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Are you looking for Java development services?

Java development is one of our key competencies at Rexsoft which enables us to help your business grow and expand.

Java Development Services

Java’s stable, open source and platform independent nature as well as its advanced development aspect makes it ideal for software development in the arena of mobile, web and other digital platforms.

Java development isn’t only cost effective but also relatively quicker due to its open nature and portability. However, it takes effort and experience to fully exploit the useful features offered by Java and efficiently use them to benefit your business.

At Rexsoft, we are highly experienced in providing Java-based solutions to businesses ranging from small startups to huge corporations. Our Java developer team is well equipped with the latest knowledge and tools such as Java IDE, Java JDK, Java application servers as well as Java databases, libraries, frameworks, and components.

From mobile applications to corporate platforms, from paid subscription SaaSs to e-government solutions, we specialize in providing quality solutions to you. Our senior Java developer remote and Java big data developer teams have been helping various businesses grow and expand.

Java Mobile Development Services

We specialize in Java android application development to make sure that you have a strong presence on Android and/or iOS store. Our experts use the latest and the best Java IDE for coding, development and maintenance of your mobile-based applications.

While developing and designing your mobile apps, we make sure to keep them attractive, user-friendly and compatible with the latest mobile software.

Java Web Development Services

Our Java web development team is at your service to provide best-in-class solutions to all your web-based platforms. Our comprehensive web development services ensure that your business has an attractive, appealing and user-friendly frontend, compatible with all platforms and browsers.

Desktop Software Development Services

At Rexsoft, we provide best-in-class software that can operate locally on personal computers. Our software development team is expert in all modern technologies including Eclipse IDE for Java developers to create software that works perfectly on all operating systems.

SaaS Development

Owing to its ability to considerably reduce costs and increase productivity, the demand for SaaS has increased dramatically among businesses as an alternative to new IT infrastructure.

At Rexsoft, we have all the expertise needed for SaaS development and for taking care of your IT demands without breaking your budget.

Service Platforms Development

You can save a lot on your development costs by outsourcing your service platforms to Rexsoft. Our Java experts are well versed in all tools and languages such as Scala for Java programmers needed to provide quality solutions to your service platforms.

Server-Side Software Development

You web applications can never function as required without a tuned and tested backend, no matter how well-crafted they may be.

At Rexsoft, our experts are highly trained in using the newest technologies such as AngularJS with Java backend to make sure your web apps continue functioning properly despite high traffic.

Diverse And Customized Solutions

Rexsoft offers all Java-based services that you can ever need. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide you exactly what you’re after. We don’t recommend the solution we know best, we recommend what’s good and profitable for you and your business.

We ensure efficient, clear and transparent communication throughout a project so that we can deliver truly customized solutions to you within a quick turnaround time.

Safe And Secure Solutions

We make sure that your sensitive business information remains safe with us by signing non-competition and non-disclosure agreements. Besides, we also ensure that your information remains protected once your app or any other product is out on the internet.

We acknowledge your intellectual property rights and do all what we can to keep it secured. All rights to a product developed by Rexsoft will completely belong to you as soon as we hand it over to you.

Contact us to get a free estimate of the Java development work you want to get done by us. No matter where you’re located on the globe, our experts will reach out to you at a time which suits you to offer the services you deserve.


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