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Moving Software: Ready-Made Vs Custom

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When it comes to moving from one place to another, people prefer hiring professional packages and movers to minimize the potential damage and hassle. In their turn, moving companies, like any service provider, seek for automation solutions to deliver their services in the most efficient manner. This is when moving software with all its benefits comes into play.

However, when it comes to introducing moving software, business executives can face the burden of decision-making. What is better to choose: a ready-made software or develop a custom one? Let’s reveal all the pros of cons of each type of a moving software and decide why custom CRM for movers t is worth time and money.

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What Is Moving Software?

To begin with, let’s start with a definition of a moving software. A moving software is an application that automates and streamlines the work of moving companies by handling a range of moving-specific tasks and enabling business executives to make informed business decisions. These include appointment scheduling, managing financial records, cost estimation, and generating reports. This is a CRM for movers which also allows them to engage with customers and close deals quickly.

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What Moving Processes Should Be Automated?


Ordering And Paying For Services

With a moving software, clients can order and pay for the services of a moving team via their smartphones. When a customer places an order, it appears on the system alongside customer details and the prefered payment method.


Distribution Of Tasks Between Moving Teams

Track tasks assigned to different teams for fair distribution of workload with movers CRM. Automatically create tasks, set reminders and assign them to the right team.


Accountancy And Document Flow

CRM for movers is a smart decision for companies who don’t want to spend hours calculating payrolls, making a moving estimate and dealing with paycheck inaccuracies.


Employees Connection

Employee connections can be automated mainly with the internal telephony module provision. This module of a CRM for movers is “responsible” for the provision of telephone connections for seamless communications between the company’s employees.

Ready-Made Software For Moving Companies

Top 3 Best Moving Company Software


Smartmoving is a growing software and CRM for moving companies looking to streamline their performance. The functionality of the Smartmoving system allows to some great opportunities. Here are a few of them:

  • Accurate real-time reports.
  • Managing accountancy.
  • Build consistent estimates with a simple auto-price engine.

Smartmoving offers two subscription plans for moving company business owners. These are the Starter Plan for $285 per month and Professional Plan for $399 per month.


Moveitpro is a comprehensive web-based management software for moving & logistics companies. Check out some key opportunities you can gain with Moveitpro!

  • Inbound + Outbound Calling and all calls are recorded within customers’ profiles.
  • In-Home Surveys with a mobile app estimate.
  • Live employee tracking.
  • Call center booking service.

Prices start at $150 monthly and grow depending on different factors such as contract length, number of users added, number of services and more!

Movegistics CRM

Movergistics is a CRM for movers that offer some awesome functionality for its client companies. See what you are capable of with the Movergistics introduction!

  • Capture & organize your leads with a Visual estimator and customer portal and leader board.
  • Book the move with onsite surveys and powerful estimating tools.
  • Dispatch the move with Advanced scheduling tools and wireless dispatching.
  • Complete the move with the electronic BOL app and Full storage management.

As for prices, Movegistics offers three subscription plans for their crm for movers depending on the size of a company. These are Starter ($109/month) for small and new moving companies, Growth ($219/month) for growing companies, and Enterprise ($449/month) for established moving companies.

Clients can book a free demo of every abovementioned crm for movers to familiarize themselves with the system before subscribing to the full version.

Ready-Made Moving Software: Pros and Cons


Comparatively Low Cost

Compared to custom CRM for movers, pre-made solutions go at lower costs. This is mainly because they are designed for wider audiences and often sell usage right in the form of “license”. It enables to cover the development costs and profit from collecting payments from multiple clients.

Speed of Delivery

Ready-made crm for movers are already developed, well-tested, and released which lets you implement them right away. There’s no need to wait to have it developed from scratch.


Not Adjusted To Meet Company’s Needs

On-the-shelf moving software caters to meeting the needs of all its target users. However, there is no guarantee that it will perfectly match your particular requirements. As a result, you will need to purchase additional features that actually question the cost-efficacy of a ready-made moving software.

Poor Control Over Customization

Yes, it may not be a problem at the start. Nevertheless, as your moving company grows, the ready-made CRM for movers may not be able to keep the pace. Besides, if program developers decide to remove functionality that is key to your requirements, you will be left with a totally obsolescent service and forced to seek a new solution.

Unnecessary Functionality

Because ready-made moving software is a general solution for a wide user pool, be prepared to meet lots of unnecessary features. This type of CRM for movers may be stacked with plenty of features but what a pity it is to know that your team needs none of them. What is it if not money burn?

Data Security Breach

Companies who settle with on-the-shelf moving software compromise the data security in some part. Pre-made CRM for movers is exposed to the market which means hackers may have already learned its weak points and may well use them for penetrating the system.

Custom Moving Software

In contrast to a ready-made solution, custom moving software is all about exclusive personalization. This type of CRM for movers is developed keeping the needs of only your company in mind. It is called to automate and simplify the processes of your moving business so you can breathe out and focus on its organic growth.

Custom moving software is a great contribution to your moving business but just like any solution has its pros and cons to consider. We’ll take a close look at them in the next paragraph.

Bespoke Moving Software: Pros And Cons


It is Only Catered to Meet Your Company’s Needs

A bespoke moving software gives a targeted approach and delivers a unique experience for your company. You engage with developers at every stage of the development making sure a future software is stacked with all features your business needs. After all, getting a crm for movers that will fit all your requirements, even if they are only slightly different from competitors, can help you be ahead of the curve.

Added Security

With a bespoke moving software, all information within the CRM software is securely protected and stored on its own server. Rest assured your sensitive data is safe from a potential breach.

Moving Software is Customizable Enough to Cater to Future Needs

The on-the-shelf solution may be great at the beginning but they are really limited by the number of team members who can access it. Custom CRM for movers, on the contrary, is a smart solution if you are trying to nurture a growing team and reach new horizons.


Custom CRM for Movers Takes Longer Time to Implement

Just because a custom moving CRM software is developed for your initiative and witnessed by you at every stage, it seems to take longer to fulfil. However, before a customized system starts showing promised results, it needs to undergo a throughout development stage that involves the work of a large team of professional developers and testers.

Regarding all the abovementioned benefits of bespoke moving software, we can confidently distinguish one more. The one that is probably decisive for business executives in their decision-making process. A custom CRM for movers is a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

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Custom Moving Software Example - iMover

iMover - custom Moving CRM software that automates the process of booking and provision of relocation services. Currently, employees of more than 200 moving companies including agents, managers, drivers, estimators and installers are using iMover moving software. An incredible number of over 1500 relocations are made under iMover’s “guidance” per year.

iMover Moving CRM software is equipped with two versions - web for agents and managers and mobile for drivers and installers.

How Does Moving Software Work

  1. A client makes an application via a special form or a phone call.
  2. An agent processes a job order (forms a relocation team, calculates the cost of services).
  3. A client receives an invoice and makes a deposit.
  4. A processed application gets to a moving team.
  5. After a successful relocation, a client makes a payment and signs a work completion certificate with e sign.

This moving software includes the following roles: Admins (administrative personnel), Manager, Agent, and Movers. You can take a deeper look at each role on this page.

Basic Modules of a Moving Software

Inbound telephony through the integration of the Twilio service

Each agent has a separate phone and number. When a customer calls a phone number to order moving services, this call is distributed to all phones of available agents. When one of the agents accepts a call, all other agents' phones end the call. In addition, Telephony (Telephone communication) allows to organize internal communication between employees of the company.

Follow up

Automated reminders to clients:

  • Pre-sale - if a client leaves an application but doesn’t make payment, a moving software sends automated reminders via email and SMS.
  • Post-sale - the system helps you stay in touch with a client even after a successful relocation. It sends notifications to users about services and special offers your company provides.

Efficacy of working time module

CRM allows for optimization of the workload and minimization of the downtime of a driver by using the Grant chart. With this moving software, the tasks of different teams are synchronized, so a driver can be involved in other orders while his own order is in the packing stage.

Relocation request widget (a client’s part)

Upon generating a relocation request via a website, a moving software synchronizes all existing relocation orders so a customer can see a list of dates available to complete their application. To submit a request via a form, a client specifies an approximate amount of work needed to complete their order. Based on this data, the moving software assigns the size of the team necessary and calculates an approximate cost of work to be done including packaging, installation, and relocation itself.

This widget also shows the number of relocations and an average check of all relocations made to a specified address.

Managing relocation requests

CRM includes a list of relocation stages to keep under control the entire moving process starting from a client leaving an application to a company receiving payment for services provided.

Client history

CRM automatically generates a client’s history. This moving software includes the history of communication with a client (e.g calls, correspondence, newsletter distribution, SMS, E-mail, a list of applications left by a client and work performed for them.

Accrue of Wages

Moving software can automatically accrue wages to employees of the company. An employee with Admin access can set a rate of other workers, their working schedule, and payment type (hourly or monthly rate).

Online Payments

A client has an opportunity to pay for the company’s services with a bank card. Payment can also be made via a card, check, or cash.

How Much Does Custom Moving Software Cost?

Modules Design Back-end Front-end QA PM Technical requirements drawing
Internal telephony via Twilio 0 40 16 320 360 160
Follow Up module 24 80 40
Efficiency of working time module 40 120 60
Relocation request widget (client-side module) 120 360 200
Managing jobs module 80 240 120
Customer history module 60 160 80
Accrual of payment 80 160 60
Online payment module 24 80 40
Total 428 1240 616 320 360 160

Before making any cost estimations, let’s keep in mind that it takes around 5-6 months (3120 hours) to develop basic modules of moving software. Thus, the cost of such CRM can reach $110 000. Calculations were made based on the average rate of Ukrainian developers employed for RexSoft company which is $35-40. Seems like too much? Well, no if you remember that the development cost of a moving software can skyrocket up to twice as much if you apply for the services of IT companies located in the US or Western Europe. The average hourly rate of programmers residing in these regions is $70-100. The choice is obvious!


Can Rexsoft Develop a Custom Moving Software?

Yes, Rexsoft specializes in software development and CRM for movers. A bright testimonial of our expertise is iMover software.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Custom CRM for Movers?

The cost of the development of a custom software primarily depends on the desired functionality, technologies used in the development process, and the size of the team involved. Contact us to see how much would a moving software cost exclusively for your business.

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