IT Consulting Services from RexSoft

It is quite a common situation especially in small businesses when it's time to digitize the business but there are no solutions for it. To cope with this task, it is better to get IT consulting services. It is an IT pro who can help you with this finding creative and agile solutions that will work in your case. In RexSoft, we are going to help businesses to find the best solutions ever with our skills, experience and dedicated souls working for your success. 

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RexSoft IT Consulting Company at a Glance

RexSoft is a team of like-minded people who have specialized in various areas of the IT industry. Our employees are able to solve the most difficult problems for you, provide you with complete information about the possibilities of your business based on multivariate analysis and audit, and help you choose e ffective solutions for your tasks. We employ real professionals who already have impressive experience both in the consulting itself and in the implementation of IT solutions in various areas of business.


Our IT Consulting Services

We provide our clients with an impressive range of IT consulting services. IT consulting is a set of works aimed at introducing, optimizing and supporting the functioning of automated reporting and budget management systems, improving the IT infrastructure, protecting the data storage.


IT Strategy & Planning

The first step in almost every business process is developing its strategy and accurate planning. With our pros, you can get an extended plan where all the milestones will be pointed out with strict timelines for their implementation. Such a service helps to regulate the whole work of your business.

Business Processes and Cost Optimization

Computer technologies and digital products are directed to reduce costs and optimize all the processes. But there are so many of them to choose from! With RexSoft, you will get the most effective ones to make your business prosperous and work clockwise. Our IT consulting services will help you to reduce costs and implement the most up-to-date solutions to improve your processes.

Project Management

As IT consultancy is a fully project-oriented area, it is essential to hire IT consultants for your projects that require digital solutions and IT development. Our project managers will help you to get the most skilled pro for your project, manage all its stages from scratch and lead to the ultimate launch of the project in a strict timeline.

Risk Management

All digital area has its risks. To cope with them, our risk management services are intended. Reduce all the possible risks without mistakes and drawbacks just by getting our risk management IT consulting services.

What Makes Our IT Consulting Services Beneficial for You

IT consulting is not a new thing. Yet, finding dedicated and reliable consultants could be a real challenge. No need to search from them. We are already here. Just evaluate all the benefits we offer to our customers.

USA Legislation

RexSoft brings together real professionals from all over the world. At the same time, we care about the peace of mind and safety of our clients. Our company is licensed in the USA, we respect the laws of the country and follow them exactly. All options for cooperation are based on a formal agreement. Our experts work according to your state's time zone and are respectful of deadlines.

Full-Cycle Development

In addition to the IT consulting itself, you will receive a full range of services in the development of digital products, their design and launch. We offer you a full range of services from creating your business card website to the complex development of commercial applications, online stores or corporate products.


Be sure you deal with experts. We provide full-fledged expertise before we generate ideas in the field of IT consulting for your company.

All Kinds of Partnership in RexSoft

With us, you can choose the most comfortable model of cooperation. We are ready to offer you the format of work that will be convenient for you, based on the tasks, needs and goals of your business.


Custom Solutions in the Field of IT Consulting Services

Sometimes a business owner just needs to point out the right path, and then he will be able to implement effective IT solutions on his own. Whether you are in need of such a directional guide or just need an expert opinion on a specific process, our custom solutions are for you.

Outsourcing Business Model

Do you want to have a team of consultants at your disposal to fully work on a project? Do you need a personal IT consultant to constantly support your business? We have excellent outsourced specialists. You pay for their work and set tasks, and RexSoft controls the timing and quality of these tasks for you.

Outstaffing Cooperation

And if you need employees who will always be in contact with you, will be able to promptly provide you with IT consulting services, and at the same time will be experts in their industry, how about IT outstaffing services from RexSoft?

Apply for RexSoft's IT Consulting Services to Make Your Business Digitized

Be sure that your business goes with time and it is supported with the most top-notch digital technologies. With RexSoft's IT consulting services, you will reach the highest level of digitization, make your business processes safe, cost-efficient and effective. Apply for the consultation to get more info about our IT consulting services. 

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Does IT consulting work?

It seems obvious that consulting services in IT could help much to build the whole strategy and to simplify lots of business processes that require time and money at the same time. That is why IT consulting services do work.

When do I need IT consulting services for my business?

There are lots of cases when IT consulting services will come in handy. If you need to organize a complete management infrastructure of the enterprise. Including when branches and employees are located remotely. A knowledgeable IT consultant can help you choose the most modern and financially optimal dispatching solution. It also helps when a company plans to take the business to a new high level and needs recommendations for specific activities. And it is necessary when you need to ensure the information security of the business.

Is it better to hire an independent IT expert or to apply for an IT consulting agency's services?

It depends on your goals. If you need just to solve a single problem, you may apply for a single expert's consultation. But when you need full-fledged IT support to achieve various goals, a company with a wide rank of specialists in various fields of information and computer technology will help you with this in the best way.

Does RexSoft provide all kinds of IT consulting services?

In our company, we have pros in almost every area of the IT industry. This helps us providing all types of IT consulting services.