Hire React.js App Developers from RexSoft

This is possibly the best decision of your life! Hiring React.js expert developers to cooperate with you in a dedicated team, outsource, hourly remote, or any other model of engagement can save your company an impressive amount of money and nerve cells. RexSoft works in more quality than any freelance developer and you always be sure of the quality of the app they create! 


React.js developers from RexSoft or freelance specialists?

We can assure you, RexSoft’s professionals develop software as well as any freelancer but give you more guarantees and assurance. They have a working schedule, a desire to make the world a better place, and a passion for their job. Hire the React.js developers and see us in action!

RexSoft’s React.js developers are bound by the US legislation

React.js developers from RexSoft create the best React.js applications in full accordance with the contract. We are very strict about it, and with a USA-based React.js development company like us, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Hire React.js programmers and finally make your business prosper with new technical possibilities.


Hire React.js developers to see what it actually means to keep up with deadlines. Freelance developers don’t have a PM to control them and they aren’t always on time. React.js developers in the company have a schedule and comply with the milestones. Motivation does miracles in RexSoft and you can hire specialists to see it.

Prevention of complications

React.js developers for hire are able to prevent any kind of malfunction. We always have someone to catch on a project if one of our developers is on sick leave or a day off. If you hire React.js developers from RexSoft you get top-quality software, a reasonable budget, and zero worries.

Hire React.js developers: models of engagement

You can hire React.js developers to work with you on the engagement model that suits your company best. The developers you hire will have hourly rates so you may cut your spendings by choosing one or the other model, or engage with us to the fullest. 

Hourly hiring

This model means that React.js developers will schedule only several hours a day to spend on your project. They can become a great addition to your internal technical React.js team. With RexSoft’s professionals, you will be able to ensure that your development goes as smoothly as possible and shorten your spendings by not hiring full-time.

Part-time hiring

You can engage React.js developers part-time, about 4 hours a day. This model of engagement will allow you to have a strong enough development team as well as cut the spendings on full-time staff. If you need the developers for a few hours a day or a minor project, this is your best option.

Full-time hiring

This model means that the dedicated outsource specialists will work on your project full-time, 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. It is perfect if you’re creating your own technical team or looking for developers to create a big structured project.

Hire your React.js developers and start your project

You have an idea for a ReactJS project. We have a team of professionals. Why aren't we already collaborating yet?



How does your hourly engagement model differ from freelance?

We are bound by the contract and NDA, we have development centers and React.js developers have schedules. We are not freelancers, we are a company, a team that is ready to work on your success. Our specialists won’t delay the deadline and won’t leave your project on a middle ground. With us you don’t have any risks, RexSoft is a company that allows you to hire and engage React.js professionals.

What products can your developers create?

React.js is universal and so are RexSoft’s developers. We can develop anything, from web applications to mobile apps. Whatever you need, our developers are here for it.

What is React.js really good for?

Developers know that React.js is the most popular and there are reasons. It is quick and component-based, which means that the developers can use components to make your software functional as soon as possible. So, you shouldn’t delay either, get your software development now!

How do I know you are a reliable company?

Take a look at our React.js developers’ work. We will cooperate greatly if you like our style! You may also find our customers’ testimonials on Clutch or contact us and we will answer all of your questions.

Can you guarantee that my software will work seamlessly?

RexSoft’s developers can ensure post-release support if something goes wrong with the software. You won’t be left alone and we will take care of any malfunction. We’re ready to help your software scale or add a new feature. Hire us and see for yourself.