Custom Logistics App Development by RexSoft

Our team has been engaged in custom logistics mobile app development since 2010. Among our clients there are large and small logistics companies from different countries of the world. Our experience and technical skills will help automate any logistics & transportation processes.

Our Custom Logistics App Development Services

RexSoft is a full-cycle app development team that offers its clients a full range of services from business analysis to the development of turnkey IT solutions with further technical support.

Business analysis

Our specialists study the logistics processes of companies to identify problems and the possibility of automating them

UX/UI app design

The RexSoft team develops convenient and intuitive custom logistics apps that are quickly and easily get used by the staff

Custom Development

We develop web and mobile apps for logistics companies. These can be applications for drivers, CRM and ERP systems

Technical support

After the successful release of the custom logistics services mobile app, we offer our customers 24/7 technical support

What type of custom logistics app does RexSoft develop?

The RexSoft company has experience in custom full-cycle development of the following IT products: logistics CRM, trucking dispatch app, fleet management app, truck driver app.

Logistics CRM

Increase the efficiency of transportation order management thanks to custom logistics CRM. Powerful CRM modules enable integration with other company software and provide automation of various processes.

Trucking Dispatch App

Set up convenient communication between drivers and dispatchers for effective communication and prompt resolution of cargo delivery issues. Automate the control of drivers (following the route, work schedule) to increase the efficiency of dispatchers.

Fleet Management App

Your fleet on one dashboard. Set up effective management of the company's fleet thanks to the fleet management app. This type of custom logistics app provides vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, spare parts procurement, and more.

Truck Driver App

Make the work of drivers easier thanks to a custom mobile app. This type of logistics app helps drivers build routes, plan stops, manage tasks, communicate with dispatchers, identify danger zones, track work hours, and more.

Custom Logistics Services App Development Benefits you get with RexSoft

In addition to 10 years of experience in logistics, the RexSoft company has a number of other advantages - regulation of business relations in accordance with US legislation, different models of engagement.

Custom Logistics App Development

Each logistics application we create is individual and unique, as each development is based on the requirements of our customers. You have complete control over what you pay for, and we guarantee that every feature of the app will fit your company's logistics.

High-Skilled Team

Our specialists, who create a custom logistics app for you, have extensive experience in logistics and strong technical skills. The RexSoft team includes specialists in various fields: business analysts, IT architects, developers, designers, QA testers, etc.

US Based Company

RexSoft is an American IT company, so we operate under US law. You do not need to work on the security of your data or any other problem, the contract will ensure 100% security of our cooperation.

Different models of engagement

Our company does everything to make it comfortable for you to cooperate with us. You can engage specialists of our company for custom logistics mobile app development according to three models: outstaff, dedicated team, turnkey development.


What is custom logistics app development?

This is the development of a mobile app for logistics companies that meet specific business needs. Such software is developed individually for the company's processes and is adapted to the specifics of the business. Custom logistics app does not contain anything superfluous and can automate not only typical processes in logistics, but also unique ones that are peculiar to your company.

What are the stages of custom logistics services app development?

We divide the process of custom logistics app development into 4 consecutive stages: business analysis, proposal of solutions, development and implementation, training and support.

What types of logistics apps does RexSoft develop?

For more than 10 years, RexSoft has been developing the following turnkey software: logistics CRM, ERP system, trucking dispatch app, fleet management app, truck driver app.

How much does custom logistics app development cost?

Since this is the development of individual solutions, the price is also formed individually. The cost of development is influenced by many factors: the type of product, the list of functions, the complexity of development, etc. Contact us and we will be able to prepare an offer for you, which will indicate the approximate cost of the development.