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PHP can do everything! That web application framework is used worldwide for various websites and applications starting with landing pages and up to e-commerce CRM projects and browser games. Being among the most secure frameworks due to its closed source, PHP appeals to the skills and experience of the developer. So it is really important to hire an expert to get results in PHP coding.

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Nika K.

PHP Developer
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Motivated to meet customer and user expectations with high-quality and effective website layouts. Skilled in validating, debugging and correcting code.


  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • JS
  • Bootstrap

Vladislav C.

React JS Developer, Software Engineer
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I am a young specialist with experience in a variety of technologies. I'm always learning something new.


  • React.JS
  • Unity
  • PHP

Olga B.

Ruby on Rails Developer, Software Developer
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I am a software engineer with 3 years of professional experience. I am determined, decisive, result-driven, initiative to develop effective solutions to problems, pro- active, strong drive and keen business mind, able to build and implement sophisticated plans,using initiative to meet andresolve challenges.


  • Ruby on rails
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Python

Why Are RexSoft Developers Better than Freelancers?

As usual, it is a diversity of options on how to hire a PHP developer for your project. There is a real battle between freelance supporters and those who prefer to hire a team of developers for outsourcing or outstaffing work. We have reasons to say that hiring RexSoft developers working with the PHP framework is a good choice for every business.

Fully Legislated Company Working Under US Laws

When dealing with a freelance developer hired via one of the matchmarketing services, you always risk a lot. Your business relations are not regulated at all in this case. When applying to RexSoft, you are fully protected by the US laws as we are a US-licensed company adhering to all the state laws. This means you get maximum results with full adherence to the laws and rules of the US. No more risks with RexSoft.

Discipline Is Our Rule

Our staff has strict rules we make the principle of our work. When you hire our PHP developers, you are sure that your team will work from 9 a.m. To 6 p.m. every day. These rules are controlled by our Pms. If you want to find an individual work schedule for your team, this is quite possible. We are always ready to meet our clients halfway and choose the most convenient work schedule for the team. Despite the fact that our specialists work remotely from the countries of the Old World, we always follow the client's time zone and carry out tasks during the working hours of your country.

Preventing Force Majeure in a Minute

No force majeure can impact our work. Even in emergent cases, we'll redirect your tasks to the developer with an equal qualification level who will cope with them timely and with the highest quality of services. We know how often freelance developers violate deadlines, citing unforeseen circumstances. But this certainly does not apply to our employees. Any team of PHP developers with us has the ability to interchange, which means that we are always able to cope with the tasks set, even if the world collapses over our heads.

Engagement Model to Hire PHP Web Developers in RexSoft

We do not limit our customers to a full-time engagement model only. We do understand all the variety of needs you may have. So it is fully up to you to choose the B2B model of cooperation with RexSoft. 

Hourly Hiring

When you need just simple maintenance or irregular tasks on PHP to be done, it is hourly hiring of PHP developers we offer you to apply for. You'll get a developers' team at your side for paid hours you can regulate yourself. Who is comfortable using hourly wages? For those who want to get services for the maintenance of PHP projects or solve small problems before starting a project, for example, to conduct debugging and usability testing.

Full-Time Hiring

In the case of long-termed and complex projects, the best option is to hire PHP developers for a full-time. This will save you money and you can prolong the contract any time you need. You get a team of skilled PHP developers who will get through your project in a full knowing its peculiarities and requirements. In fact, you get full-fledged members of your team, but you do not need to prepare jobs for them, pay for the purchase of devices for work and social packages of services such as insurance, payment of meals and sick leave. All this will be taken over by RexSoft.

Part-time Hiring

When you need something beyond these two options, it is part-time employment you can choose. This is a real golden mean you can get as there are terms we can discuss with you in an individual way. We offer part-time remote developing teams and single pros to make your job done.

Hire PHP Web Development Company to Get Maximum in PHP for Your Project

In our company you are welcome to hire developers to perform the boldest projects you have. In RexSoft, only experienced dedicated programmers are available to hire. Our sources allow us to make a perfect match with the most sophisticated customer. And we are happy to provide you with top-leveled PHP development services in the USA.

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How can I choose a developer for my goals?

All you need to do is to apply for our services. Then, you'll be invited to the interview with our pros who matches your requirements. This is a key to the success of our services

Is PHP a good framework for my e-commerce website?

To get this question answered in full, please, contact our managers. We'll get through the details of your project to offer you the best solution for it.

Are there any intricacies when developing PHP projects?

Some developers say they are rarely dealing with PHP because of the variables used. In RexSoft, you can be sure we are fully dedicated to our work knowing all the intricacies of that work.