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Call Centre Solutions: How to Make Them Work for your Business

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Phone-based client support remains by far the most popular form of solving customer requests. Hence, call centres are important as ever. As a result, there are plenty of smart call centre solutions that empower the smooth functionality of all call centre processes. Here is a detailed guide on call centre solutions that help call centres to provide customers with virtual assistance with greater efficiency.

We’re going further by nailing down what are the typical mistakes within an enterprise that modern CRM for call center can solve and what is the best software for call centre available in 2022.

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What is Call Centre Solutions?

To begin with, we give a clear definition of call centre solutions. Call centre solutions are a set of features that allow organizing a smooth workflow of a call centre, optimizing processes and reducing the likelihood of staff mistakes.

Call centre solutions allow customers to reach businesses in case they have problems with using a service or product provided by that business. In fact, they allow customers to communicate with support agents not just via phone but via multiple channels such as email, live chat and SMS messaging.

There are three most popular types of call centre solutions that differ in purpose and functionality:


Inbound software contact centres

Probably the most-known type of call centre solution perfectly suitable for businesses whose customers are looking for advice, support, and issue resolution.


Outbound software contact centres

Mostly used for sales, promotions, and customer surveys.


Cloud or virtual call centre software

Combines the features of inbound and outbound software with several advanced features.

The right call centre solutions provider allows businesses to establish personalized, real-time conversations with customers. As a result, business executives will notice boosted sales and increased customer loyalty.

Typical Call Centre Mistakes that Modern IT Solutions Solve

Once a customer reaches a contact centre, there’s still no guarantee their problem will be solved by a support agent. The outcome of a client call (and so the experience they gain from working with your company) largely depends on the availability of a competent agent and their ability to provide a solution quickly and efficiently. In fact, there are plenty of mistakes call centres make in delivering proper assistance with even routine matters that modern CRM for call center can solve. Here they are.

Putting Customers On Hold for Far Too Long

Due to insufficient staff, or not configured incoming call system, customers can wait far too long to solve their problem or process their application. By frequently making a client wait for too long to reach a live agent, you make it more difficult for them to believe they are a valued customer.

Using One Communication Channel

Only one communication channel available to contact a company may lead to call centre overload. This leads to delays in application processing, more extended time of service provision, and as a result lower rate of customer satisfaction.

Incompetence of an Agent

Staff's Incompetence, lack of motivation and desire to help lead to poor communication and a lower problem-solving abilities. Agents don’t only require onboarding but also ongoing training to perform their roles efficiently. In addition, team leaders need to encourage consultants’ motivation needed to maximize the benefits of such training.

Passing Callers From One Agent to Another

Passing callers from one agent to another slows down the time of application processing, showсasing the staff’s incompetence. Needless to mention the damage it brings to a business reputation. Thankfully, call centre solutions can fix the matter.

No KPI metrics

KPI metrics are a set of tangible goals that employees can achieve within a specific period of time. With the help of KPIs, managers can track agents’ performance coaching underachievers and awarding overachievers.

In addition, keep in mind that KPIs need to be realistic, attainable, and slightly increased in short intervals. Realistic metrics will help support agents remain focused on their performance.

What is the Best Software for Call Center?

Twillio is the best software that allows you to engage with customers at every stage of their journey. This is a single platform with flexible APIs to support your company as you grow.

With Twilio, you can support customers at any of their preferred channels in powerful new ways.

Apart from voip (Voice over Internet Protocol) call centre solutions, the system gives the opportunity to configure other communication channels for the contact centre namely SMS, email, and live chat.

Twilio functionality allows configuring inbound call centres, outbound call centres, and internal communication between staff. Twilio system can be integrated into any software (CRM, ERP). In addition, it offers a call center recording module for automatic saving of conversation recordings.

Call Centre Solution Example - iMover CRM

RexSoft is a call centre solution provider specializing in custom software (CRM, ERP) development with Twilio module integration.

iMover CRM is a powerful solution that demonstrates the potential of modern IT technologies for call centres. This is custom software for moving companies that automates and facilitates the process of booking and provision of relocation services. IMover caters to the needs of over 200 employees of moving companies helping them complete 1500+ relocations in a year.

Main Contact Centre Solutions Embedded in iMover CRM

So, iMover is a complex CRM for moving companies helping companies provide a full scope of services within the same ecosystem. It contains several modules for each responsible for a separate part of work and client communication is no exception. Take a look at contact centre solutions of iMover CRM implemented with Twilio and custom development from Rexsoft specialists.


Inbound Call Center Solution

Internal telephony configuration with voip technology. When a client makes a call, it gets automatically distributed to all phones of available agents until any consultant picks up and starts a conversation. An agent can also pass a call to another agent when needed.


Internal Telephony

Employees who have access to CRM are able to call each other through internal telephony. One of the benefits of the internal telephony feature is the enhanced security of the company’s and clients’ sensitive data.


Call Centre Recording Solution

Call centre recording solution lets estimate the quality of consultants' interaction with customers. Whenever a client reaches a support agent, their call gets automatically recorded and hosted to the client card to form a client history profile. This includes a chronology of interaction of the company’s specialists with a client including calls, messaging history, newsletter distribution, SMS distribution, a list of applications left and works performed for a client.


Multichannel Contact Centre

As we said, modern contact centres do not only focus on phones as the only communication means. As one of the best call centre solutions, IMover CRM sends clients automated notifications to clients via SMS and E-mail:

- if a client left an application but didn’t make a deposit, the system sends an automated notification with a reminder to complete this action.


-after a successful relocation, the system sends reminders about services and special offers from a company from time to time.

Availability of support agents through chat and email is another must-have embedded in iMover call centre solution.


Excellent Analytics

This allows for analyzing the overall performance of each agent. The system generates statistics separately by agents including the number of received calls, the average duration of application processing, the percentage of successfully completed applications etc.


Why Implement Modern Call Centre Solutions?

Implementation of call centre solutions brings a set of benefits to your enterprise that generally fall into three categories. These are customer support, staff support, and improved business results as a whole.

What is Voip?

Voip or Voice over Internet Protocol is a сaegory of software for placing and receiving calls over the Internet. With Voip, one can send and receive voice calls without the need for traditional phones. To put it simply, VoIP is a phone service delivered over the Internet.

How Long Does it Take to Get Call Center Solutions?

It all depends on a set of factors starting from a development team you choose and whether you’re opting for on-the-shelf software or initiating custom development. You can rely on the duration of iMover development which took Rexsoft specialists around a month to complete.

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