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AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a web application framework developed for addressing almost all the challenges which you may face while building single-page apps. Maintained by a community of individual developers and Google, AngularJS is an open-source framework aimed at simplifying the development process of such applications.

It is not only useful to prototype small applications but also full-scale client-side apps. It provides a framework for model–view–controller (MVC) architecture which simplifies the development as well as testing of single-page applications.

AngularJS Development Services

At Rexsoft, we provide all AngularJS development services that you and your business may ever need. Be it AngularJS for web development, or Angular JS for mobile development, or Angular for React developers, we do it all. Whether you need a new app or you want to refresh and update an existing one, our AngularJS developers are there to help you.

Our AngularJS development services include but are not limited to:
  • AngularJS design and development
  • AngularJS custom development
  • AngularJS game development
  • AngularJS web development
  • AngularJS tablet apps development
  • AngularJS native app development
  • AngularJS IOS app development
  • AngularJS mobile app development for Android
  • Cross-platform development
  • HTML5-based development
  • AngularJS consulting, support and maintenance services

Quality Solutions For Your Business

We, at Rexsoft, specialize in providing quality solutions to meet all your organizational needs. Our high performance, innovative, robust, sustainable, secure, and scalable applications will meet all your IT needs and will help your business grow according to your expectations.

Our team converts your ideas into reality by using our business analysis, project management, architecture, design, quality assurance, and maintenance capabilities. We conceptualize your vision and materialize it from AngularJS to Android app solution while ensuring that it remains highly functional as well as feature-packed.

We, at Rexsoft, provide rapid and cost-effective solutions which also meet all standards of quality and development. We subject all our products to comprehensive quality assurance testing before they are launched and we also provide post-launch support and maintenance services.

Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises of industry professionals who are highly experienced in utilizing all Angular technologies including AngularJS Nativescript. Our expertise lies in helping you get the most out of angular framework by providing design, development, integrations, migrations, support, and maintenance services.

We have a proven track record of delivering highly-functional products. Our Angular UI developer experts make sure you get more than you ask.

Customized Solutions

Throughout the course of a project, we follow a collaborative, transparent and open working model in which we are constantly in touch with our clients. Working in close collaboration enable us to provide truly customized solutions which perfectly suit the needs of our customers.

Get in contact with one of our experts and have a free estimate of the work you want to get done from us.


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