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WeCare4® - Comprehensive web application for caregivers

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The Background 

WeCare4® is an innovative platform for a broad community of caregivers and other stakeholders Interested in Helping Those Who Care For Others, beginning with those of the aging. Before the app was created, caregivers (whether family, friend, or professional) performed their informal role and/or did their job based on their own experience and the knowledge acquired by tediously searching through a fragmented disparate siloed array of sources or in specialized courses. However, now a global and diverse community including family members, friends, professionals working in a home or an institution (care facility such as adult daycare center, assisted living facility, nursing home, rehabilitation center, hospice facility, etc.) can easily share knowledge and learn new skills.

This handy React.js web application is an aggregator and curated source of relevant news, information, and resources. With it you can get and share information about the most effective and best practices in caregiving, relevant products and services, jobs, and career opportunities. 

In addition, this web application serves as a powerful educational platform for personal and professional growth. It features a variety of opportunities for education, training, and professional development to better serve the aging community and assist caregivers with every aspect of daily life management.

RexSoft specialists undertook all the work concerning the technical part of the project 

The Challenge 

When the client came to us with this project and their vision for its evolution, we were very enthusiastic about it. After all, it was not just about developing a technological novelty, but about creating a web application that would make our society better. In addition to a Wordpress prototype that the client previously had developed by a digital agency that was difficult to support and expand, they had a clear and extensive list of features and functionality in mind that would be necessary for a minimum viable product (MVP).

That list included: 

  • Free registration
  • Functionality to find jobs/positions in both home and care facility settings 
  • Search for companies that provide relevant products and services
  • Availability of news, information, and resources
  • Forum with curated subject matter expert generated content 
  • Opportunity to organize meetings and events
  • Education, training, continuing education, and certification programs
  • Career Center with the ability to post job openings and get help positioning the hiring organization and the ability to integrate with a third-party platform partner sourced by the client for the Care Facility section.
  • Ability to advertise on the website and social channels, as well as sponsorship 
  • And much more

Our CTO, PM, and development team immediately started evaluating the requirements and presented the client with the pros and cons of several development platforms and programming options

React.js was chosen as the programming language for the front-end. Among other things, this framework allows you to develop cross-platform applications. Thus with React.js, this web application is able to work effectively under any circumstances and on any device. 

To create the server part of the application we chose Node.js. This ensured that the web application was fast for an optimal user experience.

Next, our team got to work, beginning with organizing all of the work to be done to meet the MVP requirements into manageable sections (sprints) and corresponding statements of work (SOWs). While the developers were writing code and creating the features, the designers were busy drawing the interface so that the final product would not only work well but also look good.

The Team


Project Manager

This person is responsible for the organizational part of the work. Their duties include supervising the work of all the specialists and setting up a smooth workflow. When everyone is in their place and the team works like clockwork, you have to give credit to the PM.



The main technical specialist is responsible for developing the architecture of the application, defining the list of features, and monitoring the technical part of the project. His expertise allows us to create truly high-quality React.js web applications.


Front-end (React.js) and Back-end (Node.js) developers

These members of the team are responsible for creating the code and implementing the planned features. Our front end specialists used React.js to make interaction with an app as smooth as possible. The back end specialists in turn used Node.js to create the server side of the web app.



The appearance of the application is just as important as its functionality. Our professional designers have developed a pleasant and intuitive design for WeCare4.

Technologies That Our Software Developers Use

React Js app development made easy



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The results + Client testimonial 

We managed to create a quality, fast React.js application that can truly make this world a nicer place to live in. The platform includes comprehensive functionality for caregivers as well as the companies, organizations, and institutions who will be part of this community, with a nice design and easy-to-navigate menus.

Where once family or friend caregivers had to find and navigate through a complicated and unfamiliar world of fragmented information and resources to help them and professional caregivers had to constantly upgrade their skills in-house and spend time searching for jobs, now all they have to do is register and make a couple of clicks. 

Organizations have also appreciated the benefits of this React.js web app. Now they are in a better position to source qualified personnel, because job search announcements, new vacancies, candidate applications, and resumes are conveniently collected and managed in one place.

We are really proud of the result. However, don't take our word for it. Here is what a client says about the results of cooperation with us.

Client Testimonial:  

We appreciate all of RexSoft's hard work and effort including the role that each of their team members played in helping us take the many key steps required on the path toward achieving our vision for this very important community, platform, and portfolio of resources.  In particular, their project manager's suggestions for alternative approaches when we encountered challenges in the overall process were always welcomed and appreciated. 

The purpose of WeCare4® ( is Helping Those Who Care For Others by building a community of caregivers, including family, friend, or professionals, and the entire ecosystem that supports them and breaking down the existing silos of information that all caregivers and the people that they serve have to explore to find the assistance, information, and resources that they need. WeCare4®’s initial focus is on building this community for caregivers of the aging. It will then expand this model and platform to other care segments such as adults and children with special needs. 

We look forward to working with RexSoft as we refine and expand the platform based on both community member/user feedback and the inevitable ongoing evolution of market and competitive requirements. 

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