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A quality CRM system for a company is like oil for a car. Without it, you can't get really far. That's why our CRM development company offers you to develop a custom CRM that is fully compliant with your process and covers all your business needs.

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About our CRM software development company

We have been working in the market of CRM systems development service for more than 9 years. This extensive experience allows us to unmistakably determine what your business needs and bring it to life.

50+ specialists in custom CRM application development services. Professional developers, PMs, QA testers ready to make a breakthrough solution for you.

Our custom CRM development company has three offices. Two of them are located in Ukraine and one in the USA. Work with us according to the legislation convenient for you.

We are a full-cycle custom CRM development company. This means that we can create a custom CRM system for you from scratch, fully meeting your needs and business requirements.

Our CRM Development Services

CRM Development Consulting

Our CRM development company provides consulting services before and during the development start. Just describe your ideas, requirements, business goals, and desired competitive advantages, and we will form a detailed technical action plan out of them.

Custom CRM Development Solutions

With this service, you can create a custom CRM application that will fully meet your needs. This system won’t have anything excessive, only features that will help automate processes and make your business more efficient.

CRM Mobile Apps Development

Get all the power of a custom CRM solution in your pocket. Our company can create a mobile cross-platform version of the CRM system as an add-on to the main one or as a standalone product.

CRM Integration and Implementation

Our CRM development company also provides services for the implementation and integration of the created product into your business. The emergence of new software won’t stop the functioning of your company even for a second but only improve it in the long run.

CRM Evolution

Do you already have a CRM, but you are not satisfied with its full functionality? Or maybe you want to order a solution with the ability to add new features in the future? In both cases, our CRM development company will help you cover it.

Training and Support

When the CRM is ready, it’s time to teach your employees to make full use of all the rich functionality of the system. Our experts are at your service with this task, as well as with taking on all the services regarding support of the finished product.

Benefits of Getting Bespoke CRM Development Services from RexSoft

High expertise level

Under our belt are dozens of successfully completed projects, among which a significant part are custom CRM systems. Our company knows the drill and will provide you with all the services to create a high-quality CRM.  Just tell us what is inconvenient for you in your business processes, and leave the rest to us. The result will not keep you waiting.

Compliance with USA law

Due to the fact that one of the offices of our CRM development services company is located in the United States, we can conclude a contract for CRM development services with you in compliance with U.S. law. This will make our cooperation much more convenient and allow both parties to be on the same page in all legal matters.

Full-cycle development

We are a full-cycle CRM development company, which means we can develop your solution from scratch. You will have several dozens of specialists at your service to help you at all stages of the project creation. From consulting and identifying business needs to implementation and staff training. We will do everything in the best way.

Explore our CRM Development Projects

Imover CRM

Custom CRM for moving company. Our client had an old CRM where a lot of functions didn't work correctly. Our task was to make the new CRM wide-functioning, with clear sales and operations logic, connection with websites, and driver's mobile app. And we successfully accomplished it.

Rafael’s Barbershop CRM

CRM system for barbershop business. We completely redid the existing functionality, starting with the design of the architecture. The end result is a functional and scalable SRM with loyalty program support.


The site that offers automated solutions for market analysis. We have developed a functional service with a large set of tools for market analysis, as well as a set of options.

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Why do I need a custom CRM?

A quality CRM system will allow you to automate business processes related to customer service. Thanks to this software, you will be able to find and eliminate bottlenecks in sales channels. Developing a CRM system will allow you to work faster with your customers, analyzing their needs and desires more accurately.

Do you have experience in custom CRM creation?

Of course. Among all our projects, a significant proportion is custom CRM systems. Contact us and our cooperation will become another success story.

Why should I order a CRM system from you?

Our company for the development of custom CRM systems has a wealth of experience, a full staff of talented professionals, as well as a deep understanding of the business needs of our customers.

Will CRM implementation affect my business processes?

Only in the best way. Our specialists will integrate the CRM system into your processes so it won’t interrupt the functioning of your company. And after that, you’ll get a solution that will automate your processes and help you to outrun your competitors.