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MySQL Development

MySQL is an open source database management system which can support almost all operating systems and programming languages. Its benefits are best reaped when it is used along with PHP-based applications. Enjoying a strong support from a community of developers, MySQL has a detailed and clear documentation, making it an extremely popular database for web application development.

MySQL is highly scalable and can be customized to handle any amount of data. It is extremely secure as well as very inexpensive as compared to its other competitors. MySQL for web development is nearly ideal than other open source databases.

MySQL is famous for strong ACID compliance (atomic, consistent, isolated, durable) and for its distributed transactional capabilities. Its biggest advantage is that it is remarkably easy to install and use. It can be easily operated by anyone who has basic knowledge of SQL for MySQL developers.

MySQL Development Services

At Rexsoft, we provide a variety of MySQL database development and management services. We specialize in PHP MySQL web development and our team is highly experienced in providing dynamic web design with PHP and MySQL. The services offered by our PHP MySQL developer team include but are not limited to:
  • MySQL integration
  • MySQL database auditing
  • MySQL database operations automation
  • MySQL database backup, restore and recovery
  • MySQL upgrades and data migration
  • MySQL performance tuning and database optimization
  • MySQL database architecture support
  • PHP and MySQL web development
  • MySQL support and maintenance

Quality Solutions From Experienced Professionals

At Rexsoft, our development MySQL team is committed to provide quality solutions to your business. Our MySQL database developer experts ensure scalability, reliability, and development in all our products.

Rexsoft’s PHP and MySQL web development solutions have helped the growth of several business ranging from startups to corporates. Our experienced SQL developer MySQL professionals are equipped with both the knowledge and the latest technologies that are needed to solve the problems faced by your organization.

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