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Mobile application E-GREE: The case study

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Our team worked on an easy-to-use cross-platform mobile application for all kinds of legal agreements. It features over 20 different templates for contracts and allows users to lawfully protect their assets and intellectual property even without a legal background.

Now they are going to execute new ideas and help people maintain real-estate selling and renting processes via the application.

In an interesting process of this mobile application development, we overcame the challenges and deployed ideas aimed at simplifying the legal processes in the whole world. 

So, let’s look behind the curtains of our development processes and break through the most interesting points of this journey. 

The Background 

Official web-site: https://e-gree.app/ 

E-GREE is a mobile app for creating written agreements customized for any situation including real-estate contracts, date agreements, intellectual property protection documents, etc. At the moment this application is meant to make people feel safe in any kind of situation, but they are planning on growing towards the real-estate field. 

With this mobile application, E-GREE customers will be able to create and sign any contracts and agreements in a simpler and digitalized way.

When we first learned about the idea of our customer, a unique and engaging mobile application was the first thing that came to mind. The interface we’ve thought about was meant to be user-friendly and intuitive, we’ve created a memorable and minimalistic design. 

So, let’s take a look at the requirements of our customers and how we’re about to bring this idea to life. 

The Client’s Requirements

The whole process of this mobile application development was separated into different stages to make it easier for us and the client to evaluate the effectiveness and general look of an app.  

In the first stage of mobile application development, the web part will be created. It is possible with the technologies our team is using. Cross-platform development allows our specialists to create a website and mobile application with the same codebase. 

The mobile application for E-GREE, however, will be created in the second stage of our development process. It’ll be user-friendly and accessible for both iOS and Android users. In the future, the company plans to integrate external services into an application.

With the ambitious goals that the E-GREE sets for themselves, they needed the application to be quick and resultative. The idea behind this software was to create an accessible product that doesn’t limit users and is available at any time and in any place. 

For this, the E-GREE needed the following features to be implemented to an app:



While the service is free for any user, it’ll have a subscription fee for brokers. An average user will get maximum from an application, and the company still has a way for mobile application monetization.


Data collection and analysis

This feature can gather data on real estate in Mexico and analyze it to produce more accurate results for the users. E-GREE plans to integrate this system for other countries as well, and we’re going to help them scale in the nearest future.


Separate resource for estate agents

This will allow estate agents to work with a mobile application in an automatized and comfortable way. It’ll simplify these specialists’ workflow since the analyzed data about rented or sold apartments will be loaded on this resource automatically.

But not any innovative and revolutionizing mobile application development is possible without a little challenge. We’ve had our milestones to go through and our team can share this experience with you. 

The Challenge 

There are some interesting challenges we’ve overcome in this mobile application development, and this is what makes it so great. First, our team put an effort in the creation of E-GREE, and second, we’ve added interesting and innovative features that helped bring our customer’s ideas to life. 

  • Blockchain technology for contracts registration. Blockchain is an innovative technology that enables safer and quicker data transfer. It helped E-GREE be more reliable and work quicker with the new contracts within the application. However, it wasn’t easy since blockchain is a relatively new technology that requires extra effort in implementation.
  • Templates and forms generation for hundreds of contracts. This type of work needs a lot of data processing and the team has to be perceptive to execute it correctly. Form generation needed to be executed perfectly since the contracts will be later transformed into PDF format.  
  • High workload of an application. This mobile application needs to perform even under high workload conditions, so we had to create the correct architecture capable of working correctly. It is needed since E-GREE processes a high amount of customers’ requests per second. 

For this, our team worked hard and created an app capable of doing everything the client wanted and a little more. Let’s get to know those people better! 

The Team

Here are the main heroes of this mobile application development: 


Project manager

Project manager — the one, who is responsible for the whole development process. This person breaks the process into milestones and stages, controls the developers’ workflow, and makes the workflow smooth.



Designer — the person responsible for the general look and feel of the application. This user-friendly and intuitive mobile application wouldn’t be as great without them.


Back-end developer

Back-end developer — responsible for all the functionality that you don’t see but feel in the app. They are the heart and blood of the E-GREE mobile application. Our back-end developer also worked on the web part of an application, making it useful smooth.


Front-end developer

Front-end developer — the look of an application, the smooth animation, and the native feel you have when you launch it, all this is possible thanks to our high-skilled front-end expert. The website E-GREE also has a nice and chic look to it thanks to the smooth animation developed by our professionals.

 The Technologies  

Our team used the top tech to create the cross-platform mobile application with a native feel to it. 

React Native

It provided the application with a smooth and responsive interface that enabled the mobile application to load quicker. It reduces the time our specialists spend on the development, and hence it is much more cost-effective than a native application. However, working with React Native doesn’t mean sacrifice functionality, a cross-platform mobile application works as well as a native would. 

Node JS

It is used for websites and back-end API services with a real-time architecture. Its single-threaded nature enables simple code sharing, fast performance, and scalable application development. 

Safer and easier real-estate processes 

E-GREE application enabled safer real-estate processes with implemented blockchain and faster workflow of an application. If anything is going to shape our future, it must be the ideas like this one. 

Simple, comfortable, and innovative. 

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The results + Client Testimonial

Cross-platform development helps our client get more feedback and profits since the app runs on the most popular mobile platforms nowadays. Mobile application E-GREE has a native feel to it which makes it smooth and intuitive, it gives the application a rich feel of a native iOS app and comfortable casual functionality of Android apps. 

But, what is more important is that the client is satisfied with our work. So, instead of listening to what we have to say, look at the review of this mobile application. 

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