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When it comes to mobile application development, the main question for a customer is whether it is better to choose a native app or to get a cross-platform one from the developer? In RexSoft, you do not have to be messed with that question, as our team offers all types of mobile app development services concentrating also on cross-platform projects for our clients. 

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About Our Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Company

Our company has been developing mobile applications for various platforms for over 5 years. During this time, we have developed unique work algorithms that allow our specialists to develop mobile applications with a single core for various platforms - IOS or Android. At RexSoft we don't know the word impossible. With us, any of your projects will be successful and functional.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development Services by RexSoft

We work with each client on an individual basis. For each request for the development of a cross-platform mobile application, we select our list of services. This allows us to meet the needs of each of our clients to the fullest. The main services for the development of cross-platform mobile applications by RexSoft include the following options.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Consultation

Any project starts with a detailed interview and client's brief. We are not just asking you about the goals and objectives of the application that you want to receive from the RexSoft developers. We also strive to provide our customers with as much information as possible about each option that we offer. A detailed consultation on multiplatform mobile applications allows you to make the right choice in favor of a particular technology, to determine the exact pool of tasks and the scheme for their implementation by our specialists.

Custom Design and Development Services

Immediately after drawing up the technical assignment, our designers and developers begin the project. We work in a mode that will be beneficial to you. Our specialists accurately meet deadlines and provide detailed reports on completed tasks. With us, the process of developing a cross-platform mobile application will be transparent and understandable for you.

Support and Optimization

In addition to the development and design itself, any mobile application requires constant support and optimization. Entrust this task to RexSoft specialists, and you will receive a perfectly debugged final product that will amaze you with its capabilities and trouble-free cross-platform operation.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Promotion

Do you want to make your mobile application popular? The best marketers and promotion specialists of RexSoft are at your service. We will think over an advertising strategy to the smallest detail so that your application gains millions of downloads in a short time and brings value to people.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

What makes RexSoft's cross-platform mobile application development services so customer-friendly? Let's list our main advantages.

Skilled Developers Working in RexSoft

We employ only highly qualified professionals from different countries. We select personnel so that each team provides the maximum KPI, meets all the wishes of the customer and at the same time produces the maximum result in a short time.

Full-Cycle Development of Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

You don't need to look for contractors for individual jobs. We will provide you with everything you need. We develop turnkey cross-platform applications, we guarantee high-quality service and constant assistance to our clients even after the completion of the project.

US-Legislated Company You Deal With

With us, you are fully protected by American law. RexSoft has all the necessary licenses to work with clients from the United States and draws up all projects in the format of officially concluded contracts.

Cross-Platform Technologies We Use

To implement projects in the field of cross-platform mobile applications, we use only top modern technologies that have proven themselves as an excellent tool for creating mobile applications with a single core for different operating systems.


Flutter development technology is one of the most popular frameworks for cross-platform applications. This is a single solution for a variety of purposes from fintech and retail to full-fledged e-commerce applications. Moreover, the specificity of Flutter is that users perceive the product on it as a native application.

React Native

Want to make a top cross-platform mobile app as good as business sharks? The React Native Development Framework allows you to do this. The JS-based platform allows you to create APIs with maximum functionality, while their trouble-free operation is guaranteed by the accuracy of the technology and the quick finding of possible errors.

Node JS

Another technology that we offer our clients to solve problems in the field of cross-platform mobile applications is Node JS. It is also a JavaScript-based framework, but its advantage is that with such a framework you can lighten the load on the servers as much as possible. For a large number of users, this is a great choice.

Make Your App a Real Cross-Platform Miracle with RexSoft

Wanna make your mobile app the most comfortable in use and efficient at once? Apply for our cross-platform mobile app development services. Get the most from mobile app development for an affordable price in RexSoft.

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Why is it better to choose a cross-platform mobile app than a native one?

Due to the fact that there are several OS's that are popular around the world, you extend your potential audience by choosing cross-platform mobile app development.

What are the most important criteria to look at when choosing a cross-platform solution for my app?

New, competitive applications should be developed quickly; be of high quality and reliability; they should be easily updated and supported; easily used all the necessary platform features. All these we offer in RexSoft.

Why should I choose Node JS cross-platform apps?

It is the most comfortable option for apps that have great server loading. Besides, that stack allows providing high functionality for all types of apps.