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The electric scooter business becomes more and more popular each day. The reason is simple. E-scooter sharing helps people to move the city without traffic jams. Scooters are eco-friendly and fast vehicles as they work using electricity instead of harmful diesel or petrol engines.

Besides, riding an e-scooter is great fun! So, maybe, it is time to start your scooter sharing service?

Scooter Sharing App Development Services

So that you can better understand what result you will get when applying for services for the development of an application for sharing an electric scooter service, let's look at the services that we offer for such cases. 


Electric Scooter App Consultation

Our experts are ready to offer you the best ideas on how to implement all the functions in one application for a successful e-scooter sharing business. We start with the preparation of technical specifications, distribute tasks to a dedicated team, and are constantly in touch with the client to customize the application for his tasks.

Full-Cycle E-Scooter App Development

Full-cycle development is one of the strengths of RexSoft. We do not stop at a certain stage and guide the product through all the steps from discussing an idea to the release of the finished product.

IoT Device Development

Internet of Things technologies is the basis for the scooter-sharing business. We help create a responsive and comfortable environment for implementing IoT technologies.

Integration and Implementation

Integrating a ready-made application into your business is an important part of the work of business application developers. Our specialists will implement the scooter rental software product and debug its operation and interaction with your business software.

Electric Scooter App Development Company: About RexSoft

RexSoft has already established itself highly in the US IT market. We are ready to carry out projects of any complexity for you. As a business application development service provider, RexSoft uses the latest technologies, and our employees have not only the necessary skills but also experience in developing applications specifically for electric scooter services. To do this, a special e-scooter application is a must as it helps to solve several tasks in a row. With a thoroughly developed e-scooter app, you can control all the scooters in your park. The application also helps your customers to rent a scooter instantly. And it provides e-payments too. So are you interested in such a useful app? In RexSoft, we can offer you our skilled and quick e-scooter app development services to start your rental business.


Get an electric scooter rental franchise

The electric scooter rental franchise allows you to start your own business in 2 months. Use ready-made solutions from RexSoft to minimize costs and risks. Our team has been developing various solutions for this business since 2017.

What Technologies We Use for E-Scooter App Development

In our company, we use technologies that provide several important features of the finished application at once: development speed, application operation speed, usability of an app, attractiveness for clients.


Flutter is one of the best frameworks for mobile app development. It offers a high speed of performance that is a key factor for operating an e-scooter sharing business.

React Native

One more framework we use is React Native. It offers extended performance capabilities by using both its open-source origin and native code. With its libraries, the process of e-scooter app development becomes fast yet effective.

Node JS

To make your app cross-platform to ensure all the customers may use it, we apply Node JS technology. It offers a wide range of tools for both back-end and front-end development.

E-Scooter App Development Benefits You Get from RexSoft

When you search for a company to implement your ideas into the e-scooter application, it is necessary to consider all the benefits you may get. In RexSoft, there are several of them you may evaluate. 

Custom + Full-Cycle E-Scooter App Development

Everyone knows that custom development is the best solution for any company that needs an effective tool to achieve its business goals. At RexSoft, you can get full-cycle services in the field of development of applications for the scooter sharing business. We guarantee the best result adapted to your needs.

High-Skilled Team

RexSoft employs only highly professional specialists in the field of mobile and web application development. All our employees not only have experience in working on scooter sharing app projects but also constantly improve their skills, involve new technologies, and use their own ideas to develop the most effective and user-friendly e-scooter rental apps.

US-Based Company

With us, you are fully protected by US law. Unlike other offshore developers and freelancers, RexSoft operates under US laws. We have an official US license and work only based on officially concluded contracts.

Various Engagement Models

We are always happy to offer our clients a wide range of business models for cooperation. With us, you can hire a team of developers for e-scooter applications both hourly and full-time, in the terms of outsourcing or outstaffing. RexSoft offers everything for comfortable cooperation.



Electric scooter rental service

Our team worked on the IoT application C24 that is meant to provide people with the ability to move through the city on electric scooters. C24 as an app for renting electric scooters successfully leverages the competition. It has more than 5K downloads in the Play Market and smooth workflow ensured by the code of our developers. 

Launch Your E-Scooter Sharing Business With Top-Notch Application by RexSoft

Scooter sharing is an eco-friendly and profitable business you can launch with ease using RexSoft e-scooter app development services. Make the best start with us!

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Is it costly to develop an e-scooter application in RexSoft?

Our rates are among the lowest throughout the US. You can apply for a detailed consultation to get a quote and compare prices with other companies to ensure we offer the most affordable prices.

Do you provide support and maintenance services for your apps?

This option is up to you to apply for. We will gladly provide you with these services.

Do your e-scooter app developers speak English?

Our team members speak English fluently.