e-scooter sharing app manufacturer RexSoft

Are you looking for scooter-sharing app suppliers? Then you are on the right track. RexSoft has been offering clients custom app development, scooter monitoring, and business management systems since 2017. In addition, we have developed an electric scooter franchise allowing you to start your own business within 1-2 months.

e-scooter sharing app manufacturer services by RexSoft

We are a full cycle development company. In our team there are business analysts, web designers, developers, testers, marketing specialists who will do everything to make your electric scooter business successful.


Our team can implement any of your ideas into a ready-made electric scooter it-product. We have extensive experience in developing scooter sharing apps, complex systems for business control and monitoring. RexSoft is a company with 40+ skilled specialists who will provide full-cycle development.

Customization of
ready-made solutions

Under the terms of the electric Scooter franchise, we transfer the scooter sharing app and CRM customized to your needs for your use. You get a unique design of the scooter sharing app, functionality settings, connecting scooters to software and technical support after a business launch.


We maintain and constantly improve the electric scooter software developed by us. If you have ideas for improving the functionality of the application, or CRM, our specialists can turn your idea into reality. RexSoft Technical Support is always available to help.

About RexSoft as e-scooter sharing app supplier

For more than 5 years we have been developing various solutions for e-scooter, e-bikes, and e-cars rent. Our customers are in different parts of the world. Among them, there are Australia, the USA, Canada, and countries in Western Europe.

RexSoft is a company with more than 40 specialists who provide full-cycle development services from ideas to support of IT products. We work in accordance with US law, so you can be sure that all your obligations will be fulfilled in a quality and timely manner.

Our specialists use advanced software development technologies that allow them to work stably and withstand high loads on the server part.

Ready-Made Software by e-scooter sharing app supplier RexSoft

Franchise involves the use of 3 types of scooter rental software: client application, CRM for managers and analytics module, all customized to your needs.

Scooter Sharing app

The application has all the necessary functionality for e-scooter sharing business. These are the customer registration/authorization, scooter booking, online payment, own account, etc. The application will have a unique design using the colors of your brand and logo.

CRM for managers

CRM includes various roles: administrator, manager, financier, charger. Software allows you to manage users, scooters fleet and view trips history and chargers’ commands.

Analytics module

The analytics module allows you to track the effectiveness of placing scooters on the map and view which routes generate revenue for the company and which do not. The analytics module allows you to place scooters effectively so that they bring the maximum amount of revenue.

Become our partner

We are e-scooter sharing app supplier, and always open to cooperation. Become our official representative in the city where you live and promote our services to local companies and entrepreneurs. Partnering with us is a good opportunity to earn a stable income.

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What services are provided by e-scooter sharing app manufacturer RexSoft?

RexSoft is a full-cycle development company. So it provides development scooter sharing apps, complex systems for business control and monitoring, CRMs, etc.

Does e-scooter sharing app supplier RexSoft provide software for other means of transport?

Yes, RexSoft provides software for different means of transport including scooters, bikes, cars, etc.

What counties does RexSoft work with?

E-scooter sharing app supplier RexSoft cooperates with companies all over the world.