Mobile App Development Services by RexSoft Team

All the world goes mobile and this fact is true. In our times, it is essential to provide your customers with mobile applications to make their lives easier, brighter and full of comfort. That is the reason why mobile app development is on the top of popularity today.

In RexSoft, we adhere to the comfort that each application provides a customer with so we are happy to offer our mobile application development services to our customers.




About Mobile App Development Services Company RexSoft

We are happy to introduce ourselves. Our company, RexSoft, has been providing custom and turnkey services in the field of mobile application development for years. Our team employs only highly qualified specialists from different countries. This approach in recruiting specialists allows us to cover all possible services in the field of mobile application development and solve the most complex problems, from the development of basic flutter applications to complex cross-platform projects with wide functionality and capabilities.


What Are Mobile App Development Services Provided by RexSoft?

Since we are full-stack developers, the range of our services includes everything that a customer needs to bring his mobile application to the market and present it on all trading platforms.


Mobile App Development Consulting

The first thing we offer our clients is a detailed consultation on the development of a mobile application for your tasks. Why do you need a mobile app? Who is he, the future consumer of your application? Will it be used by all users, or is it for corporate purposes only? What functionality do you want to include in it? There are many such questions, and during the consultation, our professionals will help you find answers to all of them.

UI/UX Design

When the main ideas have already been formulated, it is time to move directly to the development of the project. The first thing that any customer needs is the project and design of the application. At this stage, it is necessary to reproduce the basic logic of the application and distribute the functionality across screens. It is also important to consider that the interface of the screens should be clear and easy to use so we do our best to make it user-friendly and stylish to attract attention along with providing comfort in use.

Custom iOS and Android Apps Development

We pay great attention to the most popular mobile platforms that are Android and iOS subsequently. That's why we provide custom solutions for both these OS. Besides that, we offer not only React Native solutions but cross-platform apps on Flutter that will meet all your expectations. That makes us among the most efficient mobile application developers in the WC/EC area.

Maintenance and Support

The development of a good mobile app is only one side of the coin. Every digital product needs service and technical support. At RexSoft, we suggest you use the services of our dedicated support team to make your application better, update it and maintain functionality 24/7.

Main Benefits of RexSoft's App Development Services

Besides our wide scope of services, there are lots of benefits you may appreciate when ordering custom mobile application development services from RexSoft.

US Legislation

We are a US registered and licensed company. This means that despite the remote status of our employees, they all follow American law and strictly abide by the laws of the USA. We work with the signing of an official contract with each customer, strictly follow the terms of reference, terms of the contract, deadlines.

Full-Cycle Development

You don't need to look for specialists in different areas of mobile application development. You will receive all this from us. We provide full-cycle mobile application development services and complex solutions for your tasks.


In addition to the development of mobile applications itself and providing the client with a finished project for work, we have a rule: we always conduct a full audit of the application before launching. Our experts will find all possible subtle points and fix them to make your product the best on the market.

What Options for Collaboration Do We Offer?

In addition to the already listed benefits, RexSoft offers you the most comfortable option for cooperation. You can choose for yourself on what conditions, for how long and with what specialists to interact.


Custom Solutions for Mobile App Development

When you have your project in the development stage, you are welcome to apply for our custom solutions in the field of mobile application development. These are chosen by you and we'll provide you with them in full.


If you need a dedicated team to bring your ideas to life, our outsourcing option can help you put together the best dream team. You set tasks for us, and we fulfil them and offer the most effective solutions. You do not need to control the outsourcing team of RexSoft because our team leads will do it for you and provide a full progress report on the mobile application for you.


Want to stay involved with your mobile app development progress? Hire our outstaff team. All decisions will be coordinated with you, and you will be able to set tasks yourself and control them. Our specialists will work for you remotely, providing all services on time and in full.

our mobile app projects


Crisis management communication system

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Support & Maintenance


Electric scooter rental service

Our team worked on the IoT application C24 that is meant to provide people with the ability to move through the city on electric scooters. C24 as an app for renting electric scooters successfully leverages the competition. It has more than 5K downloads in the Play Market and smooth workflow ensured by the code of our developers.


CRM for moving business

Our client had an old CRM where a lot of functions didn't work correctly. Our task was to make the new CRM wide-functioning, with clear sales and operations logic, connection with websites, and driver's mobile app. And we successfully accomplished it.


mobile application

E-GREE is a mobile app for creating written agreements customized for any situation including real-estate contracts, date agreements, intellectual property protection documents, etc. At the moment this application is meant to make people feel safe in any kind of situation, but they are planning on growing towards the real-estate field. 

Let's Do It Together with RexSoft!

There is nothing to wait for! Make your mobile application effective, creative and user-friendly with RexSoft's mobile application development solutions.


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Can you develop an e-commerce mobile application?

Of course, we can provide you with efficient solutions in the field of e-commerce mobile applications including integration with payment systems, cross-platform development and safety tools required for its effective work.

Do I need to provide you with a specification beforehand?

It is up to you. You can send us an already formulated specification or we'll work on the technical task together while consulting you on the questions of mobile app development.

Do you provide agile mobile app development solutions?

Of course, as we are a full-cycle company, you can apply for agile services.

Is it costly to apply for mobile application development services in RexSoft?

It depends greatly on your requirements and the complexity of the task. In particular, our services cost less than in the US-based development agencies.