Imover CRM

CRM for moving business.


Client had the custom made CRM ( based) for his Moving Company. Due to the old functions worked inappropriate and new functionality needed, was proposed and agreed to update CRM on the new framework. The main goals are to make the CRM wide-functioning, with clear sales and operations logic, connection with websites and driver's mobile app.


  • Redesigned the system and frontend made on ReactJS framework
  • Backend development (Laravel) with custom admin panel
  • Based for multi companies with different options and resources assignment
  • Complex logic for the moving options calculations (distance, cost, salaries)
  • Automatic and scheduled actions for mails (follow ups, reminders
  • Email subsystem and templates, instant notifications and SMS/voicemail implementation)
  • Collection and managing the big amount of user data from creation forms
  • Connection to the websites using own API to get leads
  • Websites redesign and improvement with client-related options
  • Connection to the mobile app using own API to manage driver's moving schedule


  • New system allows managing a big amount of data using complex logic
  • Marketing/sales/operations process was connected in the one cycle
  • System is prepared to be built as a Moving services CRM box-version for partners


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