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Hire a web development team with extensive expertise, experience in custom software development, and strict NDA policy to create the best web app possible. With our dedicated web development team, you are sure to get the best results in the most time and cost-efficient way.



Dedicated web development team: the benefits of offshore cooperation 

Hiring an offshore web development team is the best solution for those who are thriving for the best quality and affordable prices. The specialists from other countries can take on your project or power up your team. There are even more benefits to it, so take a look! 


Cost efficiency

The offshore web development team has much lower rates than nearshore specialists. However, you don’t lose in quality by hiring top Ukrainian specialists with cost-effective hourly rates. Our team works under the US legislation, so you can take this off your shoulders. We can take care of papers and contracts!

Time efficiency

By cooperating with RexSoft, you get a whole team that works in a different time zone. This will allow you to have tasks done before your working day starts. This may significantly reduce time-to-market and our dedicated web app developers will bring your idea to life as soon as possible. And you won’t experience any quality losses as well.

Fewer risks

It is more expensive to replace a full-time worker than a member of a dedicated team. For an in-house specialist, you’ll have to spend about 1.5 of their monthly salary on extra hiring expenses. But it all vanishes away if you hire a web development team. You don’t risk anything, since all is on us; you simply choose the best specialists to work with.


The dedicated web development team is formed only for your company, so you get as much control over the development process as you’d like to. You set directions, milestones, and deadlines. However, you won’t be left alone with this, the team still has project managers to streamline the processes and ensure everything is released on time.

What web products does our team develop?

Our team has broad expertise and strives to deliver technical excellence with each line of code. Here are the products that we can develop for you.

Web apps

The web app development team will create a client-server application for you. It will allow you to build better communication with your customers and can be exceptionally profitable from the business point of view.

Application software

It is the software that performs specific tasks for the end-user. Our web app development team can create apps like CPM, ERP, or others for you to use for optimization and automatization of your business processes.


E-commerce or corporate websites will help you increase your profitability, build a loyal client base, and achieve new heights with a stronger technical background. It is time to digitalize, so don’t delay this process and be one step ahead of your competitors.

Our team uses the next development languages

We use top-notch tech to ensure that our web development team always delivers the best results. Our specialists have broad expertise and always learn something new to exceed expectations. Here are some of the technologies we use for web app development.

Web development team structure

The web development team has to consist of the best and highly skilled professionals. The main qualities include not only technical knowledge but also great communicational and English skills. This is what makes the seamless work.

On site



Web development team


Project Manager

The person that is responsible for the management of the process. They help every member of a web development team know their role and responsibilities and do their best. Their goal is to create seamless work processes and make sure that every deadline is met and every feature is created according to the requirements.


UI | UX designers

Without them, you won’t be able to create an application with a user-friendly design. Their presence in the web app development team is crucial, so you shouldn’t disregard them. With the quality design, people will be glued to the screen and this may gain your company a competitive advantage.


Business Analyst

This is the person who takes a look at web app development from a business point of view. They ensure that every feature implemented in your software is needed and will bring profits to your business. That’s why you need them in the team.


Front-end developers

They are responsible for everything your user sees. Front-end developers make the design come to life, they create the responsive user interface and create tools to improve website interaction regardless of the browser. Front-end developers are irreplaceable in the web development team.


Back-end developers

They are in charge of all that goes unseen like servers and databases. With their help, your web application will be fast and accurate, so they are needed in the web development team.


Quality Assurance

If you don’t want your web app to be loaded with bugs, you will need QA in your web development team. They will ensure the quality of your web app and help you create a great product that doesn’t crash.

How do you build a web development team

To make a web development team, you don’t have to do much. If you’re working with the right people, they will help you create a team based on your business and technical needs. Here are the ways to build a web development team with RexSoft.

With the help of RexSoft experts

We will conduct an interview to better understand your tech and business needs in web app development. This will allow us to find the best team and the best specialists to work on your project and deliver top-notch results.

By yourself

You can choose the specialists you want to work with by yourself. All you need to do is to look through the list of devs in the following block and find the ones that seem a perfect fit for your project. After you choose an expert to power up your team, contact us to schedule an interview.

available web developers

Stepan P.

Lead UI/UX designer
Download CV

I'm an X-shaped UI/UX and graphic designer with management education. I have 3 years of experience as a creator, graphic designer, UI/UX designer in full-time, freelance, projects and as a volunteer. 1 years as lead designer.


  • Web applications
  • UX/UI

Maryna K.

UX/UI Designer
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A creative, enthusiastic UI/UX designer with work experience who can create beautiful, structured, and compact designs of any kind of complexity is looking for an opportunity to leverage these skills.


  • Web applications
  • UX/UI

Oleg O.

Middle Experience Designer (UI/UX)| Graphic designer
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I'm a designer with 6 years of experience in UX/UI and 7 years of experience in graphic design. I have worked for 6 years with various companies from the USA, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Israel, Poland, Australia, etc.


  • Web applications
  • UX/UI

Viktoria F.

Mobile & web designer
Download CV

Communication with clients, consulting, mentoring, organizational skills, sense of humor there are words that describe me. I`m open-minded, communicative, creative, detail-oriented.


  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • UX/UI

Maksym T.

Web Designer
Download CV

My aim – to become a master of translation my client’s expectations into fabulous projects!


  • Web applications
  • UX/UI

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Why do I need to work with an offshore team?

Offshore cooperation with the web development team is a great way to achieve better cost-efficiency since most offshore developers have lower rates than nearshore specialists. It is also less risky and more profitable than hiring an in-house team.

What technologies do you use?

We use top tech-stack to ensure the greatest quality of our web app development. Our team works with Ruby on Rails, PHP, Angular.js, React.js, and Node.js

Can you guarantee that I will have high-quality results?

We understand that every software development is a major investment, so our specialists are among the best in the country. You can cast all of your doubts away; our web development team delivers success with every line of code. Check our customers' testimonials on our website or Clutch!

How can I hire a web development team from you?

You can put it on our shoulders, and we will help you define your needs through an interview, or you can find the experts to work with yourself. Whatever you choose, we are always open to communication and eager to help you find the best web development team.