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Seeking dedicated pros could be a die-hard task especially when you need to hire developers for your new project. Nowadays, developing user-friendly and simple apps is on the top of popularity as every user requires the best usability and features from the developed products. Since that, programmers should have not only skills and knowledge in their field but also a few creativity and marketer's skills. Especially it concerns angular JS app developers.

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Nikita M.

Ruby on Rails Developer
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Over 6 years of commercial experience in IT. Last experience in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, EmberJs, Go, RabbitMQ, Apache Avro. Wide outlook in different technologies. Ability to quickly learn new. Strong ability to work remotely.


  • Ruby on rails
  • Angular.JS

Why Hire Angular Js Developers With RexSoft

As Angular JS is a framework that is acquiring its popularity, there are lots of job offers for its pros. Yet, what to say about the professional skills of potential job applicants? How can you be sure their angular JS skills are really outstanding or at least suit your requirements as an employer? We provide services that allow you to hire Angular JS developers with the maximum profit and minimum efforts applied. What is so special in RexSoft job applicants you can hire for your Angular JS project goals?

Cost Savings

Dealing with our company means cost-efficiency. You do not have to spend your time appointing interviews with applicants. You don't have to pay extra money to recruiters to get an Angular JS developer for your project or team. Just enclose your major requirements and offers to an applicant to provide you with a perfect match.

Qualified IT Specialists

As we do know how important it is to get a skilful developer who doesn't need much time to get through the task, we offer professional developers that are keen on the Angular JS framework and have at least several years of experience behind them. That will also save your time and money not to get a weak link in your team.

Quick Start

You shouldn't wait till the developer you welcome to join your team will find time to start the project. We offer only pros who are free from contracts with other employees. Do not wait even a day to sign the contract with an Angular JS developer you were seeking.

American Legislation

Despite our propositions include specialists from Ukraine who work remotely or need to get visas to move to the US, you are fully protected from fraudsters. RexSoft is a company that has US registration so we fully adhere to the US laws and legislation rules. You are welcome to apply for our licence if needed.

Engagement Model to Hire Angular JS Developers

There are several ways on how to hire an Angular JS developer in RexSoft. We support all kinds of modern business models to provide both you and our applicants with a comfortable working model due to your requirements and needs.

Hourly Hiring

If you want to hire an Angular JS developer for custom tasks that don't need his regular presence or constant working routines to be performed, hourly hiring is a comfortable way to get the work done without full-time hiring. This pattern is also suitable if your project is on its wheels and you need just to improve some of its features or add something to it.

Part-Time Hiring

When you want a pro to be at your hand but his services are not required fully, you are welcome to apply for your part-time Angular JS developer who will work for you on discussed conditions. For example, you can hire a developer for several days a week or part-time daily work due to your wishes. All is discussible and can be agreed upon in detail.

Full-Time Hiring

We also offer full-time job applicants to get their place in your developers' team for regular work. This option is a good idea for long-termed projects or for companies who are specializing in Angular JS mobile and web applications both including game development with multiple sequels or add-ons supposed.

Let's Hire the Best Angular JS Developers in RexSoft

So don't waste your time as you can implement the bravest idea in the Angular JS toolkit with the help of RexSoft's pros. You can hire Angular JS developers right here on the site or apply for a visit to our office. Need some more information? Please, contact us via e-mail or phone to get consulted by our managers.

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How can I understand it is an Angular JS developer I need to hire?

Just ask yourself what type of code do you want to use. If it is HTML, the best option on how to simplify it is the Angular JS framework, actually. One more reason to choose Angular JS developer to hire is the development of simple one-page apps that are perfectly developed via that framework.

Are there any hidden fees you'll require for your service?

RexSoft doesn't use hidden fees and commissions in our work. You can get the calculation in full when consulting with us.

Are there any popular sources or websites developed on Angular JS?

Take a look at the YouTube service and Telegram messenger's web version. They are fully developed on Angular JS.

Do your Angular JS developers I intent to hire work only remotely?

In case you are interested in long-term full-time employment of a developer, we can consider also other options of working conditions up to your choice. It depends both on your offer and on the developer you want to hire as some of our applicants are free to move to your state/city while others prefer only a remote working process.