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Using SaaS-based applications for business is a cost-efficient and convenient solution as the customer gets almost everything he needs for efficient work without extra payments or complex preparations. That is the reason why are services of SaaS development company so required in the market. In RexSoft, we offer our customers custom SaaS application development for a reasonable price. We do our best to make your business effective due to the comfort of use of our products we can develop for you.
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About SaaS Development Company RexSoft

At RexSoft, we pay great attention to the development of the latest technologies and their implementation in business for the needs of our clients. It is this strategy that allows us to act as an effective and advanced SaaS development company in the US market.

The RexSoft team has achieved great success in the development of SaaS applications and products based on remote hosting on our servers. We are ready to offer you all possible options for cooperation, including:


  • Development of turnkey SaaS applications both with access via a web browser and in the format of a mobile application.
  • Technical support of our products and their timely updates.
  • High level of protection for our SaaS-based products.
  • The most simple and easy-to-use user interfaces.
  • High-speed servers for processing large amounts of information.


With us, you can get comfort while working with SaaS applications instead of installing and maintenance of software on your own devices. 


SaaS Application Development Services

As the SaaS development industry offers comfort as the basis, we provide our customers with the maximum of services that are obligatory for SaaS development companies. These services include the following options.

SaaS Business Model Consultation

There are several models of SaaS development and maintenance that are available in RexSoft. You are welcome to discuss with our experts that question to point out your actual needs and to get maximum information about each model and its merits or pitfalls. During the consultation our SaaS development company provides you with, you can consider what goals your SaaS application should serve and what are basic requirements you have for its development.

Custom SaaS Platform Development

After we point out all the details and clear up the project we will develop for you in the field of SaaS-based solutions, we will provide you with fully custom SaaS platform development. That means you get the product that meets your expectations 100%, not a template that suits everyone, Our developers and designers work thoroughly to make you pleased with the result. No matter how many thin clients you need or how much data you need to operate, we'll cope with the task timely and accurately.

Support and Maintenance Services

In SaaS-based products, maintenance and technical support are no less important than the development itself. We do understand that and provide our customers with 24/7 support from our skilled and dedicated support team. You do not need to worry about the workability of the app you need for your work as it's our job to keep it working clockwise.

Benefits of SaaS Developers from RexSoft

SaaS solutions in themselves have many advantages. They save you time and money, do not require the purchase of server equipment and its placement in your office. But there are also some special features that make RexSoft stand out as the best SaaS development company on the East and West Coast.

Turnkey SaaS Solutions

Our offer, first of all, is the development of software products and their support on RexSoft hosting on a turnkey basis. All you need is to share your ideas with our experts. We will do the rest for you. Our company implements each project in the field of SaaS development from the idea stage to the final launch, installation on your devices and round-the-clock support.

Expertise Services

We carry out a full-fledged large examination before starting work. This means that our specialists study the case of your business, assess the possibilities and needs, and only then we put forward proposals that are guaranteed to provide an efficient SaaS system for your business tasks.

US-Legislated Company

The trust of our customers is very important to us. Despite the fact that our programmers and technical support are often located 1000 miles from the United States, you can be completely confident that we are operating under American law. RexSoft is registered in the United States and fully complies with all local business principles and laws of the country.

Various Collaboration Options

At RexSoft we offer the most comfortable cooperation conditions for our clients. You can order SaaS development from our full-stack programmers if you need a small SaaS project that can be done by one specialist. If you require an integrated approach, your own team, which can be entrusted with all the most difficult tasks, our services are at your hand. Оutstaffing RexSoft team. In this case, you yourself manage a team of specialists working at RexSoft. Оutsourcing services by RexSoft. In this option, we are simultaneously engaged in both the development, maintenance and hosting of the SaaS product for you, and the management of the development team. The payment options for our SaaS development company are no less convenient. In fact, you do not pay for the finished SaaS product, as in the case of regular web development. You rent a product from us and pay for its rent at the most loyal rates.

The Best Opportunity to Get Your SaaS-Based Product Developed by RexSoft

If you want not only to take advantage of the innovative SaaS technology but also to get the maximum benefit from it for your business, contacting RexSoft specialists is your best solution. Get a quote right now to start your productive cooperation with RexSoft's best SaaS development team.

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Are SaaS-based applications licensed products?

When you apply for SaaS products, you get a full-fledged licensed application for your goals while its license is the property of the developer. This protects from using the application illegally.

What services does the estimated cost for SaaS product include?

Besides SaaS product development, our services include its maintenance, expenses for its working condition support, updated and data protection routines. All this you can get in RexSoft.

Are SaaS development and ASP model similar?

Globally they are not similar as SaaS products are available for all customers and it is hosted on a single program core while ASP provides every customer with a dedicated software installation that is not available to other customers. In terms of business, SaaS is more convenient if you need to use it along with other employees or partners.

Do I need to install special software to use SaaS-based applications in the working places of my employees?

There is no need for it as SaaS works through a common web browser with no limitations.