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E-Scooter App Development: Guide to Scooter Sharing App Development

More and more people across the world are now relying on innovative and IoT technologies to make their life simpler and faster. The e-vehicle sharing applications coming on top of the downloading charts is a result of this process. Electric scooters have numerous benefits that include eco-friendliness, reducing traffic congestion, and affordability. 

The statistics show that the e-scooter market is expanding over the years. So, the investment into e-scooter app development can be a great decision that will pay off soon enough. 

Now, let’s dive deep into the process of creating such an application for an electric scooter renting and making it successful! 

What is an E-Scooter App?

E-scooter app is most often an IoT solution that allows sharing small electronic vehicles. You may have seen different applications in the places where you live.

Despite minor differences, these apps have similar work principles. The user needs to sign in and choose a payment method. They will see a map that shows the available scooters’ location near them. 

An app will unlock an e-scooter after the user scans the QR code. Most often the application calculates the total sum when the user finishes the ride, the paycheck will depend on the ride time. 

After the payment is due, the e-scooter locks again after someone else comes to pick it up from that spot. 

This business is mostly automated, this is why a lot of startups and business owners find it attractive. You don’t need to control e-scooters movement, payments, or anything else; the e-scooter app does it all for you. 

And when it comes to the popularity of such solutions, it’s important to note that Bird startup is considered the first e-scooter unicorn and has about a $2b valuation. 

If you’re going to start your own e-scooter startup, you should think of the features your e-scooter app will have before the development process starts. So, let’s look at the most essential functions of such applications. 

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The most needed features to look for in E-Scooter app development 

Let’s start with the basics. E-scooter needs to have at least two payment methods so it would be accessible for as many people as possible. However, there is more to uncover. 



E-scooter app needs real-time GPS tracking to ensure that the user sees nearby vehicles and can locate the nearest one. This is essential since the whole point of such applications is comfort and time-saving, so nobody would want to use a longer route to reach the e-scooter.


QR scanner

This one your clients will need in order to unlock the e-scooters. E-scooters must be marked with a special QR-code which will unlock the vehicle after the app scans it. The locking with the feature is also possible.


Smart lock

So, if the previous feature allows unlocking the e-scooter in the app, this one allows to lock it. This feature allows your client to lock the e-scooter at the point of their destination so then the other customer can take the vehicle from that point. This makes the app more comfortable to use.

Now, let’s take an example from the best of the best and take a look at the additional features that famous startups have implemented into their e-scooters app during the development. 

  • Secure payment gateway integration is used in most of the successful e-scooters apps. It’s possible to integrate the safest payment gateways like PayPal or SecurePay during the development. This can upskill a customer’s trust towards your startup and secure the end-customer payment. 
  • Booking of an e-scooter is a feature available in GOAT, an app from Austin. It allows the customer to reserve an e-scooter from an app for up to 5 minutes in advance. This might be really useful if your customer sees a vehicle and has to walk a few minutes to get it, so don’t disregard this feature during the development. 
  • Adding social media accounts in an e-scooter app can work as a good marketing development solution. Your end-user can show everyone that they use your solution and you will get an unexpected shoutout meanwhile your user can have additional bonuses from it like small discounts. This feature is used in the Skip app from San Francisco. 
  • The feedback form will help you learn what your users actually think of the e-scooter app and what ideas they have to improve it.

There are also some of the hardware features that you have to consider, like anti-theft alarm, battery and distance mater, maintenance sensor, and others. This will not only improve the quality of an app and customer experience but will make your business truly automated. 

Now, when we’re all set with the features to use in the development, let’s take a look at the actual development process of an e-scooter app. 

E-Scooter App Development process

You should always start with the hardware. Ensure that you’re all set with this and then start the e-scooter app development. Here are some of the steps that you will have to take if you’d work with RexSoft.



Design — user-friendly and intuitive design is essential for en e-scooter app development. You should consider minimalistic design ideas or use something interactive to make users come back more than once. Design should catch an eye and you might even consider starting with application prototyping.


Front-end development

Front-end development — every feature on the surface of an app is what front-end developers are for. Make sure that your e-scooter application works smoothly and doesn’t freeze then people will use it more often.


Back-end development

Back-end development — is also one of the most important steps. You should check twice for third-party services like payment methods, GPS, and others to be secure. This may upskill the customer experience users get from your e-scooter app so we pay special attention to it during the development.



Testing — it speaks for itself. Our QA engineers will check an app for all the bugs and eliminate every single one of them.


Creating a device API

Creating a device API — this one is in the IoT developers’ hands. It ensures that the e-scooter application correctly connects with the hardware and everything works as intended. As you may guess, it’s also one of the most important things in e-scooter app development.

Everything in our e-scooter app development process is carefully calculated to deliver the best results to our customers. This is why we also tend to choose the best technologies for our development. 

 E-Scooter App Development technologies 

Here are the technologies that we prefer to use in our e-scooter app development: 


Allows creating cross-platform applications that look and work as well as the native ones. Flutter also speeds up the development since allows to use of the same codebase for iOS and Android apps. Is the third most loved technology. 


Is perfect for real-time applications and makes the IoT apps more efficient. Allows you to speed the development up and don’t experience quality losses. 

E-Scooter App Development cost

First, let’s take a look at how much time the e-scooter app development consumes on the C24 example:

  • Design — 80h
  • App development — 360h; 
  • Back-end development/App API — 280h; 
  • Super Admin CMS — 140h; 
  • Device API — 160h. 

So, our specialists worked on C24 e-scooter app development for 1020h in total. Let’s take it as an average sum of hours and assume that you ordered a development from the US ($75/h), and Ukraine ($40/h). 

The e-scooter app development from the US will cost you around $76,800 when the offshore development from Ukraine will take only $40,800.

E-Scooter App Development example C24 

We’ve already mentioned this project above. It’s a Ukrainian e-scooter application that’s present in the biggest cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv. We’ve developed this application to support eco-friendly vehicles and new ideas that spread across the world. 

This application has all the essential features, works on both iOS and Android, and we developed an advertising website for it as well. 

One of the biggest challenges was to create an admin panel, so we advise you to pay special attention to it in your e-scooter app development. You can read more about it in our case study!


An e-scooter app might be an extremely proficient business idea, so if you’re looking to begin your own startup take a closer look at this niche. It’s young and more than ready for your app to shift the grounds!


Why should I go for e-scooter app development?

It’s an innovative and eco-friendly way to move across the city. The e-scooter startups have quick time-to-market and become unicorns. The technology is getting more popular and the forecasts are promising it a good future.

What technologies should I use?

We at RexSoft advise you to use Node.js and Flutter for e-scooter app development. It’ll help you release the app faster, will give you high productivity, and the ability to launch your product on both iOS and Android.

Why should I work with RexSoft?

We’re a reliable software development company that has experience in creating similar applications. We’d like to tell you more about our benefits, you should contact us!

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