagement model when you hire a pro or a team of pros to work under your project, not for constant work. These outsourcing services could be provided by a freelancer or by a company. The last example is what RexSot offers to small and medium-sized businesses. You get all the services from a team managed by a third-party company that is an outsourcing company like RexSoft.


Less Money Required for Hiring an IT Pro

The very idea of IT outsourcing assumes cost efficiency as a basis. You don't need to hire specialists and pay them a salary after they finish working on a specific pool of problems that you need to solve. This option does not require you to prepare a workplace, purchase expensive equipment, because these tasks fall on the shoulders of the outsourcing company. Instead, you get a team or a professional for a certain period and with a strictly defined budget.

Hiring IT Outsourcing Team Allows More Flexibility

When you are dealing with outsourced IT services it is up to you to choose them and to provide flexible solutions. For example, you do not need to hire an IT software developer and technical support pro at once. You can just apply for their services at the time you need them in your IT outsourcing company.

Wide Range of Pros at Your Service

IT outsourcing companies always try to offer you more than your HR pro. They offer a wide range of technologies and specialists who are experienced in various areas of the IT industry. So you are welcome to get more for a lower price.

Hiring IT Stars Is Real in Outsourcing

There are not always free professionals on the labor market of the level that you need. Every business owner wants to get a real pro on his team. With the help of IT outsourcing services, you can launch the best specialists into your project. For small and medium-sized businesses, the matter of costs is considerable. And the decision to outsource IT services allows to reduce costs and to hire top-rated pros.

Our IT Outsourcing Services

In RexSoft, we are ready to provide you with high-class IT outsourcing services in almost every area of business. We are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, yet it's quite possible to launch our outsourced IT pros and teams into a big enterprise project. Let's focus on the range of services we offer in our IT outsourcing offers.

IT Outsourcing Consultation

Any work on a project begins with a consultation. It is in the course of IT consulting that our clients understand whether they need outsourcing in general, what benefits they will get from working with RexSoft, what technologies are better to choose to solve the task at hand. We find out and discuss all this with clients when choosing a hiring model, range of services, and tasks of our outsourcing team.

Outsourcing Software Development

When you need to find the optimal software solution for your business, outsourcing software development will help you quickly find professionals who can bring your ideas to life. At RexSoft, we offer a wide range of software development services.
What can we do for you?
  • Integrated development of company websites, e-commerce, business cards, and landing pages for your needs and desires.
  • Web applications. Everything you may need to run your business successfully will be developed and implemented by our professionals.
  • Mobile applications for business. This is a convenient and very relevant solution because today all business can be conducted through the smartphone screen.
  • CRM systems for your website. If you want to get the most functional website that will provide a complete interaction with customers, we will make it for you.
  • ERP systems for company management are especially important today. Conduct all your business with a centralized software solution from RexSoft.
  • Gaming products. We are ready to create entertaining applications and games for you if you need to develop a commercial product for your business.

Outsourced IT Support

Product development is just the tip of the iceberg. Then work on it continues because it is also necessary to maintain the performance of the product, improve, and update it. And you can safely entrust this task to the outsourcing provider RexSoft. Our support services allow you not to worry about the performance of the site or application, constantly introduce new features or options into an already finished product, and know that it will be 100% effective.

Multiple Engagement Models for IT Outsourcing

Choosing outsourcing IT services from RexSoft you can count on the fact that you will receive exactly the volume of services and the quality that you need. We offer several models for hiring our outsourcers.

Custom Solution

Custom IT solutions are the key to success. Stay one step ahead of the competition and use custom products to improve efficiency. This is the ability to implement exactly the solutions you need.

Dedicated Team

Our team can become your dedicated team. You will be able to entrust us with the support and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, the solution of certain tasks and the constant maintenance of both the software developed by us and third-party products.

IT Outstaffing

Do you want to receive IT outsourcing services but at the same time, fully manage the team or specialist assigned to you, set tasks for him, and control their implementation? Our outstaffing services will allow you to do all this and more!

Outsourced IT Services by Offshore Pros from RexSoft

Optimize your IT service costs with outsourcing services from RexSoft. You not only save the company's budget in this case but also get a team of specialists at your disposal, capable of doing the impossible for you. Just ask for a consultation to learn more about IT outsourcing services from RexSoft.

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Is it better to apply for outsourcing services or outstaffing ones?

In case of outstaffing, you get leasing services as is. This means that our specialists will fully become a part of your team and will subordinate your managers or you. In the case of outsourcing, you list tasks to our team and we control their performance instead of your managers. What is better for you? This depends on the peculiarities of your business and your wishes.

Is there a language barrier when I get IT outsourcing services from a Ukrainian team?

There is no language barrier at all! In Ukraine, all IT pros speak English fluently.

Are you offering software development services on JS?

We have multiple solutions for software development. You can get the full list of technologies/frameworks we use during the consultation.