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iMover - custom CRM for moving company

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Ready-made CRM is difficult to customize to the specifics of moving business. Such CRMs often do not have the necessary functionality, and users do not have the ability to customize existing modules for the company's processes. For our client, in addition to the disadvantages of Ready-made CRM, it was important that all information within the CRM system was securely protected and stored on its own server.

In the case of iMover, the customer decided to take all the advantages of a custom solution provides a business like no extra functionality and an opportunity to scale up an app, modify it, and integrate easily with other software used by the company. The client contacted RexSoft and we have done it.

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About CRM for moving companies

Official web-site:

iMover is a CRM for moving businesses that allows managing the business’ relationships with different staff like sales agents, managers, drivers, and movers. The overall number of application users reaches 200+ employees.

It unifies the work of up to several companies under one management panel. The CRM for moving companies provides the best user experience in Local Distance Moving. The main goal that CRM software is intended for is to automate ordering processes and to comply with moving services/transportation. CRM provides maintenance of 1,500+ moves per year.

There are two basic versions of movers' CRM software available. The first one is a web version intended for agents and managers working with iMover. A mobile version of an app is intended for moving specialists (movers, drivers, loaders, etc.).

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CRM for moving companies: logic, roles, and main modules

The essence of the iMover CRM is in the following steps that allow the company to provide the full scope of services within the same ecosystem. 

  • The customer creates a request via phone or using the contact form available in the application, on the website, or in its mobile version. 
  • The agent responds to the request and forms the job for the transportation. At the moment, the agent also details the request, calculates costs, and forms the team that will be responsible for its maintenance. 

Besides this, at that moment the customer is welcome to launch their insurance policy to guarantee items’ safety or to get ensured right in the moving company. All this is available in the application to the choice of the customer.

After the job is created and the insurance policy is specified, the movers' CRM generates the contract and sends it to the customer’s email. The customer can sign the contract using their digital signatures via smartphone. The alternative method is provided by a driver who provides a customer with all the contract’s content and gets the customer’s signature on his tablet.

  • Then the customer receives the estimate and makes an advance payment (deposit). 
  • Already created job order comes to the moving team that is responsible for it. The head of the team provides adjustments if necessary. The customer gets the final estimate and signs the insurance contract the same way as the job contract. 
  • After the move, the customer pays for the moving company’s services in full and signs the certificate of completion with a digital signature. 

Roles of movers' CRM software


  • Access management;
  • Creation, editing, deletion of companies;
  • Editing company’s details (moving personnel, transportation rates, minimal deposit size, discounts, additional costs for the complexity, etc.);
  • HR (employees’ vacations, payrolls);
  • Insurance services management.


  • Analytics;
  • Customer’s history supervision;
  • Management of vacation requests.


  • Job creation/editing;
  • Customer’s history supervision;
  • Vacation requests;
  • Communication with customers;
  • Communication with other company branches.


  • Job supervision;
  • Corrections of estimate (additional services, complexity levels);
  • Vacation requests;
  • Communication with customers;
  • Communication with other company branches.

Main Movers' CRM Modules

iMover CRM contains several modules responsible for separate parts of the work process. 

Internal telephony via the integration of the Twilio service

Each agent has their own phone number and cellular phone. When the company receives the call from the customer (call center solution), it redirects it to all the free agents’ phone numbers. When the agent responds to a call, it is canceled for all other devices/numbers. Besides, there is a function for redirecting a call from one agent to another. One more function of telephony is the provision of telephone connections between the company’s employees. 

Follow Up module

This module is responsible for automated notifications for customers

  • Pre-sale notifications are used when a customer placed an order yet didn’t provide advanced payment for it. The system sends letters by email and SMS to remind of the payment.
  • Post-sale notifications are used to notify a customer about services and promos after the successful completion of the job.

Efficiency of working time module

CRM allows managers and administrative staff to optimize workload and minimize driver downtime using the Gantt chart. The system allows you to organize the synchronization of tasks of different teams, i.e. the driver can be involved in other crossings while his current move at the packing stage. 

Relocation request widget (client-side module)

When creating a request to move through the site, the system synchronizes all planned requests to move and the client sees on what dates the move order is available. 

The widget also shows the number of completed transfers and the average check at the address specified by the client. When forming an application through the form, the client indicates the approximate amount of work and the system calculates the required number of specialists for relocation and calculates the approximate cost of services (packaging, installation, relocation, etc). 

Customer history module

CRM software automatically generates the client's history, which includes a history of contacts of the company's specialists with the client (calls, correspondence, sending SMS, and emails), a list of applications, and works on the client. 

Accrual of payment

With the custom CRM, the company automatically accrues salaries to employees of the company. An employee with administrative access can set the rate of employees, work schedule, and method of calculating salary (hourly/monthly rate). 

Online payment module

The client is able to pay the relocation deposit using a bank card. Payment for the move can be made by several methods including bank card, check, or cash. 

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‪Konstantin Shapovalov

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15 years in moving business. Owner of several moving companies in USA. IT architect of custom CRM for movers - iMover. Kostyantyn provides consultations on automation, optimization and scaling of the moving business.

The Team

Our talented experts delivered excellence with each line of the code to make our customer’s life easier with this CRM application. 

So, in this development process these people were involved: 


Project manager

Project manager — they controlled the developers’ workflow and made sure that everything goes according to the road map.



Designer — without them the iMover couldn’t have the unified design and would probably look much worse today, so with the top-notch skills of our designer we managed to deliver the best results.


Back-end developer

Back-end developer — they made the custom parts and out-of-the-box integrated solution work in such synergy. The highly-skilled back-end developer ensured that the app works smoothly and effectively under any load.


Front-end developer

Front-end developer - they are developing the Front-end side of the CRM system that communicates with the back-end and provides a user-friendly interface to the iMover team.


Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer - they develop a mobile application that iMover customer service crews use. It improves the convenience and quality of the service.


QA Engineer

QA Engineer - they carefully check the functionality before uploading it to production servers.

The Technologies  

The tech we used also plays a huge role in the overall results of the development. So, let’s take a closer look at all we used for CRM application development. 

React JS

It is an open-source JavaScript library that helps build user interfaces with the view layer. It also allows the creation of reusable UI components. All combined together helped us create a rich user interface that runs smoothly and has more versatility.

Laravel PHP

This framework has advanced features and development tools that enable rapid application development. It helped us deliver better results in the shortest time. Laravel also simplifies the development process with clean code which nullifies the possibility to end up with bugging software. 

Amazon Web Services

Reliable, scalable, and affordable cloud computing services from Amazon have proved to be useful and profitable. This solution integrated into the CRM application we developed helped power up its functionality and make it richer. 

Cloudflare DNS management

DNS service with the fastest response time helped iMover CRM work faster and cleaner. This is how we managed to make iMover CRM application one of the fastest in the moving domain.

Manage moving business online

The iMover CRM application helped the company work in synergy with every part of the complicated business process they have. Now, all staff can be managed from one place and contacted when needed. 

We at RexSoft always look for the perfect solution for your business, and if you need an out-of-the-box solution we are capable of making it work for your benefit. 

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 The results + Client Testimonial

Combining both custom parts and implementing the out-of-the-box solution made this CRM development extremely cost-effective. The tech we used has played its part in making the iMover faster and more responsive, which helped the app get richer functionality. 

Now, this CRM application gets all the attention it deserves and helps hundreds of people to move with comfort. We take pride in making this business more effective by creating this solution to automate and improve their workflow.

Our client also has something to say, so you can take a look at their testimonials.

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